The previous Great NEWS post shared Beauty Salon Health Hazards and today we cover Nail Salon Health Hazards.  Do you read the ingredients in the foot bath, hand lotion, nail polish and nail polish remover used by your manicure and pedicure salon?  Most people do not in spite of the evidence these chemicals and salons may pose a serious health hazard.   Today we discuss the Nail Salon Health Hazards that the nail polish and nail salon industry do not want you to know about. 

There are hazards in the nail salon industry that you should be aware of.

There are hazards in the nail salon industry that you should be aware of.

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This article was written after seeing an ABC News story with Dianne Sawyer aired on 03.07.14 about the health hazards in many nail salons.  She mentions the risk of bacterial infection from unclean foot baths and soaking tubs. One woman had part of her calf muscle cut out due to a serious infection traced to her nail salon.  The story also mentioned various tools used to remove callous on feet such as a power tool sander and blade scraper that should be avoided due to risk of injury.

Not mentioned in the story were the harmful chemical compounds that come in contact with your skin and sinuses while you are there.  Most nail glues, nail polish, nail polish remover and nail treatments are made with toxic substances that can harm you and the person applying them.

Many women are going to mani and pedi nail salons for products and treatments that result in exposure to many harmful chemicals and compounds.  In addition there is the risk from exposure to harmful bacteria, fungus and virus pathogens.  Why would someone pay $20 to $50 for nail treatments while also being exposed to serious bacterial infections and harmful toxic chemicals?  Could it be a lack of awareness and misdirected beauty priorities or the dark side of the beauty industry and vanity? Unfortunately millions of women do or get their nails done on a regular basis without understanding the risks.

Millions of women get their nails done on a regular basis.

Millions of women get their nails done on a regular basis.

Women often go to a nail salon due to a birthday gift, gift certificate, girl’s spa day or special event without even thinking about the products and risks involved.  Children and men contribute to the problem by giving nail treatment gift certificates and women feel compelled to use them.  Children should never go into a nail salon or wear polish due to the harmful chemicals that could harm growing children even more than adults.

It is a shame that people are promoting fake nails and flamboyant colors and designs instead of focusing on holistic health and natural beauty.  Why not give gift certificates for healthy enzymes, massages, minerals, probiotics, supplements and vitamins instead and create real beauty from the inside out? Women need to know they are naturally beautiful without all the harmful makeup and nail polish which robs them of their long term beauty and health.

Whether you go to a nail salon or buy nail products from major retailers and do your own nails it is essential to read the ingredients first.   Before you consider buying or putting anything on your body or nails understand what you are using and the risks involved.  There are many safer products on the market.

Just breathing in the fumes from nail polish and nail polish remover will cause you to absorb toxic chemicals and compounds. What you putt on your nails and skin is like eating it since our skin absorbs substances.  Only put things on your nails and skin you know are safe because your health, longevity and wealth depend on it. 

Nail Salon Health Hazards

1. Nail polish is typically made with solvents and toxins.  The top three toxic ones are formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene.  These chemicals have been identified and the public warned for many reasons to include: asthma, carcinogenic, genetic damage (birth defects), nerve and reproductive damage.  Dyes and pigments as well as plasticizers expose you to additional chemicals.

Nail polish is made with solvents and toxins.

Nail polish is made with solvents and toxins.

2. Nail polish remover is usually a solvent (acetone) also known as a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC).  Please avoid being confused by the word “organic” in this label.  VOC are synthetic chemical compounds that are dangerous to your health and well being.

3. Nail tools.  Technicians and tools can damage your skin while also exposing you to dangerous bacteria.  Clippers, grinders and scrappers may damage your nails and skin which leads to other complications.   

4. Nail salon workers can expose you to harmful bacteria, fungus and virus as well as other customers.  Constant exposure to toxic chemicals can weaken ones immune system leading to more frequent infections and contamination risk. Never go in with any open cuts or when your immune system is compromised.

5 Foot and hand soaking tubs are a common place for bacteria and fungus exposure.    The ABC news story showed numerous places where the bacteria breed and infect people.

6. Fake acrylic nails and glues are another health hazard to avoid.  Problem nails are an indicator of health and nutritional issues that should be addressed and not covered up.

7. Products with artificial chemicals, compounds, fragrances and oils are often used in salons for cuticles, feet and hands.  Synthetic fragrances and lotions can contain hundreds of harmful chemicals with harmful side effects.  Look for natural and safe alternatives such as natural and pure essential oils from flowers, fruits, herbs, nuts and plants.

Nail salons can have bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Nail salons can have bacteria, fungus and viruses.

8. While nail salon workers receive some training and some may even be estheticians they are not usually focused on your long term health and well being.  They are serving the goals of the nail salon business owner which is to make the money in spite of health hazards.  Unfortunately the employees themselves are exposed to excessive chemicals and their health may suffer even more than yours.  This causes an additional financial and social burden to our health care system and society.

9.  The coatings, colorings and dyes in nail polish can contain harmful chemicals that can harm your body and brain.

10. Ultra Violet (UV) nail dryers are another big concern due to the possibility of excessive damaging UV rays. The chemical UV stabilizer benzophenone is also a health hazard.

The real issue to address is why so many women believe having their nails painted will make them feel more attractive and beautiful.  This is a serious problem because too many women seem to be focusing more on expensive and harmful short term cover ups and gimmicks like damaging makeup, nails and shoes instead of how they feel and look over all.  Colored nails will not improve a woman’s happiness, health or relationship issues but only serve as distractions. 

Most women would benefit more from focusing on their emotional, nutritional and physical health instead of cosmetic deception.  Being beautiful, fit and healthy on the inside counts more than some nail paint and pattern posturing.  A healthy woman will usually have healthy nails and be more naturally glowing and radiant than an unhealthy one with fake nails and polish. 

Having chemical coated nails instead of naturally healthy nails is a tragedy and travesty for women in our modern world.  The money and time spent on doing nails and going to nail salons could be better invested in focusing on the whole body, mind and spirit.  Nails can be naturally oil, buffed and polished for a healthy and natural look without the use of toxic polish and polish remover.  There are also safe choices available now.

Most women do not know about the hazards of nail salons.

Most women do not know about the hazards of nail salons.

Most women do not realize how many chemicals and health hazards are in nail products and nail salons.  These synthetic chemicals and compounds are absorbed through the skin and sinus compromising your health.  The sad thing is these chemicals are often retained in your body harming you and your children over time.  These chemical toxins are also passed on to harm future generations. The more people are exposed to higher levels of toxic chemicals and compounds the more they will face breathing issues, cancer, disease and genetic damage. These toxic products end up in our drinking water, food, rivers and oceans. 

It is imperative to learn about the toxic chemicals and compounds in nail products and nail salons to prevent toxic exposure. When consumers boycott toxic products the manufacturers will create more healthy versions. There are toxic free products available now so there is no excuse for using toxic ones.

Anyone exposed to toxic chemicals could benefit from a good cleanse and detox program to help rid your body of these toxins. Baking soda, calcium bentonite clay and sea salt baths as well as dry and wet saunas are great ways to help remove toxins.

This Great NEWS post shared Nail Salon Health Hazards to help stop the exposure to dangerous chemicals and start using safe and sustainable natural green products.  Our healthy habits each day will determine how happy and healthy we feel and look.  We can control what products companies’ manufacture by investing and voting with every penny to buy healthy products.  This Nail Salon Health Hazards post is offered to help protect the people, plants and planet.

What is your current Gap?

What nail care products are you using that may be toxic and harming your health?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

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Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding your nails, nail products and nail salons?  What new decisions and resources will help you avoid the health hazards and begin healthy habits?

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