The previous Great NEWS post asked…Are Sunscreens a Health Hazard and today we ponder Are Holidays a Health Hazard? As another year end approaches we hear and see constant commercials, mail, messages and reminders telling us how little time is left to save (translate into buying), shop and ship our gifts and goodies before it is too late. Wow with all this pressure is it actually possible to really recharge, recuperate, reenergize, rejuvenate, relax and rest during the holidays. Today we share some important ideas with the goal of helping you decide…Are Holidays a Health Hazard and what can we do to find even more peace, presence and prosperity during the holiday seasons.

What are the benefits of holidays and time off from school and work if we end up feeling even more strained, stressed and struggling? Why do people start panicking and partying at Halloween then really putting on more pounds and pressure at Thanksgiving as they start counting down the days and to do lists for Christmas and New Years?


During the holidays we want to look like we had a great year and are ready to celebrate with gifts and goodies.

We know these holidays are coming every year end yet we seem to be surprised when the year end crunch comes and we are not ready. The problem for most people is that we are not happy and healthy all year long and them we really feel the extra pressure at year end to get our happy face on and perform for the family, fans and friends. During the holidays we want to look like we had a great year and are ready to celebrate with gifts and goodies. We cannot make up for the lack of being happy and healthy all year by buying stuff, over drinking and eating and putting on a colorful show.

Common Holiday Activity Pressures

  • Making cakes, candy and cookies usually with lots of mind and mood altering sugar.
  • Buying and giving candy, cards and crapola. People are looking for more connection.
  • Christmas Cards addressed and mailed. Email cards saves money and time
  • Decorating the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.
  • Holiday parties with too much alcohol and allergy stimulating additives.
  • Hosting the boss, family and friends during the holidays
  • Shopping for gadgets, gifts and goodies
  • Travel plans to host or visit the family and friends.
  • Wrapping the gadgets, gifts and goodies
  • Taking out the trash and trivia left over.
  • Returning gadgets, gifts and goodies that we do not fit, want or wear.

When you stop and do the math for the money and time invested in holiday rituals and routines at year end you may be shocked to find out how little enjoyment you feel and how much you spend while stressing to satisfy the holiday season gremlins. The holidays come with a long list of unintended consequences and side effects that can impact our happiness and health.

Are Holidays a Health Hazard?


After overdoing and overeating the abundant holiday treats and turkey it is no wonder people end up feeling as stuffed as the turkey.

After overdoing and overeating the abundant holiday treats and turkey it is no wonder people end up feeling as stuffed as the turkey. If you read the ingredients for the foods consumed you might be shocked to learn how many artificial additives, colorings, dyes, flavorings, enhancers, GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), preservatives, sweeteners and taste modifiers were consumed.

When you invest the time to research the data on these artificial ingredients you may be very surprised at the volume of alarming information you find. Many of these artificial additives and chemicals affect our emotional, endocrine, immune, nervous and reproductive systems. There seems to be a dark and deceptive side to the holiday story we do not normally hear about.

Use Artificial Chemicals or Common Sense?

Common sense indicates that we should be eating local nutrient dense organic whole foods instead of highly processed and refined fake foods loaded with artificial harmful biotechnology byproducts and ingredients. That same common sense knows there are better choices available when it comes to healthy beverages and foods.

Common Sense Beverage and Food Guidelines:

  • Avoid the alcohol, colas, egg nog, energy drinks, fruit juices, sodas and sports drinks by adding the natural energy elixirs, fermented beverages, herbal teas, infusions, kavass, kombucha and sun teas instead.
  • Avoid the beef, pork and poultry produced from Confined Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) factory farms fed with antibiotic laden Genetically Modified (GM) corn and soy feeds by finding all natural free range grass and normal food alternatives.
  • Avoid buying the typical toxic gifts and stocking stuffers like chemical concoction after shaves, colognes, cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, soaps and choose all natural essential oils and plant based products instead.
  • Ditch the fire retardant fabrics with herbicide and pesticide laden cotton clothing by doing a little research to find the new eco-clothing ideas which include bamboo, down, hemp, silk, wool and recycled evergreen trees for hats, pants, shirts, t-shirts and even sexy underwear.
  • Instead of baking, buying and making traditional Christmas candy, coffee and cookies look for the fair trade organic versions instead.
  • Instead of clutter, junk and storage gremlins consider giving things they can drink, eat, listen to, read, use or wear to help make them be even happier and healthier. Books, CDs, DVDs, Ebooks, Eco clothing (bamboo, down, hemp, silk, wool), Herbal teas and organic goodies.
  • Rather than buy lots of toys and trinkets consider buying educational and instructional gifts like books, courses, games, lessons and training (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, dance, camping, cooking, exercise, first aid, fitness, karate, swimming, YMCA and wildlife refuge visits.

Holiday Strain and Stress

Rather than more violent video games consider educational and experiential learning opportunities like biking, blogging, camping, canoeing, community service, cruising, feeding homeless, hiking, kayaking, meditating, photographing, reading, sailing, snorkeling, traveling and writing.

Christmas Gifts

Have you considered suggesting and using these free gifts for adults and kids to enjoy?

Have you considered suggesting and using these free gifts for adults and kids to enjoy? Consider these: back packing trips, back yard camping, bird watching, Frisbee golf, personal massage sessions, foot and hand reflexology sessions, home cooked meals, photography sessions, blog or website support, closet organization, garage organization, garden set up, computer support, visit an organic farm and post pictures on social media, healthy pot luck dinner, planting flowers, repair services, tutoring, converting old pictures into digital files, sharpening knives, long talk and walks or washing the car,

If you give a bat/ ball, bicycle, compressed air rocket, projectile launching device, roller blades, skateboard or two wheel scooter it is up to you to give safety guidelines and safety gear like a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

People are realizing the chemical compounds in beverages, body care products, businesses, candy, cars, deserts, foods, homes and toys are not healthy for our air, earth, soil and water.  The consumption and production of these toxic chemicals are harming the happiness and health of people and our planet. We live in a closed system biosphere and what ever happens in our ecosystem affects every living organism around us.

What Greedy Grinch Stole Christmas?

Could the advertising, agriculture, chemical, cosmetics, food, media, perfume, toy manufacturers, trinkets makers and other companies conveniently convince us to buy things to be happy and feel the holiday spirit when there are less expensive and more natural ways to enjoy the holidays instead? Could they be doing it primarily for profits every year even if the products are damaging and harming us?

Many companies financial success is dependent on product sales generated from Halloween to New Years. Companies are influencing our beliefs and behavior with massive advertisements, brainwashing, media manipulation and super sales to get us to buy more versus be more during the holidays.

While we may have more stuff more people are feeling even more sad, sick, stressed and tired than in previous times. Holiday blues and depression now affects a larger percent of the population due to the economic downturn and pressure created by the debt, economy, finances, foreclosures, infrastructure problems, job situation, medical bills, real estate challenges, social strife, underemployment and unemployment.

It is up to us to decide if it is a coincidence or conclusive evidence that a direct link exists between the holidays becoming a more material world and creating more mental and physical stress. It is extremely difficult to measure yet common sense would indicate we should be careful and avoid getting caught in the buy more and accumulate more stuff mentality.

Any one with a little common sense will realize that eating unhealthy foods and buying unhealthy stuff will negatively impact our holidays. As more people begin to understand the value in creating magic moments and making exciting memories and experiences we will enjoy more happiness and health.

Are The Toys Safe?

Common sense would indicate we should be reading the labels carefully and investigating what materials are being used in toys we buy. It is not easy to determine what paints, plasticizers, and powerful hormone disruptors might be lurking in the toys for the tots. Infants and toddlers will put things in their mouth so check the safety ratings twice and decide for sure it is safe before you buy that cuddly and cute little stuffed animal or toy.

Could they choke on an accessory, button, earring, eye, Lego piece, or plastic toy? What about the risks of falls on a sharp object or poking themselves in the eye? We must be really careful in choosing the play things and toys we allow children to use. One chemical coating, electrical shock or sharp object can ruin the holidays and harm a child for life.

Assorted Toys

Are the toys safe?

Please avoid giving toddlers play cell phones or letting them talk on yours. This encourages them to hold the cell phone next to their head which exposes their young developing brain to harmful Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMF). Even though we have been brainwashed into believing cell phones are safe we must be diligent to decide what is best for our children’s long tern health and well being.

Each adult is responsible for the choices they make for themselves and others. Once someone receives a gift they probably will not do a Consumers Report safety review and may not want to return it.  One of my biggest concerns is for infants and toddlers that are being given gifts without parents having time to research the potential health hazards and risks first before the child opens the gift and becomes attached. We assume responsibility for our own health, safety and environmental choices and the consequences of our gifts. Please do your homework and make informed choices and wise decisions.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on a simple lifestyle and philosophy based on ancient wisdom and proven principles. When we focus and follow profound wisdom and proven principles we avoid the pain and advance the pleasure in our life. If our long term happiness, health and harmony are important then being more happy, healthy and holistic during the holidays is a higher priority.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is shared to help people be even more aware of common health hazards in order to make common sense choices. Many beverages, foods and products in our modern world are harming our health. How we choose to respond will determine our level of happiness and health. Many people lack awareness regarding small decisions that affect key areas of our life. Our behaviors, beliefs and biology control our brain and therefore life in the same way that programmed hardware, software and operating systems run a computer.   Choose wisely to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

This post offers education on natural ways to enhance our health, immune function and vitality while protecting against health hazards. The goal is to help us stop doing things that harm our health and start doing things that help our health. The modern mania around holidays is harming our health and well being. As a society we are becoming more sad, sick, stressed and toxic and increasing our emotional, mental and physical health issues.

My goal for sharing these valuable life lessons learned over many years is to stop the endless cycle of creating more trash, compounding our challenges and consuming more stuff. The year end holidays is a great time for focusing on how we can increase our level of self growth and personal development while giving thanks for our many blessings and opportunities.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Holidays a Health Hazard offers a simple suggestion…avoid the temptation to try and keep up with the Jones family and also getting caught up in the consumer rat race. As more people understand the dangers of modern chemicals, fake, fast and formulated foods. Since unhealthy beverages, foods and products can be a holiday health hazard avoiding them is a great choice for our health and wellness.

What is your current Gap?

How much unhealthy beverages, foods and products are you absorbing, consuming and using during a year. What about the cumulative affect after ten, twenty or thirty years?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you become better educated on the dangers and risks of using these products? Consider watching Christmas Vacation, The Holidays or Love Actually to help find things you are grateful for and ways to enjoy a better holiday season with less stress.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding Holiday Health Hazards?  What other ideas will help us stop being sad, sick and stressed during the year by establishing new and better habits for the New Year?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Are Anger, Fear and Guilt Health Hazards?

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