Our last blog post was devoted to the benefits of warm water and how it works wonders for transforming your health. This post we will follow up where we left off and discuss the benefits of drinking healthy herbal teas and infusions.

Over the years many people have made comments about not liking the taste of plain water let alone warm water. They also told me they were bored with plain water. Therefore it seemed like a great time to share additional insights and tips to consume warm water that will taste great, is great for you and offers lots of variety.

Emotional Connection to Beverage Choices

Most people are conditioned from an early age to drink cool or cold beverages and water. They discover emotional and mental blocks they verbalize as excuses and stories for not drinking warm water. First it is essential to understand you have been programmed to drink cool / cold beverages by the advertising and beverage industry.

Beverage makers use carbonation, salt, sugar and numerous synthetic additives (colorings, flavorings, preservatives & smells) and ad agencies use certain images to entice you. Different drinks are designed to appeal to different situations and be consumed at various temperatures depending on the beverage.

Therefore it is imperative to reprogram your body and brain to drink warm beverages and water which helps the absorption of water into the body. This will help you stay better hydrated and increase water assimilation into the cells which will increase your energy, metabolism and the removal of toxins and waste products.

Making Easy Warm Beverages

Cup of Chamomile Tea

Delicious Cup of Chamomile Sun Tea

You can use the same techniques the beverage industry uses to train yourself to enjoy warm beverages. This article will provide the techniques and tips to enhance the appearance, aroma, mindset, taste, variety and even fun factor. First you must focus on how essential water is for your health and warm water is the best way to hydrate quickly.

Then you must decide that your health is a top priority and be totally committed to do whatever it takes to change old behaviors and patterns. It is also important to realize how much money you waste on unhealthy beverages.

Now is the time to set several strategies and systems in place to make it easy to consume warm water throughout the day.

The following tips will easily entice you to drink healthy warm beverage choices throughout the day.

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  • Put water in a tea pot on the stove or electric teapot on the counter ready to go.
  • Find a large sun tea glass jar and location for optimal sun exposure.
  • Research and then purchase various herbal tea bag samples. Try green tea, citrus (orange, lemon), peppermint, spearmint, flower (chamomile, hibiscus), green herbs (dandelion, nettle). You can also use ginseng and spices such as cinnamon, clove, cardamom and fresh ginger to add even greater variety. Remember to carry tea bags when you travel to enjoy a nice relaxing break.
  • Purchase a loose tea holder or strainer. Ask for one as a future gift
  • Purchase some bulk hibiscus flower tea, yerba matte or natural coffee substitute.
  • Find some raw date sugar, honey, stevia, agave, lakanto, yacon syrup or other natural sweetener. A dash of healthy sweetener may help you enjoy the taste.
  • Buy fresh lemons or limes. Citrus juice can greatly enhance the taste of water.
  • Purchase some Celtic sea salt or other high quality raw sea salt to provide natural electrolytes, minerals and trace elements.
  • Find a glass bottle thermos.
  • Locate several ceramic mugs and place them in strategic locations as reminders.
  • Find a super green powder you enjoy. This makes a quick alkalizing green tea that is great for energizing.[/colored_box]

Steeping Tea in Warm Water

Now is the time for a little experimentation. Use spring water or the best quality water you have available. You can make sun tea by placing the tea bags in the sun tea jar with water and placing it in the sun. Depending on the amount of sunlight and time of year the sun tea can be ready in a few hours or take all day.

During overcast or winter days you may want to use the stove or electric tea pot to heat the water more quickly. Allow the herbal tea, green tea, herbs or spices to steep in the warm water.

Even though most people use boiling hot water you are advised to use hot water before it boils. Boiling water is too hot and it may destroy many of the beneficial natural compounds in the herbal blends and spices and cause the teas to be more bitter and harsh tasting. Making sun tea has many great advantages in that it saves on fuel, allows the teas to naturally steep longer, prevents over heating the healthy compounds and uses natural sunlight to help energize the water.

Avoid using the micro wave oven to insure you do not negatively impact the water quality. Yes, I know this may be news to some of you because you have not seen the articles, books and research on the structure of water molecules and the impact of various external factors such as type of heat source.

Anytime is the Perfect Time

Now it is up to you to develop the habit and routine of having warm water when you first wake up. Then sip it through out the day (glass bottle thermos and sun tea jars are great resources to have at home and at the office). Any time of the day or evening is the perfect time to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

With a little creativity, experimentation and planning you can enjoy an almost endless combination and variety of tantalizing tastes and therapeutic teas. With a positive attitude and sense of curiosity you will discover an amazing world of healthy herbal teas and infusions to delight your taste buds and do great things for your body. Enjoy.

PS: Avoid the over priced coffees. Even though it is a warm liquid they are loaded with caffeine and usually synthetic additives (chemicals, dairy, flavorings, and sweeteners) which are very hard on the body and usually result in further dehydration.

Our next blog post will share: Begin Better Breathing…Bye Bye Blues