Last week the article was on Cleaning the Closets and this week we will learn how to create a New Year Vision Board and the many benefits for doing one.

As another year comes to a close it is a great time to focus on what you feel you need and want to manifest in the New Year. One of the best ways to plant seeds in your conscious and subconscious mind regarding the desires, goals and outcomes you seek is to create a New Year vision board.

While many people are familiar with and use vision boards others are new to the concept. Whether you are familiar or not this article is written to explain the basics and even provide advanced level techniques and tips. A vision board is a strategy and system that can capture your ideas and thoughts for the life you desire in the New Year and then serve as a map to guide you in creating the life of your dreams next year and beyond.

Types of Intention Maps

Beginning to Create Your Road Map for LifeThere are many names that have been used to describe various techniques to create and design the destiny you desire by programming your brain with the directions and guidelines for creating a great life.

The most common methods for setting your intention include:

  • Vision Board
  • Life Blue Print
  • Dream Board
  • Goal Board
  • Treasure Mapping
  • Goal Mapping
  • Mind Mapping
  • Road Map for Life
  • Picture Visualization
  • Destiny Map
  • Life Map

Like the names imply this process is about creating an inspirational, motivational and psychological tool which serves as an emotional and visual reminder to help keep you focused and progressing towards your desires and goals.

The Three C’s

Have you set your intentions for the New Year yet? As we come to the end of another year it is important to be thinking of general goals and specific ideas for implementing in the New Year ahead. Focusing on your goals and journaling about your vision for the future are key first steps for creating a vision board and enjoying next year even more than this one.

You must be clear, concise and congruent with your intentions so you know what you want and why you want it in order for your body, mind and spirit to align and manifest these desires.

You will soon learn how and why this is a very different approach from the traditional process of listing New Year resolutions which many people make before January 1st and often break before January 31st. This is a strategy and system you create and utilize each day to keep you on course and heading in the optimal direction for your intended destinations. If you do not have a vision board and strong internal guidance system then you are vulnerable to others leading you down their path for your life instead.

During the holidays is a great opportunity to reflect back on the year and remember the great experiences and valuable life lessons that came into your life. The things that occurred during the year are a direct and indirect result of the beliefs, behaviors and habits you attract and manifest.

For many people too much of the holiday season is occupied with stressing out over buying, wrapping and giving gifts rather than on focusing on things that really improve our relationships with our family, friends and finances. These vision enhancing strategies will help you keep your life on course more easily than if you do not have a set of inspirations and instructions program into your Great Person & Success (GPS) system.

Law of AttractionBe sure to focus on each and every area of your life which can have an influence on your happiness, health, spiritual, relationships, finances, growth, career, and business. Any key areas that are left off of your vision board also affects your life.

Synchronizing Actions

For those that have heard about the “Law of Attraction” it is easy to understand the connection between sending signals to the universe in order to synchronize our actions and thoughts with the purpose of manifesting our desires.

Here is a list of simple steps for planning, preparing and perfecting your New Year Vision Board:

  1. Begin by committing to read an inspirational book such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Power of Focus” or “The Richest Man in Babylon” to help prime the pump and set your mental attitude on creative . Then set aside half a day to create a paper or digital vision board. As you are creating your new Year vision Board repeat the mantra: What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.
  2. Start by reviewing the bountiful blessings and magic moments which occurred in your life this year and give thanks for
  3. Begin writing a list of important goals, outcomes, priorities, values and visions in all areas of your life for the New Year.
  4. Be sure to be specific and carefully tune your thinking into each area that contributes to a balanced lifestyle, personal satisfaction and a well rounded fulfillment.
  5. Locate printed pictures or digital pictures that can be used to customize your vision board.
  6. Cut out pictures of the people, places and things you would like to attract and manifest in your life. Find cardboard, cork board, poster board or paneling to serve as the hanging foundation for your vision board.
  7. More creative individuals can draw pictures of concepts and ideas they would like to have on their vision board
  8. Determine a Title (and possibly Subtitle) for the year. Business and Health is Great in 2008. I’m Determined to Win in 2010. Life is Like Heaven in Two Thousand Eleven. Life Starts Brand New in Two Zero One Two.
  9. While it is important to focus on designing the New Year it is important to realize you are also designing the rest of your life one year at a time. Be sure to think about now, next year, near term and long term.
  10. Arrange the pictures in a horizontal layout on the board. Write keywords that help explain specific aspects and details. Trim pictures as needed to make an appealing layout. Emotional impact is essential.
  11. Attach the pictures with cement, glue or tape to the backing board. Date and sign the back of your Vision Board.
  12. There are also digital vision board programs available that allow you to do this process. Consider doing both and see what version is most appealing.
  13. Access your favorite inspirational and motivational music sound tracks to help the Vision Board really come to life and appeal to your auditory nervous system.

When you have completed your vision board give your self a pat on the back to acknowledge yourself and celebrate your actions.

The Power of Capturing Your Ideas

Colored Wooden PencilsThe discipline and determination to capture your ideas will help direct and guide you thoroughwort the year and pay massive dividends in your life. This is a great way to utilize the power of focus to maintain your bearing, direction and heading in life and maintaining a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude.

The holiday season is a great time to stop the perpetual procrastinations and routine resolutions and start the smart strategy and success system of Vision Boards to reboot your brain for super success.

When you preframe next year with a New Year Vision Board you are setting yourself up for self satisfaction and super success. Imagine having your game plan laid out before your eyes to keep your brain tuned into your hearts deepest desires. A New Year Vision Board is a proven easy, effective and efficient way to preprogram your body, mind and spirit for even more health, happiness and harmony so join the millions of people who utilize this great success strategy.

Mastery Action Plan

  • During the holiday season set aside time to read an inspirational book before the end of the year for motivation support in creating a New Year Vision Board.
  • Creating a paper version first and then taking a digital picture for a computer screen saver is an easy way to get the New Year started right.
  • Begin imprinting your vision for your future by looking at your vision board several times a day and actively visualizing the icons, images and keywords becoming your reality. You can do this before a meditation or while exercising.
  • Put on some great motivational music and get started now.

Our next blog post will share: New Year New Youth