The 2015 Great NEWS posts enjoy sharing Healthy Habits to enhance our body, mind and spirit. Today’s post on Rapid Results with Reflexology will offer a brief overview of this simple yet superior method of applying acupressure to specific point on the feet and hands to help the entire body. Reflexology is designed to help improve our health by helping us recover from the effects of anxiety, emotional upsets, energy blockages, imbalances, low energy, stress, tension and weak systems. Reflexology is considered by some to be a more recent health method whereas others trace it back to the original days of Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Regardless of its origins it is an exciting option to supplement your wellness routine in order to receive rapid results with reflexology. Reflexology offers a variety of therapeutic benefits and is a very powerful process for a wide variety of health complaints and issues and is a perfect compliment to other wellness programs. This post will share simple suggestions to begin a reflexology mastery plan that is self administered and supplemented with professional support.

Sand and Stones

Reflexology has been found to help re-balance, re-energize, rejuvenate, reprogram and restore the energy systems of our body and mind.

Everyday life can take quite a toll on our body and mind. Daily strain and stress are common contributors to aches, discomfort and pains. If not treated these issues often intensify and lead to distress and disease in our body as well as mental dysfunction. Reflexology is a great way to deal with these conditions and help restore happiness, harmony and health. Reflexology has been found to help re-balance, re-energize, rejuvenate, reprogram and restore the energy systems of our body and mind.

As mentioned in previous blog posts all forms of touch for health are extremely powerful because they provide the body soothing support to help it rebalance, reconnect, refresh, relax and renew. Reflexology offers many benefits from a fairly simple process. We can give our self the gift of reflexology or we can engage another person to give us this gift. Like massage we can do reflexology almost any time and any where. While most reflexology focuses on the feet we can also do simple reflexology on our hands to receive benefits.

Reflexology is the process of stimulating reflex points on the feet to help maintain good health. This is based on the theory that every part of the body corresponds to a very precisely located point on our feet. By applying pressure to these reflex points we can rebalance, relax and reset the whole body to help a wide range of disorders.  Headaches can be helped by pressure on the big toe. Stomach problems can be treated by pressure just below the ball of the foot. Sensitivity in an area of the feet could indicate disorders in a specific part of the body. People are often amazed at the accuracy of reflexology in pinpointin details about the state of ones health. Our feet are very complex structures and foot problems can result in many interconnected issues. Bunions, calluses, corns and  poor fitting shoes are just some of the many causes of problems in the feet and corresponding parts of the body.

Reflexology helps activate energy meridians that connect our brain, glands, nervous system, organs, skin and tissues. By relaxing and re-energizing a particular point it allows other energetically connected zones to be reset and restored. Anything we do to improve circulation, energy flow and neuron impulses will create more resilience and synergy through out the body and brain. By focusing on reflexology and touch for health we can provide early intervention and even prevention measures to minimize and maybe avoid causes that may result in disease. All health issues start at the cellular level as disturbances,  energy blockages or imbalances. Reflexology has a long history of helping support our happiness, healing and health.

To learn reflexology requires a basic understanding of the mapping of the body system onto the feet and hands. With a genuine desire to learn these correlations between body and feet we are able to begin providing therapeutic touch for the benefit of our self or others. Begin with either foot and starting at the toes work your way down to the heel by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet that correspond to points in and on the body. It is very helpful to refer to a diagram of the reflex points to provide the best results. By paying attention and tuning in to specific feedback regarding the points on the foot it is possible to determine various stages of balance or imbalance. Reflexology can help with opening up the energy flow through the body and then a person may notice subtle energy shifts and signs.

A daily round of foot or hand reflexology is one of the best things we can do to help promote happiness, healing and health. Even a quick foot or hand reflexology round can help us feel great and help prevent distress and dysfunction from leading into early stages of disease. Reflexology has been found to help relax tension, restore resilience and revitalize our immune system. A daily practice of reflexology and touch for health can provide a wide range of holistic health benefits. By reading and researching more we are able to access a wealth of information to help us experience rapid results with reflexology.

Benefits of Reflexology

Feet in Sand

With regular reflexology we are activating, energizing and releasing our reflex points and meridian lines to continually help support the health of the entire body.

Reflexology has a wide range of reported benefits. The best way to experience the full potential and power of reflexology is to go to a professional. This way they can demonstrate the optimal  procedure and process for rapid results. When beginning any new healthy habit we want to have a great first experience to help set us up for future repeat performances. With a professional reflexologist we have the opportunity to fully experience the process and notice specific indicators of energy blockage or imbalance such as a lack of sensation or tender points.

With regular reflexology we are activating, energizing and releasing our reflex points and meridian lines to continually help support the health of the entire body. Reflexology focuses on the reflex points on the feet and hands that to provide benefits which include:

  • Help maintain the health of the ligaments, muscles, nerves, skin and tendons in our feet.
  • Relieve back, foot, head and neck pain.
  • Activating reflex in our feet will send signals to body functions in other areas.
  • Reflexology will relax and release tension in the feet which will help improve circulation.
  • Any touch for health method helps us feel even more happy and healthy.
  • It helps reset our muscle and nervous systems for peak performance.
  • It can help us recover faster after an illness or injury.
  • After energy blockages are released our energy meridians are able to function more effectively
  • Releasing tension in the feet helps many people sleep better. A good night’s sleep is essential for health.
  • Improving our circulation and energy  helps us think with better clarity and focus.
  • It improves our level of energy, vibrancy and vitality.

Reflexology helps us re-balance, regenerate, rejuvenate, reprogram and restore our overall health and well being. All men and women could easily begin taking better care of their body and feet with a little self administered reflexology to better deal with sitting, strains and stresses. Most men and women are not taking good care of their feet and are therefore multiplying the negative consequences. Improper fitting and poorly designed shoes are wrecking havoc on peoples feet. This ends up harming many areas of our health and well being. Without reflexology and touch for health we would not be as aware of the long term consequence of poor foot and posture practices that are harming us. Reflexology will help make people aware of the connection between foot health and over all health. It can then help us to relax, revitalize and reset our life support systems which is essential to being happy and healthy.

Reflexology is a great health therapy because we can indulge our feet and hands for rapid results. It has powerful and proven benefits that help activate our level of happiness, healing and health. Reflexology is a powerful hands on healing therapy that any one can learn to do. Today’s post on the benefits of reflexology is inspired by my first session in 2006 at the Oona Doherty Beauty and Health Salon in Ireland. Wow, it felt great and helped my learn a lot about the many benefits of massage and reflexology. There are many great books, practitioners and websites to help you with reflexology to enhance your holistic health.

Reflexology Shortcuts for Health

Foot on Lawn

For those that are more adventurous and daring an excellent way to get the benefits of reflexology for free and for longer periods of time is to take a barefoot walk outdoors.

There are many amazing benefits from having a professional do reflexology on your feet and hands. Even if we do it our self for a few minutes a day before going to sleep or after waking up is a great way to to relax, release and renew our feet and nervous system. For those that are more adventurous and daring an excellent way to get the benefits of reflexology for free and for longer periods of time is to take a barefoot walk outdoors. Excellent places include walking on a gravel, sand or shell covered beach. Other great places include creeks, dirt trails, green spaces, hiking trails, pea gravel and rocks. While this may sound a bit extreme there are a lot of benefits to going barefoot for prolonged periods of time. Just check out “Barefoot”, “Earthing” or “Grounding” to learn more.

There are also special plastic pads with extreme texture and wooden boards with pegs that activate reflexology points. All you have to do is stand on them and they can activate almost all the reflexology points on your feet at one time. It may seem intense and insane yet rather than not having daily reflexology it is one way to get lots of benefit in a few minutes. Reflexology definitely provides great support for health and therapeutic touch. With a small investment of time each day we can provide our body and brain with a quick reflexology session that feels good and is very good for us.

Are you ready to give reflexology a try to see how it might benefit you on a daily basis. Simply apply reflexology to your feet after you wake up and right before bed  to access one of the easiest self care therapies. During your lunch break give your hands a quick mid day reflexology break to re-energize and revitalize your body. Imagine doing this for just 5 minutes a day over the next ninety days to discover the many benefits of reflexology. These techniques are helping many people and will help you too.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is dedicated to sharing simple suggestions to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post encourages us to use reflexology to activate reflex points on our feet and hands to better support our over all health and well being. Reflexology has a proven track record of helping to improve or state of happiness, health and harmony. Remember our emotional, mental and physical performance depends on the body, brain and spirit being synchronized. This Great NEWS post shared one simple step of using reflexology to do this.

What is your current Gap?

Do you go barefoot outdoors? Have you ever tried reflexology?  How often are you doing reflexology for your feet or hands? Are you receiving signals from your body or brain something is out of alignment and balance. Any issues with our happiness, health and well being are signals  we must pay attention to before they become even more serious. Reflexology is a great way to activate acupressure points on our feet and hands to send energy through our meridians and restore function. Could three months of reflexology provide raid results for being happier and healthier? Try it and find out.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Have a professional apply reflexology to your feet and hands for one hour to experience the power. For three months after this give your self a daily reflexology session after waking and before sleeping.  This will help activate and stimulate your energy and nervous system to be more synchronized. To minimize the impact of daily strains and stresses which can lead to disruptions,  dysfunction and disease over time begin a daily reflexology practice. Your body and brain deserves this time to relax and restore our emotional, mental and nervous system. You deserve to feel great and reflexology can help improve your health and thus quality of life. Reflexology can release harmful emotions and energy blockages from our body. With reflexology in your daily health mastery action plan it will feels great releasing the tension in your feet and body. Go bare foot right now for a quick reflexology session to see how easy it is.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the benefits of reflexology for holistic health? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a better 2015 and beyond?

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