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The previous blog was about the benefits and contents of our foods regarding important minerals and trace elements. It seemed like a good opportunity to address an important nutrition question: Are babies better with fake food formula or mothers’ milk? After the recent fake food formula scandals and shortages, this is a good time to address our beliefs, dogmas, and ideas regarding how and what is the best food for infants. Do parents invest the time to research how what they feed infants will affect their bodies and brain for the rest of their life? If some essential fats, minerals, and trace elements are lacking, their long-term abilities, brain, and cognitive development might be affected. How would a parent feel if they allowed an infant to consume fake food formula that is deficient in the optimal enzymes, fats, immune enhancers, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins when they could have been consuming the best food naturally designed for infants?

Could the decision between fake food formula and mothers’ milk affect the infant’s overall happiness, health, and harmony? This is an important topic due to the significant number of infants that are being raised on fake food formula instead of mothers’ milk. Today’s question is whether babies are better with fake food formula or mothers’ milk. Everyone agrees and knows that cows’ milk is for baby cows, dog milk is for baby dogs, horse milk is for baby horses, and monkey milk is for baby monkeys. Common sense, human instinct, and logic would indicate that human milk is the best food for baby humans. The big question is why some humans have been convinced to believe that cow’s milk or fake food formula is good for baby humans.

Suppose the creator and evolution led to the perfect system to feed, nourish, and provide for infant animals to fuel their ability to survive and thrive. What makes humans think they can do better than perfect nutrition for thousands of years that is safe and time-tested? A mother’s milk has the optimal enzymes, fat content, immune factor, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins for her baby animal to develop and grow properly and quickly to survive and thrive worldwide. Complicated co-factors, hormones, molecules, and nutrients play key roles and are necessary for all aspects of our health, longevity, vitality, and well-being. Remember that baby food, diapers, and infant formula generate big bucks for the companies that sell them. Be careful of the advertising hype and marketing spin they use to brainwash you into thinking fake food formulas are better than mothers’ milk.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to learn and look deeper into what makes the best sources of food, fuel, and medicinal nutrition the body requires to grow into a human that is happy, healthy, and in harmony. This information can help you or your family make better choices with the food you feed infants, so they can enjoy a better quality of life. The best infant food is mothers’ milk instead of fake food formula if you want the child to grow up to be happy, healthy, and in harmony.

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Fake Food Formula Recipe

Fake food formulas are designed and developed in a chemistry lab to replicate the contents of mothers’ milk with substitute ingredients. They typically use cows’ milk or soy ingredients plus sugar. Unfortunately, the fake food formulas are missing key enzymes, fats, growth factors, immune enhancers, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins found in mothers’ milk. It is impossible to make the perfect infant food using fake food formula ingredients and recipes. Fake food formula also involves cooking and heating the ingredients to high temperatures to kill bacteria and pathogens and then processing them further for packaging, preparation, and processing. The fake food formula ingredients do not contain the same microorganisms, micronutrients, and minerals in mothers’ milk that are necessary to provide infants with what their bodies need to be happy and healthy. Modern fake food formula consists of cheap and unhealthy substitute ingredients. Most fake food formula contains synthetic vitamins. There is no way the fake food formula can provide infants with the same quality and quantity of nutrients for optimal health.

Many people seem to have abandoned the mindset that mothers’ milk is the best food for infants and have been brainwashed into believing fake food formulas are just as good. Many people accept inferior levels of infant food quality as normal and do not understand the importance of the best quality food possible during the infants’ development and growth. Fortunately, most mothers are committed to breastfeeding to provide their infants with the best body and brain food possible. Fake food formula typically has cows milk, soy, and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). It is common for the formula to consist of 50% HFCS sugar which contributes to children being addicted to sugar and developing diabetes and obesity. Because most of the cows’ milk is cooked and comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), where the cows are exposed to excessive antibiotics, hormones, unhealthy conditions, and unnatural feeds, you start with unhealthy ingredients. The soy is GMO and is treated with glyphosate, and the HFCS is from Bt GMO corn treated with glyphosate. Then many mothers use tap water with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride added, plus chemical contamination from other sources. None of these ingredients are healthy or natural for a human infant. Follow the money to find the marketing mania.

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Miracle of Mothers’ Milk

Mothers’ milk is naturally produced by the infants’ mother. Therefore it is from the same source that made the infant. This means the infant and mother are compatible and conditioned to consume the milk and produce the milk that is the optimal food for the infant. It perfectly balances enzymes, fats, immune enhancers, micronutrients, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. It will be easier for the infant to consume, digest, and process. It will also help the mother release the extra stored fat reserves she created to feed her infant during development and after delivery. The bonding time is good for the health of the infant and the mother.

Mothers’ milk is natural, perfect, and raw. Common sense, human instinct, and logic make the answer obvious and perfect for those not brainwashed, fooled, hypnotized, or tricked into believing fake food formulas could compete with mothers’ milk. Families, grandparents, and parents must learn more about mothers’ milk’s benefits and better quality than fake food formulas. Mothers’ milk and the breastfeeding process help ensure an infant consumes the best food possible and bonds with the mother as the infant best meets their nutritional needs. Mothers can better meet the infants’ emotional, mental, nutritional, and physical needs when they do that. Remember, a mother’s milk is the perfect food for infants. and fake food formula cheats the infant and mother of what their body and brain were designed to handle to best meet both their needs. It is important to understand how beneficial it is for infants to be fed mothers’ milk instead of fake food formulas.

Call to Action

Many mothers and parents can benefit from investing in research, resources, and role models to coach and guide them with strategies and suggestions for why mothers’ milk is the best or healthy alternative natural option for supplemental infant feeding. When you do your homework, you will find that mothers have successfully used coconut, goat, nuts, seeds, and sheep milk to help provide a more compatible and natural infant food to supplement mothers’ milk when necessary. When you focus and invest your energy, money, and time in providing the best nutrient-dense organic food for infants, you will understand why mothers’ milk is the best option for the body and brain of an infant. Great resources include the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog serves as a wake-up call for parents to remember the benefits of mothers’ milk for infants and avoid the fake food formulas that are heavily advertised, commercialized, hypnotized, and subsidized to confine mothers to substitute fake food formula for mothers’ milk which is much better for the happiness and health of the infant.

“Remember, baby animals are meant to consume their mothers’ milk. Consuming fake food formula does not provide the optimal quality and quantity of enzymes, fats, immune support, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins as mothers’ milk. Mothers’ milk is the foundation of a happy, healthy, and in harmony infant. Choose wisely. ” —Michael Morningstar

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