The previous Great NEWS post asked Is Salt a Health Hazard and today we ask Are Sunscreens a Health Hazard? Frequent commercials and messages tell us to use sunscreens for protection against sunburns, skin damage and skin cancer. While sun burns are painful and skin cancer is a serious concern could sunscreen be a major contributor to both? Today we share some important considerations to help you decide Are Sunscreens a Health Hazard.

What are the benefits of sun exposure and why do people want to be in the sun? Most people feel a natural desire to be in natural sun light. We know the sun gives life to all animals and plants on planet earth. We also know that we need exposure to the sun for our skin to create Vitamin D which is essential for being happy and healthy. Many of us feel we also look better and healthier when our skin has a nice tan instead of a pale white look. We also enjoy being outdoors and getting sun while engaged in outdoor activities like beach time, boating, fishing, picnics, pool time, sports, swimming and walking,

Woman in Water

Most people feel a natural desire to be in natural sun light.

The problem for most people is too little sun exposure during the fall, winter and spring where they live and then trying to make up for the lack of sun by getting too much sun too soon while on holiday, outdoors or vacation. After several months of fall and winter people usually get seduced by a beautiful sunny day and end up overdoing the sun which results in a sunburn. Too much sun and sunburns may lead to skin cancer.

Wanting a fast solution and quick fix to avoid sunburns and get a tan people become easy prey for the sunscreen industry and others telling them to apply synthetic chemical compounds in order to enjoy more time in the sun. Rather than use cautious exposure, clothing and common sense during the middle of the day when the sun rays are more intense they simply cut corners and pay big bucks to lather up with sunscreens. Have you stopped to read the ingredients?

Common Ingredients in Sunscreen

Do these synthetic Active Ingredients sound safe? Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene and Oxybenzone.

Do these Inactive Ingredients sound safe? Common inactive ingredients include: propylene glycol, ethylhexyl palmitate, neopentyl glycol, diheptanoate bis stearyl, ethylenediamine neopentyl, glycol steryl, hydrogenated dimer dilinoleate copolymer, benzyl alcohol and many other hard to pronounce chemical compounds. When you do your homework you may be shocked to find these ingredients come with a long list of side effects and warnings. You will also be shocked to know that sunscreen is damaging coral reefs and other sea life.

Are Sunscreens Safe?

Sun Lotion

When you invest the time to research the data on sunscreen ingredients you may be very surprised at the volume of alarming information.

Sunscreens contain a wide variety of chemicals or minerals or a combination of both with the intent of blocking the suns harmful rays. If you have read the Ingredients label have you read the warning label?

Typical warnings include: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid eyes. Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation or rash occurs. If swallowed get medical help or call Poison Control. Anything we put on our skin is absorbed so we are consuming sunscreen with every application. Where do those chemicals go and how do they affect our endocrine, immune, nervous and reproductive systems? The liver tries to break them down and some are stored in fat cells and mothers milk.

Are sunscreens the way to have fun in the sun or a toxic chemical compound health hazard that contributes to skin cancer and other health problems? When you invest the time to research the data on sunscreen ingredients you may be very surprised at the volume of alarming information. There appears to be a dark and deceptive side to the sunscreen story we do not normally hear about.

Use Chemical Compounds or Common Sense?

Common sense indicates that getting too much sun for too long on fair skin is a recipe for sunburn.  That same common sense knows there are several options to protect that skin from sunburn. Common sense guidelines to prevent sunburns include:

Avoid the biggest need for sunscreens by avoiding the most intense sun rays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and cooler time of the day with the bonus of less intense sun exposure. Late afternoon is another great time to get outdoors before dinner.

Avoid falling asleep out in direct sunlight. This happens frequently after enjoying a late night happy hour and dinner which results in waking up late and getting to the beach or pool around 11:00 AM.  This is the time when the suns rays are most intense and limited exposure is recommended.

Avoid baking, lying or sitting in the same position for long periods of time during intense sunshine. Sunscreen gives a false sense of protection and any spots you missed may burn as a reminder. People usually do not leave meat on the grill for long periods of time without rotating them, yet will expose one area for a long period to intense Ultra Violet (UV) light which causes burning and skin damage.

Bright Sun

Avoid getting too much sun too soon after being out of the sun for a few months.

Avoid getting too much sun too soon after being out of the sun for a few months. Start with ten to fifteen minute exposures while you are moving or walking. Then get out of the sun and into shade for comparable time periods. Gradually build up your exposure each day and increase slightly over time. We need sun shine for making Vitamin D and our mental and physical health. Sunscreen blocks the benefit of being in the sun light.

Attempting to get a month worth of suntan in a few days is a recipe for a sunburn.  The chemicals in sunscreen and excess exposure to UV rays are believed to be the real cause of the increase incidence of skin cancer and skin damage we are observing. The highest incidence of skin cancer seems to be linked to fair skinned people who use the most sunscreen. Many cautious people living in subtropical and tropical conditions with lots of sun exposure have the lowest incidence of skin cancer.

Exposing large areas of skin to the sun at the same time when we have varying levels of sun tan on different areas like arms, back, face, legs, shoulders and stomach is not wise.

Applying sunscreen instead of applying sun common sense often results in overdosing on too much sun and Ultra Violet (UV) rays that burn and damage skin. Clothing and hats are some of the best natural sunscreens you can apply. They do not pollute the people and waters unless they are full of chemical toxins like harsh chemical detergents, fabric softeners and fragrances.

People are also realizing the chemicals in sunscreen are not healthy for our air, earth, soil and water.  The production and use of these toxic chemicals are harming the happiness and health of people and the planet. We live in a bubble and what ever occurs in our ecosystem affects every living organism.

Could the chemical sunscreen companies have conveniently convinced the advertising agencies, beach goers, cosmetics industry, dermatologists, doctors, drug stores, hospitals, media, nurses, parents, plastic surgeons, sun worshippers, surfers, swimmers and you that using sunscreen might protect us from harmful UV rays even as it poisons us? Could they also be doing it primarily for profits every year even if the information was damaging and incorrect?  How could one ever prove it was the chemicals in the sunscreen that caused the skin cancer when there are so many brands, chemicals and factors to be considered? Almost sounds like the perfect profit scenario with minimal risk of being caught and punished. Companies can easily influence beliefs and behavior with massive advertisements, media manipulation and medical studies even if they are not based on facts.

Cancer affected about three percent of the population one hundred years ago and now affects about fifty percent of the population since the invention of all the synthetic chemicals. It is up to you to decide if this is a coincidence or conclusive evidence there may be a direct link between chemicals and cancer. It is extremely difficult to prove scientifically yet common sense would surely sound alarms bells to warm us to be careful and avoid exposing our skin to toxic chemicals.

Water Feet

How do you know and measure how much of the chemicals are being absorbed and processed by your body and liver?

There are no standards when it comes to the amount or frequency of sunscreen we use. How do you know and measure how much of the chemicals are being absorbed and processed by your body and liver? What about the possible and probable interaction of the multitude of other chemicals in your beverages, environment, food and homes?

While sunscreen companies and the government are promoting the safety of these products we have minimal if any scientific information about the long term consequences from these chemicals on us and our environment. Who wants to knowingly take a chance by contaminating themselves with these harmful chemicals and compounds?

Any one with common sense will realize that being exposed to too many chemicals is less than intelligent and can be harmful and even deadly. As more people begin to understand the risks of using these chemical sunscreens and avoid them we will see much less chemical contamination of our environment.

Are Chemicals in Sunscreens Safe?

Again, common sense would indicate there is no one way to easily determine the exact amount if any sunscreen that might be safe to use. Even though we have been brainwashed into believing they are safe we must determine what is best for our long term health and well being. Each adult is responsible for the choices they make. One of my biggest calls for caution comes from my concern for infants and children that are being bathed in sunscreen without parents researching the risks and side effects first.  Each of us must be responsible for our own health, safety and environmental choices and the consequences that may result. Please do your homework and make informed and wise choices.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on a simple lifestyle and philosophy based on ancient wisdom and proven principles. When we focus and follow profound wisdom and proven principles we avoid the pain and advance the pleasure in our life. If our long term happiness, health and harmony are important then learning more about the dangers and risks associated with sunscreens is vital.

Are We Being Told the Truth About Sunscreen?

Most people are complacent and compliant about using chemicals and sunscreen. It is essential to understand the ingredients and warnings posted on every sunscreen product. What you do not know can hurt you and even kill you. Another concern is that sunscreen is damaging coral reefs

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is shared to help people be even more aware of common health hazards in order to make common sense choices. Many chemicals and conditions in our modern world are harming our health. How we choose to respond will determine our level of happiness and health. Many people lack awareness regarding small decisions that affect key areas of our life.  Our behaviors, beliefs and biology control our brain and therefore life in the same way that programmed hardware, software and operating systems run a computer. Choose wisely to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Bottle of Lotion

The synthetic chemicals in sunscreen are harmful for those concerned about health.

This post offers education on natural ways to enhance our health, immune function and vitality while protecting against health hazards. The goal is to help us stop doing things that harm our health and start doing things that help our health. The synthetic chemicals in sunscreen are harmful for those concerned about health. What happens to our society as the chemicals cause us to become more sad, sick, stressed and toxic and increase the rate of cancer, disease and infertility?

My goal for sharing these valuable life lessons learned over many years is to stop the harmful effects of chemicals like sunscreen and start using clothing and hats as safe sunscreen instead.

This Great NEWS post regarding Are sunscreens a Health Hazard offers a simple suggestion: avoid sunscreens and use common sense and garments to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. As more people learn the truth about the dangers of sunscreens more people will benefit from using natural protection instead. Since chemicals in sunscreens are a health hazard avoiding them is the optimal choice for health and wellness. Remember sunscreen chemicals are bad for people and the planet so avoid them.

What is your current Gap?

How much sunscreen are you absorbing, consuming and using during a year? What about the consequences and cumulative affect after ten, twenty or thirty years?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you become better educated on the dangers and risks of using sunscreen? For a great article with an in depth analysis of sunscreens read the Environmental Working Group sunscreen article.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding sunscreens and toxic chemicals?  What other ideas will help us stop applying sunscreens and start applying our common sense instead?

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