The previous Great NEWS post offered Compliments and Congratulations to COSTCO and today we follow up to the Biting Bugs Offense article with Parasites Are Persistent Problems. Almost everyone understood the Biting Bugs Offense article regarding the nuisance factor of biting bugs however few people really understand that parasites are a much bigger problem and health hazard. This article is devoted to educating and empowering you with why Parasites are Persistent Problems and how to prevent and persevere over them.

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Many health experts believe parasites are the number one cause of death because they compromise your health, drain vital energy and weaken a person’s immune system causing them to be more susceptible to all forms of disease.

Ignorance of the life cycle, sources and types of parasites is one of the biggest contributors to health problems around the world. Helpful information on dealing with them after exposure and more importantly prevention should be standard education for all ages. Parasites are one of the greatest causes for death and disease in the world. Many health experts believe they are the number one cause of death because they compromise your health, drain vital energy and weaken a person’s immune system causing them to be more susceptible to all forms of disease.

Parasites are not restricted to dirty conditions, farmers and third world countries. Everyone has parasites of some type somewhere in their body. Parasites can be in your bones, brain, lymph system, muscle, organs and teeth. Parasites are pathogens and can be macro, micro or nano parasites. Some parasites live inside the host while others live outside.

Parasites occur in many forms such as: bacteria, flukes, fungus, protozoan, spirochetes, virus, worms,

Macro, Micro and Nano Parasites

  • Macro parasites are typically categorized as protozoa and helminthes (parasitic worms).
  • Micro parasites are the bacteria and viruses.
  • Nano parasites are a new discovery and even smaller than micro parasites.

Parasites depend on their host for everything such as: food, housing, moisture, reproduction and transportation. They are basically dependent on the host for their life cycle and survival. Some parasites have multiple hosts during their life.  Different stages in the life cycle of parasites may present different concerns and health hazards for you to be aware of.

There are bad parasites and there are good ones. Bad parasites do more harm than good. Some bad parasites like malaria can kill you while most of them just rob you of nutrients and produce toxins. Good parasites do more good than harm. With good bacteria in your gut you would not survive since they help with digestion and the immune system.

Our focus will be on avoiding, eliminating and protecting against the bad parasites. We will also address ways to insure that you create the right environment for the good parasites that are essential to your health. Bad parasites love an acidic, high sugar, low oxygen and toxic environment to thrive. Good parasites require good fiber, food and freedom from toxic antibiotics, chemicals and toxins.

Parasites can enter through any opening such as blisters, bug bites, cuts, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, sores and wounds. Others can bite or bore into your skin. Many activities can result in exposure to parasites.

Parasite Attack Points

  • Drinking contaminated water (amebic dysentery, cholera, giardia,

    Barefoot Walking

    When it comes to dealing with parasites the first consideration is to develop a positive mental attitude.

  • Eating beef, chicken, fish, pork or turkey (Campylobacter, Clostridium botulinum, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteritidis, worms). Fruits and veggies contaminated by animal feces can also infect you with parasites.
  • Hiking in the woods (chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks, worms)
  • Food Preparation (cutting boards, dirty hands, fecal contamination, flies)
  • Outdoor BBQ (fleas, mosquitoes, no see ums, ticks)
  • Owning a pet such as bird, cat, dog or hamster offers a host for parasites. Cleaning a cat box could spread bacteria, fleas, rabies, ticks, virus)
  • Rubbing your eyes or nose or exposure to coughing (bacteria, cold and flu virus)
  • Sleeping in beds at lodgings (bed bugs, chaga (kissing bug), mites, scabies)
  • International Traveling (chaga, cholera, dungee fever, malaria, yellow fever)
  • Walking barefoot or ground contact (fungus, flukes, hook worms, pin worms)

When it comes to dealing with parasites the first consideration is to develop a positive mental attitude. It is essential to learn the basics and then develop a massive action plan for avoiding, first aid, prevention, resistance and treatment. With the right mental attitude and focus you can be better educated to make better choices that will naturally eliminate and reduce the chance of parasite problems.

There are even ways to naturally change your environment and internal terrain so any parasites you encounter move on rather than setting up a permanent residence. The good bacteria are essential for health and immune function so it is important to create the right environment for them. These good bacteria will also help you to avoid the bad bacteria as well as keep their numbers under control.

While there are parasite cleanses and tinctures available it is important to have great guidance to help when using them. Many people mistakenly believe you can just do a massive parasite cleanse and get rid of all the parasites at one time. This can be risky. Avoid the temptation for killing them drastically and quickly or you may overload your immune and lymph system. It is better to change your body ecology over time than over load your body with excessive toxins from dead parasites. Probiotics is a great way to improve your gut and immune system.

Most parasites have a narrow range of tolerance for certain conditions. If it is too cold or too hot they may not survive. When it is too acidic or alkaline they are inhibited. Certain foods, herbs, nuts, plants, roots, seeds, spices can also help alter the human terrain to make it less acceptable for parasites. When you are dehydrated, run down and tired and your body, cells, glands or organs drop below 70 millihertz you create a terrain where they start to proliferate. Therefore it is essential to maintain you health, nutrition and vitality to effectively expel, overcome and repel parasites.

Parasites have an amazing ability to create a close relationship with their host and live successfully without doing too much damage which would kill the host. Some scientists believe that some like candida, molds and yeast can alter human behavior by tuning into your nervous system and trigger carbohydrate and sugar cravings to help feed them. People must find a way to be less attractive to parasites and manipulate them away and out of your terrain.

Parasite Defense and Offense


Spices like black pepper, chilies, clove, garlic, horseradish, jalapenos, mustard, onion and red pepper will repel many parasites and cause them to exit the body.

Fortunately there are many holistic and natural techniques to accomplish this. Spices like black pepper, chilies, clove, garlic, horseradish, jalapenos, mustard, onion and red pepper will repel many parasites and cause them to exit the body. Essential oils from plants are additional ways to repel and remove parasites from external and internal residence. Many cultures have learned to combine certain herbs and spices with certain foods to provide additional parasite protection.

Bacteria are common in all people and require constant vigilance. Bad bacteria can easily get out of control under the right circumstances. It is imperative you have a specific strategy to feed your good bacteria and maintain them so they are able to keep the bad bacteria in check and under control. Once you let the good bacteria diminish due to antibiotics, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, medicines, processed foods, refined sugar and other toxins the bad bacteria can proliferate and take charge. The presence of bacteria can shift every aspect of your emotional, mental and physical health and every direction of your life.

The solution is to revamp and rewire our health, immune system, neuro-pathways and thinking to become less hospitable to parasites. This can serve to prevent an invasion or at least give the body what it needs to ramp up and repel the invasion over time naturally. A super healthy and vibrant body can defend itself and go on the offense to eliminate most parasites. Some many require a little additional assistance from Mother Earth with natural resources that offer additional anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties like a parasite cleanse with wormwood, green black walnut hull and clove, Hot peppers and spices, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Papaya seeds, Herbs like basil, dandelion, oregano, rosemary and sage. Have you heard of using the Zapper an electrical frequency generator to expel parasites?

If you think you are clean and free of parasites think again. Everyone has parasites and they may be the most common cause of all diseases on the planet. So everyone must be better educated to learn more about them and how to avoid and deal with them. Many diseases from parasites are on the rise and causing massive emotional, mental and physical suffering in addition to financial burden. Parasites are major health hazards and we must be diligent in educating ourselves about how to protect ourselves.

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Everyone has parasites and they may be the most common cause of all diseases on the planet.

Unfortunately sexual activity is a major way parasites are passed from one person to another. Whole cultures have been wiped out due to the introduction of parasites that they were not able to deal with.

Recently some scientists claimed that up to 40% of people are infected with brain parasites having the ability to alter human behavior. A professor specializing in parasites at Imperial College in London shared that many parasites favor the brain, because they are protected from the maximum impact of the immune system. In the brain they have access to alter the host’s behavior. A single cell parasite called Toxoplasma gondii found in domestic cats is estimated to infect 350,000 people in Britain each year and affect neurotransmitters in the brain.

Lyme disease is another condition caused by a parasite that is on the rise and causing large numbers of people to experience many debilitating conditions, pain and suffering. Most people are lucky and have average health and safety issues with parasites. For others it is a serious concern and millions die every year. It is only a matter of time before parasites will cause you or someone you know major problems. Some health experts feel that parasites are the root cause of all death and diseases. Regardless of how extreme this may sound there is some basic logic to the notion that parasites are always with us and therefore draining our body of energy, food and vitality.

There are many more types of disease and parasites that could be discussed but you get the message by now. Keep your ears and eyes tuned in for future articles and references that can help you be better prepared to prevent parasites from wrecking havoc on you and your family.

This Great NEWS post offers strategies and suggestions since Parasites are Persistent Problems. Everyone needs a basic course on Parasitology to be better educated and prepared to avoid the bad parasites. How willing are you to risk your life when prevention protocols are so simple? This post on Parasites are Persistent Problems offers simple steps and suggestions that can help prevent parasite problems and even loss of life or limb.

What is your current Gap?

How informed are you regarding parasites and prevention strategies?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What steps will you take to create better defense and offense strategies and suggestions against parasites?

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