In today’s blog post you read why water is essential for happiness and health. This post is designed to pick up where we left off in a recent post reporting on the benefits of water.

You will learn how warm water works wonders for transforming your health. Many people do not understand this concept well and continue to drink less water than is optimal.

Some drink cool or cold beverages and water which hinders the absorption of water into the body. This contributes to dehydration and slower water assimilation into the cells which reduces your energy, metabolism and the removal of toxins and waste products.

Water Facilities Important Body Functions

Glass of Warm WaterWater is essential in maintaining all important functions of the body such as:

  • circulation
  • digestion
  • elimination
  • energy generation
  • hormone production
  • metabolism
  • oxygenation of cells
  • respiration
  • thinking
  • waste removal

Warm water works wonders at being rapidly assimilated into the body. This helps to more rapidly cleanse, detox and hydrate all the cells of glands, organs and tissues which is one of the most important factors in achieving great health.

Dehydrating Beverages

Many people consume liquids mistakenly thinking they are hydrating when in reality the liquid may actually be more dehydrating overall.

Many of most common liquids and beverages consumed, contain alcohol, caffeine, carbonation and sugar as well as artificial synthetic colorings, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners.

Even though there is liquid in the beverage the other ingredients cause your body to use the liquids to eliminate the other ingredients and often require additional water from the body to be used to process out the acid compounds. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and artificial ingredients are especially notorious for requiring water to be removed out of the body to eliminate the harsh and irritating items which results in further dehydration. Examples include beer, coffee, imitation fruit drinks, sodas, sports drinks, sweetened tea and wine.

Warm Water Equals Better Energy

Warm water is one of the best beverages to consume for many common sense and logical reasons. It is less expensive and healthier than consuming the high priced and unhealthy concoctions that are being promoted. Cold beverages waste a lot of electricity and fuels to keep them cold. Cold drinks require your body to waste energy to warm the liquid to body temperature (98.6 degrees F) in order for it to be absorbed into the body and assimilated into your cells.

How many people do you know that have excess energy to waste? Warm water is easy, fast and very therapeutic. It is better to drink warm water or at least room temperature. It is easy to put a glass bottle or jar of water out in the sun and have warm water during the day that is naturally energized by the sun light. You can even make sun tea.

Warm Water Helps Digestion

Digestion is also impacted by the timing and type of liquids you consume. Drinking cold sodas or tea with a meal cools off and slows down the digestive process by diverting energy to warm it first. They also dilute the enzymes, saliva and stomach acids that are an essential part of the digestion process.

It is much better for your body and easier on your digestion system to consume more warm water through out the day and significantly less during the meal. Be sure you avoid those cold or warm beverages that spike your caffeine and sugar levels and send your body into adrenal stress and sugar shock. These adversely affect your energy, digestion, hormones, immune system and state of well being in the short and long term. In addition these harmful beverages are very expensive compared to water.

Water Molecules

Water Drop Water appears as one of the simplest substances and yet may be one of most over looked and least appreciated molecules in importance for the role it plays towards every facet of life on earth. There are so many aspects of water that we still do not fully understand. We do know that water which has been altered and processed with unhealthy additives, artificial compounds, refined sugar or micro waved produces an unhealthy beverage which can have harmful short and long term consequences.

Masaru Emoto the author of “Messages from Water” shares many thought provoking pictures which show the altered structure of water from different sources. This is quite compelling to help one realize and understand that everything that happens to water has an impact on its structure and therefore the affect it will have when we consume it.

Remember to consume high quality spring water or quality filtered water that removes the chemicals, heavy metals and impurities. It is also a great idea to alkalize and energize the water by placing it in the sun, adding some calcium bentonite clay, fresh lemon or lime, pinch of sea salt or quality green powder. Since our body is about 75% water and the river of our life it is worth the investment of energy and time to insure you have high quality water to protect your health. With this additional insight it is easy to see how warm water works wonders for transforming your health.

Our next blog post will share: Healthy Herbal Teas and Infusions…How to transform warm water into a tasty elixir of life.