How well do you understand your stem cells and ways to nourish and support them? Many people are beginning to learn about stem cells for repair and replacement of injured tissues but most have not been thinking about better care for the ones they currently have. This can couse them to deplete faster. Unfortunately most people are not aware of the valuable role their existing stem cells play let alone know what to do to help them remain healthy, vibrant and viable. Common sense woould dictate that if stem cells are a major source for cells, organs and tissue rejuvenation, repair and replacement we should be learning more techniques and tips to better protect and support them. Appreciation and awareness of stem cells is a somewhat new phenomenon for the average Jane and John Doe. While there are still many unanswered questions about how to best maintain and support our stem cells, every little bit of Tender Loving Care (TLC) we can show them can offer a compounding and synergistic benefits over time.

Man in ForestFor many reasons I am on a quest to learn more about stem cells and how to best nourish and support them. Previous blog posts have addressed the importance of basic common sense strategies and suggestions that will help our body, brain and stem cells, but too many people continue to have habits that can harm their hormones, immune system, mitochondria and stem cells with serious long term consequences. With knowledge gained from The  Healing Miracle -The Truth About Stem Cells by Jeff Hays and other sources this post will share helpful information that can better support your stem cells. Many people are harming their stem cells and reducing their quality and quantity of life due to a lack of awarenss and by supporting unhealthy industries.

Stem Cells 101

Stem CellsMany people are unaware of the vital role stem cells play in maintaining and sustaining our overall beauty, health and well being. Stem cells are a unique type of cell that can become any cell any where the body may need it. Our stem cells numbers greatly reduce over time and our environment and foods play a major role. Anything we can do to help nourish, protect and support these stems cells can help us remain happier and healthier longer. Unfortunately there are many beverages, foods and products containing artificial additives, chemicals, heavy metals and toxins that can directly affect the quality of our body and stem cells and therefore our health and longevity. The massive use of chemical herbicides and pesticides is polluting our air, bodies, food, land and waters. Chemical and heavy metal pollution could be destroying many of our stem cells and responsible for billions of dollars spent on chronic illness issues. Many people are making unhealthy choices and decisions that harm and weaken their stem cells.

What we eat is related to all aspects of our environment, health and well being. Unfortunately there are many companies and special interest groups that benefit from chronic disease and health issues so they do not have an incentive to promote holistic health and natural nutrition information to help people maintain healthy and vibrant stem cells. Dr Mercola interviewed Dr. Villeponteau an expert in stemc ells and the interview is a great resource to help you.

Holistic Health 101

AvocadosRemember … we are what we breathe, drink and eat. We must all learn the importance of buying, eating and growing a wide selection of local, minimally processed, nutrient dense, rainbow colored and organic whole foods. Basic holistic health principles include:

  • Avoid synthetic additives, chemicals and compounds in your food, home and water.
  • Avoid excess Electro Magnet Frequencies (EMF)
  • Avoid Frankenfoods made with artificial ingredients, GMOs, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), refined sugars and unnatural ingredients
  • Avoid heavy metals and other toxic materials
  • Avoid processed and refined  oils (canola, corn, cotton peanut, seed, soy and vegetable)
  • Avoid buying and using chemical fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and persticides.

Thanks to the power of information resources and the internet we are able to educate and inform ourselves with a wealth of information on holistic health and organic foods. While it can take an investment of time to read, research and review resources to become educated on healthy food choices the hard work has already been done for us.

7 Strategies Support Stem Cells

Man Working OutBe sure to read the previous blog post regarding Healthy Food Principles.

  1. Alkalize and energize. Green is great. Eat your greens.
  2. Avoid over the counter (OTC) and prescription medications which are very toxic to our brain, nerve and stem cells.
  3. Be active, Do load bearing/resistance exercise, engage in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and lift weights.
  4. Calorie restriction, intermittent fasting and time restricted eating can significantly improve stem cell function.
  5. Eliminate artificial sweeeteners, HFCS and refined sugar. Small amounts of fiber rich natural sugars are okay.
  6. Reduce inflammation which weakens many functions in our body.
  7. Supplement with natural and potent antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2018 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats. Researching and role modeling proven principles for a fantastic future drives us to share these words with wisdom. Our vision is attracting a wide variety of eco friendly people to help design, build and live in a more healthy and sustainable way. We invite ideas, insights and inspiration to help us focus our planning and progress. Sharing solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems will help us all design and develop better eco communities and transition towns.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are impacting your happiness and health? What is your  motivation for making better choices to avoid health hazards and adopt healthy habits? Investing in our health helps protect our wealth. When we are happy, healthy and holistic we naturally shift to a more sustainable ecological, economical and environmental friendly lifestyle.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Our daily habits and habitats directly impact our happiness and health. There are many reasons to eat healthy and support your stem cells for even better happiness and health. What are you willing to do differently today to embrace better choices in 2018? Creating a healthy habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Our happiness and health benefit from healthy challenges, changes and choices. Choose wisely.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats?

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