The previous Great NEWS post asked…Are Holidays a Health Hazard and today we consider Are Anger Fear and Frustration Health Hazards? As another year comes to a close now is a great time for us to reflect on our life lessons learned in 2014. Disempowering emotions are reminders and warnings on our life dashboard that we have unresolved emotional issues that require resolution. When we allow disempowering emotions to control our behavior and beliefs we set our self up for recurring pain. With 2015 just around the corner why not update and upgrade our thinking to release, reprogram and resolve these issues so our body, mind and spirit can recharge, re-energize, rejuvenate and renew for the holidays and New Year. Once we see the answer and powerful message to Are Anger Fear and Frustration Health Hazards we are ready to embody better emotions like gratitude, happiness, love and peace in our life.

Happy Family

The year end holidays is a great time to celebrate with family and friends all the trials and tribulations we have endured during the current year and feel grateful as we prepare for the New Year ahead.

The end of the year is the perfect time to look back and celebrate our victories and even the challenging times. It is important to look at all three sides of the coin in life. Jim Rhone is credited with suggesting we not focus on “What am I getting” but “What am I becoming”. With the holidays upon us and time off from school and work we can all benefit from setting aside some quality time to recognize and reflect on what has occurred over the last year and what we would like to manifest for the year ahead.

The year end holidays is a great time to celebrate with family and friends all the trials and tribulations we have endured during the current year and feel grateful as we prepare for the New Year ahead.

Creating the ritual of being happy and healthy all year long is the key to being happy and healthy for the holidays. If you are feeling anger, contempt, envy, fear, frustration, greed, guilt, jealously, revenge and sadness all year long you will probably still feel these same emotions during the holidays. The holidays are an extension of how we live our life the rest of the year.

We cannot make up during the holidays for a lack of being happy, healthy and holistic all year by buying stuff and over drinking and over eating to make our self feel better.

Are Disempowering Emotions a Health Hazard?

This is a complicated question so the answer is a bit complicated because the answer is both no and yes depending on which side of the coin we are looking at.  Feeling anger, fear, frustration, guilt or sadness some times is not a health hazard because these are a part of real life and alert us to something that needs attention and resolution. When we feel anger, fear, frustration and guilt on a constant or consistent basis this is definitely a health hazard.

Consistent and constant stress from disempowering emotions affects our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well being. When we do not learn our life lessons and resolve our emotional red flag warnings they are very likely to reoccur until we get the message and take action to resolve the issues. Many people have heard the words of wisdom which warns “what we resist will persist”.

Common sense would indicate that everything that happens in our life is a consequence of our actions and the thoughts that preceded those actions. When we live our passion and love people and the planet we experience happiness and health the majority of the time.When people live in a state of anger, fear, greed, guilt, regret, remorse, revenge and sadness they create strain and stress on themselves and those around them which creates even more chaos, conflict and confusion.

Common Sense Behaviors and Beliefs

  • Sunset on Mountains

    Learn to live in a state of grace and gratitude.

    Avoid stressing your body with toxic beverages, chemicals and foods.

  • Avoid the people and products that are energy vampires which suck the life force from your heart and soul.
  • Avoid people, places and politically incorrect situations that you feel are a possible poison to your life and support systems.
  • Be direct, honest, open and safe in your communications.
  • Feel good about your accomplishes and your self.  You are a blessing to the world and have unique gifts and talents to offer.
  • Instead of being a taker learn to be a giver instead.
  • Instead of collecting stuff be a collector of magic moments and raving relationships.
  • Instead of living in a state of disempowering emotions learn to live in a state of empowering emotions that serve you and others.
  • Rather than seeing how much you can accumulate and acquire see how many lives you can serve and support.
  • As we accumulate more stuff more people are feeling even more sad, sick, stressed and toxic than in previous times so consider finding ways to accumulate more selfless service outlets instead.
  • Learn to live in a state of grace and gratitude.

With a little common sense we realize that consuming unhealthy beverages and foods and buying unhealthy stuff will negatively impact our happiness and health. As more people focus on creating divine deeds, magic moments, raving relationships and selfless service we will enjoy more happiness and health.

Empowering Emotions

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on a simple lifestyle and philosophy based on ancient wisdom and proven principles. When we focus and follow proven principles we create more pleasure and less pain in our life. If our long term happiness, health and harmony are important then being more happy, healthy and holistic all year long is a high priority.

The Health Hazard series was designed to help us make even better common sense choices. Many beverages, foods and products in our modern world are harming our happiness and health. Our choices and decisions will determine our level of happiness and health. Even small decisions can have a big affect on key areas of our life. Our behaviors, beliefs and biology control our brain and life in the same way that hardware, software and operating systems run a computer. Choose wisely to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

My goal for sharing valuable life lessons is to stop indulging in disempowering emotions and start increasing our empowering emotions. The year end holidays is a great time for focusing on how we can increase our level of self growth and personal development while giving thanks for our many blessings and opportunities.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Anger, Fear and Frustration Health Hazards offers a simple suggestion…avoid the disempowering emotions and embrace the empowering emotions like caring, giving, grace, gratitude, helping,  joy, loving, supporting.   As more people expand and experience empowering emotions we raise the frequency and vibration of the people and planet for a better world.

What is your current Gap?

How many disempowering emotions are controlling our life? What is the cumulative affect of allowing these disempowering emotions to run our life for ten, twenty or even thirty years?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help us become better aware of the unhealthy consequences of disempowering emotions and the benefits of empowering emotions? Love Actually may be one of the best holiday movies to help us feel good and grateful for the many blessings in our life. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on acupressure points is an easy, fast and terrific way to release unresolved disempowering emotional issues and allow us to access more empowering emotions instead. Consider both of these ideas to help have a happy and healthy holiday season and happy New Year.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding ways to snap out of disempowering emotions and snap into empowering emotions instead? What other ideas will help us stop feeling anger, envy, fear, frustration, greed, guilt, revenge and sadness so we will establish empowering behaviors, beliefs and biology for the New Year and rest of our lives?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Healthy Habits for New Year 2015

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