The previous Great NEWS post shared Top Ten Yard Health Hazards and today we cover Beauty Salon Health Hazards.  What do you know about the ingredients in your cleansers, colorings, conditioners, dyes, exfoliates, hair spray, makeup, moisturizers, mousse, shampoos, styling gel and treatments that may be a serious health hazard?   Today we discover the Beauty Salon Health Hazards that the beauty industry does not want you to know about. 

What do you know about your hair salon?

What do you know about your hair salon?

The Great NEWS website is committed to sharing healthy alternatives. This new Health Hazards series offers clear, concise and compelling information to help you be better prepared to protect your self and family. What we don’t know can harm us and kill us slowly without us being aware of the dangers until damage is done.  This series will provide valuable information and insights on how to avoid and minimize these health hazards with simple strategies and smart suggestions.  In less than 2 minutes a week you will discover serious health hazards while also learning action steps and healthy habits to implement.

This article was written after meeting a beauty salon owner in Florida who had a traditional beauty salon.  He then became an Aveda salon owner to offer natural and organic products.  Many women are going to salons and stores for products and treatments only to be exposed to many dangerous chemicals and compounds.   Most men are also being exposed to similar health hazards from products they buy and use from barber shops, hair salons and stores.

Whether you go to a beauty salon and use their products or buy from major retailers it is essential to read the ingredient labels first before you buy or put anything on your body.  Breathing in fumes and  putting these products on your skin can cause you to absorb toxic chemicals and compounds. Our skin absorbs substances almost the same as when you eat them. Only put things on your skin you know are safe to eat because in essence that is what you are doing.

Beauty Salon Health Hazards

Chemicals in shampoo can cause health problems.

Chemicals in shampoo can cause health problems.

1. Parabans are chemicals used as antibacterial and antifungal preservatives in conditioners, makeup, moisturizers, shampoos, shaving gels and toothpaste. They are labeled as esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid or parahydroxybenzoates (4-hydroxybenzoic acid). Concerns exist because parabans have been found in breast cancer tissue and because of estrogen mimicking properties which may contribute to early puberty in girls. 

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a denaturant, emulsifier, foamer and surfactant cleansing agent.  According to the Environmental Working Group’s ( research on SLS have shown links to: developmental and reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, irritation of the eyes and skin, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity and possible mutations and cancer.

3. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is a yellow detergent with higher foaming ability.  Same concerns.

4. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate is also a surfactant variation put into cosmetics and cleansers to make them foam.

5. Sodium Myreth Sulfate is a compound with both detergent and surfactant properties found in shampoos, soaps and toothpaste.   

6. Ethylene oxide has a high hazard rating and shows up as an impurity in thousands of personal care products. It is used to attempt to make other chemicals less harsh. 1,4 dioxane is a byproduct of ethylene oxide in personal care products and receives a high hazard rating and is described as probably carcinogenic to humans and toxic to the brain, central nervous system, kidneys and liver.

7. Artificial fragrances are often added to products to give them a special floral or fruit scent.  Synthetic fragrances can contain hundreds of harmful chemicals and have harmful side effects.  Look for natural and safer alternatives such as essential oils from flowers, fruits, herbs and plants.

8. Nitrosamine is another compound found in gels, hand cleaners and shampoos and is also a recognized carcinogen.

9.  Coloring and dyes are products that usually contain many harmful chemicals that can harm your body and brain while also harming your hair.

Colorings and dyes contain harmful chemicals.

Colorings and dyes contain harmful chemicals.

Often times one product like dyes and shampoo damages your hair so you need another product like conditioners to repair the damage. Most soap damages your skin so you need lotions and moisturizers to repair the damage.  Did you ever stop to thing about how much damage you do to yourself and them search for another harmful product to try and fix the problem?

Many people do not realize how many health hazard chemicals in salon products are absorbed through the sinus and skin and retained in the body compromising ones health.  They expose people to higher levels of toxic chemicals and compounds that cause breathing issues, cancer and genetic damage.  They can also be passed on to harm future generations. Remember…all these products also end up in our waste water treatment plants, rivers oceans and in our drinking water supplies. 

It is imperative to learn about the toxic chemicals and compounds in products sold in barber shops, beauty salons and spas to prevent toxic exposure.  When consumers begin to boycott toxic products the various manufacturers will be forced to come up with healthy versions.  Dr. Bronner”s is a pure castille soap that can be used as a body soap, cleaner, hand soap, shampoo and tooth soap and has replaced several toxic products making life much easier and safer.

If you have already exposed yourself to toxic chemicals it is highly recommended to go through a cleanse and detox to help rid your body and liver of these toxins.  Baking soda, calcium bentonite clay and sea salt baths as well as using saunas are great ways to help remove them. Exercise and consuming healthy oils like coconut oil are also beneficial for removing toxins stored in fat cells.

This Great NEWS post shared the Beauty Salon Health Hazards to help stop the daily exposure to dangerous chemicals and start using safe and sustainable natural green products.   The healthy habits we implement each day will determine how happy and healthy we feel and look.  While we can not control what chemicals companies’ use we can invest and vote with every penny we use to buy healthy products.  This Beauty Salon Health Hazards post is offered to help us do our part to protect the people, plants and planet.     

What is your current Gap?

What body care, cosmetics, hair care and skin care products are you using that may be toxic and could be harming your health?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your risk from toxic products?   The book “Our Toxic World – A Wale Up Callby Dr. Doris Rapp is a great resource.  Go to Environmental Working Group and Organic Consumers Association for a list of commonly used products that have been found to be harmful.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding your beauty and skin care products?  What new decisions and resources will help you avoid the health hazards and begin healthy habits?

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