How aware are you regarding the antibiotics abuse and over use and how it is seriously risking your health?

Most people are quite unaware of the impact on their health directly let alone the magnitude of the global risks involved. This article is dedicated to helping you become more aware regarding the alarming antibiotics abuse as an advancing atrocity against people, animals, ecosystems and the entire planet. Whether we choose to us antibiotics personally or not it is essential to understand that the delicate balance of nature is being altered and our very survival is at risk.

For decades the majority of articles and news reports from the various media outlets offered glowing stories from the agricultural, governmental, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific communities regarding the modern miracles resulting from widespread use of their amazing antibiotics.

The intention is for you to believe that using synthetic pharmaceutical antibiotics to prevent and treat bacterial infections is working perfectly in protecting animals and humans from the invasion of bad bacteria that wage war to destroy life on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth and it is essential for you to discover the important facts regarding the use of antibiotics as the primary means of dealing with bacteria and the consequences of widespread use for treating animals and humans.

Failure of Wide Spread Antibiotic Use

Many articles and reports are now discussing the failure of the wide spread use of antibiotics to reduce the numbers of bacteria and prevent bacterial infections from spreading. Similar to the concept of using conventional and nuclear weapons to deal with unfriendly and unwanted life forms we are now realizing that all forms of war (war on cancer, war on drugs, war on communism, war on weeds, war on mosquitoes etc.) is still war.

pic-preparing-antibiotic shotWar causes far reaching consequences and results in significant sacrifices and suffering both during and long after the wars. As readers of history know we do not appear to be learning our lessons regarding the atrocities, consequences and destruction of war. There are no unharmed winners in wars only those who suffer less destruction compared to those who suffer even more. War is never the answer to finding a peaceful solution.

The same is true about waging war on bacteria using synthetic antibiotics. Modern science is changing the course of history by unleashing such a massive assault against bacteria without fully realizing that bacteria are an essential part of life on planet earth. Bacteria evolved here for a reason. Many believe that our creator put them here for a specific reason. While many falsely claim that we have waged a successful war against bacteria without significant consequences to human health or the earths ecosystem nothing could be further from the truth.

Many researchers and scientists have come to the conclusion we are experiencing yet another painful and sad chapter in the history of mankind due to the misguided insanity of using broad applications of antibiotics to deal with bacteria. Using a little common sense and looking at the big picture will clearly indicate we are meant to coexist with bacteria. They serve many key functions including digestion and a natural form of checks and balance to maintain and maintain the precious balance of life on planet earth.

The Good and The Bad

Now we are beginning to hear and see an abundance of media headlines referring to the harmful consequences and insanity of upsetting Mother Nature by using antibiotics to control and destroy bacteria. While bacteria are smaller than ants they are just as essential in the circle of life.

Did you realize humans have more bacteria residing in your body than you have cells in your body?

Without the right type of bacteria in our digestive system we would perish. The problems we face by waging war on “bad bacteria” are compounding since bacteria are evolving faster and becoming more virulent. We are also harming the “good bacteria” which harms our cells and soils and ultimately our health.

Abusive and excessive use of antibiotics is very similar to the misguided foolishness of relying on nuclear weapons for protection and has many of the same death and destruction consequences. Like nuclear weapons, antibiotics abound because many people mistakenly believe they are a simple solution to complex challenges. They feel they offer: massive attack capabilities, relative low cost delivery, can be controlled, used to eliminate a specific target, cause minimal collateral damage, boost morale, save their citizens from harm and can used as preemptive strikes for prevention.

In reality antibiotics unleash complex challenges and avoid simple solutions because:

  • Massive chain reactions occur in nature when bacteria mutate and become antibiotic resistant.
  • High back end costs result from abusive practices based on mistaken assumptions regarding low front end costs.
  • Animals, humans and organisms evolve and become weaker while the bacteria that survive become much stronger and virulent.
  • Antibiotics cannot be controlled and end up polluting the animal products, foods, land, water and entire ecosystem.

Many people mistakenly believe that antibiotics target only bad bacteria and some even believe they will kill a virus which cause flu, colds and other viral infections. Both of these are totally false and are causing unwanted elimination of “good bacteria” at the same time wasting medicine and money by treating a virus with an ineffective and erroneous treatment. This causes significant damage to our friendly bacteria (probiotics) and compounding economic loss.

People develop a false sense of health and well being which leads to a dependence on pills and potions to fix their health versus promoting a healthy lifestyle, prevention strategies and natural nutrition to enhance health and wellness.

Antibiotic Over-Kill

Antibiotics for Agriculture Passes to Humans

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About 70% of the antibiotics manufactured are used with factory farmed animals to kill and prevent bacteria from spreading in the unhealthy and unnatural crowded feedlot environments. This is done to keep the animals alive at the commercial feedlots until processing time.

Unfortunately many of the bacteria survive and multiply which causes the infected animals to serve as hosts which spreads the bacteria. Over time these bacteria continue to become even more resistant to antibiotic treatment. Ultimately the more resistant bacteria and the accumulated antibiotics in the meat pass down the entire food chain.

These antibiotics and bacteria are also released into the ecosystem affecting other organisms by polluting the foods, soil and water. Most of the reported incidence of bacteria outbreaks in eggs, fish, meat, dairy and produce in the news are the result of fecal contamination from factory farm feedlots.

Now we are facing antibiotic resistant bacteria, very expensive antibiotic prescriptions, compromised natural immunity and an expensive healthcare system that is too focused on disease treatment instead of prevention.

Antibiotic Mutations

Many bacteria have a specific gene that allows it to easily mutate and become resistant to antibiotics as well as pass this trait on to other bacteria. It appears that bacteria are now evolving faster than science can adapt to the changes which they have created. Abuse and over use of antibiotics have caused many small problems to now become gigantic ones and we are running out of options and time.

We are at a point now where hospitals and medical procedures are one of the greatest risks for spreading disease and infection due to the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Many experts believe that antibiotic resistant bacteria are now the world’s most pressing public health problem. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) feel that almost every variety of bacteria has evolved to be stronger and less affected by antibiotic treatments. A glaring example is the well known MRSA antibiotic resistant bacteria which has cause the death of up to 20,000 Americans per year recently.

There are now also antibiotic resistant strains of acinetobacter, anthrax, clostridium, streptococcus pneumonia, tuberculosis, typhoid fever and many others. The problem is significant and getting worse with the continued misguided misuse of excess antibiotics to animals and humans to fight bacteria rather than strengthening the immune system naturally.

How Antibiotics Mimic Nature

Antibiotics are synthetic chemical compounds designed to mimic the natural protective compounds found in organisms and plants. Unfortunately these man made synthetic chemicals are not as holistic as the ones created in nature and therefore there are many side effects and potentially hazardous consequences resulting from there use. Over 100,000 people seek treatment for bad reactions to antibiotics and many other side effects may go unnoticed and still impact your long term health.

The availability, effectiveness and future of antibiotics is a global concern. Antibiotics use and the resulting antibiotics pollution has short and long term consequences that affect the entire ecosystem of all humans, animals, insects and plants on earth. Some scientists believe that antibiotics polluting our waterways may be the cause for 80% or the corals in the Caribbean being dead or dying. We know that antibiotics abuse is creating serious health challenges and it is way over due for us to deal with these problems and reduce our dependency on the excessive use of antibiotics.

To protect yourself and your family it is essential to follow some basic guidelines regarding the potential use of antibiotics.

[colored_box title=”10 Basic Guidelines to Avoid Antibiotic Use” variation=”teal”]

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset to live in harmony with all the bacteria that exist all around us every day.
  2. Realize that we need good bacteria to help us digest food and keep the other bacteria under control. The other bacteria are here for a reason. They help complete the circle of life and provide a system of checks and balances. Bacteria are an essential part of life and necessary to keep us healthy and strong.
  3. Build your immune system naturally in order to be healthier and avoid being more prone to bacterial infections. Healthy organic whole foods provide antioxidants, enzymes, essential oils, minerals, probiotics, trace elements, vitamins and much more. Remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
  4. Use holistic treatments first by using natural substances (essential oils, flowers, herbs, plants, roots etc. that may offer benefit in dealing with the underlying factors and issues. Other natural factors include sunshine, fresh water, clean air and even clay from the earth have been found to affect your health and have anti bacterial influences.
  5. Reduce strain and stress which have been shown to reduce your immune functions and increase your chance of infections.
  6. Avoid harmful loud music, negative news and violent movies which suppress the immune system and overall well being.
  7. Eliminate or reduce unhealthy behaviors, habits and products such as alcohol, artificial additives and compounds (colorings, flavorings and preservatives), cleaning chemicals, drugs, fast foods, gambling, junk foods, MSG, sodas, tobacco and others.
  8. Avoid harmful synthetic chemicals from body care products, cosmetics, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, highly processed and refined fats, foods and oils, petroleum and plastic products, spa treatments, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Avoid air, food, soil and water pollution to avoid harmful industrial by products, compounds and heavy metals.
  9. Be sure you are getting adequate rest, relaxation and sleep to boost your immune system and enhance your well being.
  10. Only consider using antibiotics for a diagnosed bacterial infection when recommended and supervised by a trained medical practitioner. Follow the directions carefully and completely. Do not throw any antibiotics down the drain or in the toilet.[/colored_box]

Now that you are more aware of the magnitude of the issues regarding alarming antibiotics abuse as an advancing atrocity it is time for you to help solve the problem by being part of the solution. The harmful consequences of antibiotic abuse and over use are serious crimes against people, animals, ecosystems and the entire planet. We must each make better personal choices regarding what are acceptable levels of use. The key to correcting this problem is for more people to avoid the use of antibiotics personally as well as working together to minimize their impact on the environment. It is essential to reverse this harmful trend and begin restoring the delicate balance of nature to insure the survival of diverse ecosystems and precious life around the world.

Mastery Action Plan

Google alarming articles about research which reveal that pharmaceuticals are being dumped into our water systems by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities.

Conduct a joint research project with your children or family members regarding the harmful consequences of excess antibiotics used in the factory farm animals agriculture business.

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