Stabilized Compressed Earth Block ConstructionHappy Valentines Day and welcome to our Belize Eco Village Bulletin 19 update. We are eager to connect with eco-friendly people who share our values, virtues, and visions. For those of you who feel intrigued by our BEV project for a healthy lifestyle and investment haven please contact us. My most recent trip to Belize was Feb 4 to 11 and we were busy with things that an eco-friendly village property requires. We contracted to finish the house and well water pumps, delivered gifts to the caretaker family, hired a driver, tractor and bush hog for mowing, and paid our property taxes. Next trip I will begin sourcing some furniture.

A special thanks to Abram, Chad, and Tom for discussing the project and visiting the land. We have a few lookers and one recent property tour but no money has locked in an agreement yet.

Developer Ready & Shovel Ready

Monolithic Dome Institute EcoShell 1We bought the 149 acre BEV property in February 2015 and are “shovel ready” for an investor infusion of capital and collaboration. We completed the land search, acquisition, and title (phase 1).  We moved forward with the electricity, rain catch, two houses with septic systems, and water well completed (phase 2). We have a Beltraide Executive Investment Summary (EIS )and are eager to attract an investor with experience as a developer and hospitality manager (phase 3).  The land acquisition, title process, and construction to date have presented big challenges and we know it is time to find an experienced dream team to step in and help us advance to the next phase (Comprehensive Land Plan, Environmental Impact Assessment and developer team in place (phase 4). We are focused on attracting an experienced eco-friendly developer and joint venture partner to share the responsibilities as well as the rewards.

The 486-acre property next to it was purchased in Feb 2016 and the title is still pending as the file moves slowly through the Belize Lands and Surveys Department. Once we have a title we will focus on an investor to help with an additional business concept and vision, land plan, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and timeline. Anyone can see an overview of the combined 640-acre project and a drone video promotion on the Beltraide Executive Investment Summary so please review it and then share it.

Garden & PlantingsRainy season came late in 2019 and it was extremely dry last June, July, August, and September, which caused many fires. In October significant rain fell which provided much-needed relief for the garden, plantings, and rain storage tanks. The caretaker is still focused on the garden, landscaping, and replacing coconut trees destroyed by the fire in June 2019. He was excited to show me his okra, squash, tomatoes, and pepper plants. Our part of Cabbage Hall road has been regraded and recapped but beyond our property, the road to the mountaintop is very rough and in need of bulldozer roadwork.

SCEB Homes Good… Dome Homes Great

With our first two Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (SCEB) homes completed, we are now planning to switch to EcoShell 1 dome homes. Renting a Monolithic Dome Institute airform and support equipment from the owner in northern Belize and using his experienced crew for construction will save time and money. As soon as we learn a little more about dome design then we will contract for blueprints and get Central Building Authority approval, we can set a date to start building two dome homes. We are also planning to contract to dig two ponds to raise ducks and tilapia which will also be great for birds and other wildlife.

Much Need RainsThe goal of the Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. We are focusing on EcoShell 1 domes to provide an even better healthy and sustainable home at a better price We are eager to find the right JV partner to help with the land plan and survey work so we can begin selling lots for eco-friendly homes like EcoShell 1 dome homes in our BEV community. Remember we appreciate your ideas and thoughts to guide us to interested investors. Who do you know that might be a great fit?

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