The 2015 Great NEWS posts enjoy sharing Healthy Habits to enhance our emotional, mental and physical health. Today’s post on Magic Moments with Massage will offer some super simple methods for feeling great while improving our health and also reducing anxiety, stress and tension. Massage is well known for calming, relaxing and soothing benefits. It has also been shown to offer therapeutic benefits for improving sports performance, reducing pain and stimulating the immune system. Massage is a very powerful therapy and treatment for a wide variety of health complaints and issues. Maintaining a regular massage practice will help support us in improving our overall energy, health and resilience. With today’s complex world of high speed communication, information and transportation people around the world are feeling sad, sick, stressed and tired. It is the perfect compliment to our exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and wellness programs. This post will share some simple steps to begin a self massage mastery plan to help you enjoy and experience the many benefits and magic moments of massage to help rebalance, rejuvenate and restore our body, mind and spirit.

Back Massage

Massage is a very powerful therapy and treatment for a wide variety of health complaints and issues. Maintaining a regular massage practice will help support us in improving our overall energy, health and resilience.

We all know that sitting, sleep and stress issues are common contributors to feeling aches and pains. This can lead to a variety of discomfort, disease and dysfunction problems and symptoms. With so many strains and stresses in our life it is easy to feel lethargic, run down and tired which prevents us from enjoying life to the fullest. Massage is exactly what the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors recommend to deal with these conditions and help restore happiness, harmony and health.

This is where the  magic of massage can be of great benefit. As mentioned in a previous blog post touch for health is extremely powerful because it offers many benefits from a simple process. Touch is one of the most powerful therapeutic treatments we can utilize. Another good thing is that massage is something we can do for our self any time and any where. There is no waiting with massage because we can begin massaging a few areas or acupressure points and get quick results within minutes. When most people experience an ache or pain they take a pill or potion to block the sensation and symptoms in order feel good again. Unfortunately this does not fix the problem but only short circuits the sensation temporarily.

With massage we are able activate our brain, cells, glands, nervous system, organs, skin and tissues to easily and quickly begin resetting and restoring circulation, energy flow and therapy without any negative side effects. That is why this post will focus on using massage for early intervention, prevention and relaxation strategies to minimize and mitigate the contributing causes that are the origin of  cellular disturbances, energy blockages and imbalances in our body. The ancient wisdom and profound principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have created magic moment massage practices to prevent and protect against health challenges, issues and problems. Massage has a long and proven track record for supporting our happiness, healing and health.

Is there anyone that has not had a great massage and felt absolutely amazing afterwards? Our aches and pains as well as troubles and worries seem to simply melt away during the magic moments of massage. We are hard wired for the benefits of massage and therapeutic touch for health. All infants need nurturing and touch to survive. As children, teens and adults we still have these same needs and we will either strive, survive or thrive depending on our level of nurturing support sensations and touch for health. Therefore it is imperative for each person to learn massage to provide ourselves and others with what we need in our core programming for health and well being.

To learn massage requires no significant skills other than the desire to learn and provide therapeutic touch for the benefit our self and others. To begin giving a massage simply reach out and touch someone you know or your self. While it may be helpful to know a little bit about the acupressure points, anatomy, energy meridians and skeletal systems this is not a prerequisite to giving great massages. All that really matters is you tune into the person receiving the massage and pay attention to the response you receive back. Massage helps energy flow through the body and when you pay attention as you feel and observe the responses you will notice subtle energy shifts and signs as a persons body responds to the massage.

Face Massage

Even a quick face, feet or head massage can feel great and help protect us from distress and disease. Massage has been shown to help relax our tensions, restore our resilience and strengthen our immune system.

“Chi” or “prana” is the subtle life force that operates throughout our complex body, brain and nervous system. As we massage specific areas or points on the body such as the back, ears, face, feet, hands, head, legs, neck and other locations we may notice a wide variety of reactions and subtle shifts. A person receiving a great massage may be energized, change their breathing patterns, experience sensations,  make sounds, move, reduce pain sensations, relax, release emotions, stretch and take a nap. It is common for people receiving a massage to feel  centered, comforted and connected for quite a while afterwards.

Therefore one of the best ways to promote happiness, healing and health is to provide our self with a daily massage. Even a quick face, feet or head massage can feel great and help protect us from distress and disease. Massage has been shown to help relax our tensions, restore our resilience and strengthen our immune system. A daily practice of massage and touch for health routines can offer an additional level of holistic health benefits. With a little reading, research and resourcefulness you will soon be able to easily and effortlessly offer your self and others the magic moments of massage.

Benefits of Massage

When we understand the benefits of massage it is a “no brainer” to want one and to enjoy them on a regular basis. Rather than wait for an opportunity to get a massage why not learn to regularly give them to your self and provide ongoing benefits? By regularly activating, energizing and massaging our  energy and meridian systems we will help support all of our health functions throughout the body. There are a wide array of acupressure points, energy channels, ligaments, muscles and tendons hat feel great when we provide beneficial maintenance and massage. Benefits of massage include:

  • Couples massage is a great way to improve our relationships and  reconnect after a busy day.
  • Massage helps maintain the health of our fascia, muscles, nerves, skin and tissue.
  • Massaging different acupressure points and areas aids in different body functions.
  • Massage helps us relax which can help improve circulation which can relieve back pain and headaches.
  • Therapeutic touch can offer magic moments as it helps us be even more happy and healthy.
  • It helps synchronize our various systems to cooperate, function and perform better.
  • Massage have been found to help us heal and rebound faster after an illness or injury.
  • Our energy meridians are able to flow more freely when energy blockages are released.
  • Many people sleep better after massage. Sleep is vital part of the process for cleansing, detoxing and  repairing our body.
  • We tend to think with better clarity and focus when our circulation and energy are flowing better.
  • Massage improves our level of energy, focus and vitality. This helps improve how we feel and function during the day.
  • Massage helps infants, newborns and children to be comforted and soothed.
Back Massage

Without frequent emotional, mental and physical support and touch we end up feeling sad, sick, stressed and tired. Massage will help train our body and nervous system to relax, revitalize and reset our life support systems. This is essential to be happy and healthy.

Massage is great for helping us re-energize, refresh, rejuvenate and restore our health and vitality. Unfortunately most men and women are not doing enough self massage to help deal with the strains, stresses and struggles of life. These end up harming many areas of our health and well being. Without frequent emotional, mental and physical support and touch we end up feeling sad, sick, stressed and tired. Massage will help train our body and nervous system to relax, revitalize and reset our life support systems. This is essential to be happy and healthy.

Massage is one of the best touch for health treatments because you can indulge your self with massage any time. It has powerful and proven benefits that help activate our own healing mechanisms. Massage is a powerful hands on healing therapy that any one can learn to do. Today’s post on the benefits of massage and touch for health is inspired by many great books, massage therapists and websites dedicated to holistic health and therapeutic touch.

Massage the Touch for Health

There are many amazing benefits from using massage as a way to to activate, relax and stimulate our neuro-musculature system. An excellent book on massage is called The Complete Book of Massage by Claire Maxwell-Hudson. This book is a great reference and resource for health, massage and therapeutic touch. It is a wealth of information by sharing basic to more advanced massage techniques and tips about touch on health at any age..

More massage and touch for health benefits include:

  • Better beauty and happy faces are benefits as we let go of strain, stress and worry.
  • Helping us relax and be more calm, cool and collected.
  • Children are happier, healthier and less stressed when they receive loving massage from their parents.
  • Couples are more likely to stay a couple when they are practicing regular massage on each other.
  • We are more likely to relax and engage in deep breathing which is vital for our health.
  • Massage helps us be centered and grounded in order to better maintain our cells, glands and organs.
  • Massage seems to help with anti-aging and longevity.
  • Massage helps support our immune system and prevent illness.
  • It is good for our entire emotional, mental and physical well being.
  • A bonus massage technique is using a foam roller to assist with the back, legs and hips.

With a minimum investment of time each day we can provide our body, mind and spirit with something that feels good and is good for us.

What additional reasons or resources do you need to begin a daily massage practice. Massage, meditation and yoga are some of the easiest self care therapies one can access. What if you were to indulge your self for 30 minutes over the next ninety days to discover the many benefits of massage, meditation and yoga? These techniques have been helping millions of people since the beginning of time and will help you too.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is dedicated to sharing simple steps to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post encourages us to use massage to activate our energy meridians and neruo-musculature system to better support our glands, immune systems and organs to be even more healthy and vibrant. These proven principles can help us begin to feel and see an improvement in our happiness, health and harmony. Remember our emotional, mental and physical performance depends on the body, brain and spirit being synchronized. This Great NEWS post shared some simple steps for using massage and touch for health to do just that.

What is your current Gap?

How often are you doing self massage? How often are you receiving a massage from some one else? How often are you giving a massage to someone else? Many warnings on our dashboard (referred to as signs and symptoms) are letting us know that our body, mind and spirit are in need of maintenance and prevention treatments. Any issues with our happiness, health and well being are signs  we must pay attention before the situations escalate and become even more challenging. When we have persistent problems these are signs and signals that some things we are doing are out of balance and need an adjustment and tune up. Massage is a great way to activate energy meridians and release energy blockages. Three months of massage will help us become hooked on the benefits for life by improving our happiness and health.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Massage and touch for health is easy to do on a daily basis and can even be done while multi tasking. For three months give your self a daily massage to activate and stimulate your energy and immune system to see the improvements possible. Without massage we are doomed to experience disruptions, dysfunction and disease over time. Read The Complete Book of Massage by Claire Maxwell-Hudson to help you easily and effectively make massage a part of your routine. Our body and brain deserves the time to relax and retrain our emotional, mental and nervous system. We all deserve to feel great and see how massage can help improve our health and life.  Whether giving or receiving massage we are benefiting from the exchange of attention and energy between two people. Massage is known to release harmful emotion and energy blockages from our body. Warning: Massage may feel so great you become addicted keep doing it several times a day for an energy and mood boost. With a mastery action plan that feels great and is easy to do what are you waiting for? Give your self a massage right now.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the benefits of using massage for holistic health and natural nurturing? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a better 2015 and beyond?

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