May 21, 2009


Many people are unaware of the roles that enzymes play in determining our level of health and vitality. Enzymes are very specific protein molecules which are a key factor in millions of biochemical reactions that take place within your body.

Enzymes play essential roles in our blood, digestion, energy, hormones, immune system, longevity, maintenance, metabolism, nervous system and over all well being. They are responsible for digesting foods and our white blood cells for digesting bacteria and virus. They are key components for our long term health.

What are Essential Enzymes?

The basic types of enzymes are digestive and metabolic. Digestive enzymes play a primary role in the digestion and assimilation of foods. Metabolic enzymes are used in all other functions of the body. When metabolic enzymes are diverted to produce digestive enzymes there is a shortage of enzyme reserves and many doctors feel this is a major factor contributing to allergies, auto immune challenges and disease.

Enzymes are specific proteins that act as a catalyst in causing specific reactions to occur in the body. There are approximately three thousand identified enzymes in our body and more in the foods we consume. Foods normally contain the enzymes needed for us to digest them. Unfortunately the more a food is heated the more likely these enzymes are deactivated and destroyed. For those with compromised health and poor nutrition it may be necessary to take natural digestive supplements to help the body rebuild and regenerate.

Importance of Digestive Enzymes

Eating Papaya Good for Digestion

Papain in Papayas Aid Digestion

Your body also produces its own enzymes for the digestion of food. The more enzymes in the foods you eat the less your body has to produce enzymes for digestion. Conversely the more your food has been bleached, cooked and processed which destroys enzymes, the harder you body has to work to produce enzymes to digest your foods.

Therefore it is common sense to consume the majority of your foods in their natural state and with as little warming as necessary during the preparation. This is a key reason why highly processed foods which are treated at very high temperatures and the majority of foods cooked at high temperatures should be avoided. The more the food rises above 118 degrees the more enzymes are destroyed.

The digestion of food requires significant energy. When you eat foods lacking in digestive enzymes this can be a drain your overall energy and affect your health. Enzymes are recycled many times in our body until the enzyme or your body begins to wear down due to lack of vitality or replacement of essential components.

Over time our body begins to lose the ability to produce the necessary enzymes and this further impacts our digestion and well being. Illness, poor nutrition, stress and toxins play a significant role in how well our body is able to process and produce enzymes.

Foods that Contain Digestive Enzymes

Adding Fresh Apples to Your Diet

Eating Apples Helps with Digestion

A key benefit to eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables is the abundance of enzymes they contain which helps naturally supplement the body with valuable digestive enzymes.

Nutritious foods are readily available to re-supply the body with the basic ingredients it needs to replenish the reserves of enzymes to the glands, organs and tissues of the body.

Body’s Helpful Bacteria

We also receive numerous beneficial enzymes from the helpful bacteria in our intestines which help to breakdown various foods and fiber. This is another reason why it is essential to maintain a diverse population of friendly flora and fauna in your intestines. Without the friendly bacteria we are unable to digest many of the foods essential to supplying our bodies with the enzymes and raw ingredients we need for energy and health.

Remember that you are what you eat, so choose wisely. Enzymes are Essential to your energy, health and longevity. Avoid the highly processed and refined fake foods and fast foods since they are lacking in essential enzymes. Be sure to eat an abundance of nutrient dense raw whole foods at every meal which are naturally rich in the essential enzymes you need for your happiness, health and harmony.

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Michael Morningstar