The 2016 Great NEWS posts continue to enjoy sharing Healthy Habits to promote happiness, health and harmony success suggestions. Today’s post is the fifth one about a new Belize Master Planned Eco Village dedicated to Eco Friendly and Sustainable Living. This information will provide helpful insights for anyone eager to design, build and live the life of their dreams in an eco friendly community committed to long term ecological balance, quality of life and sustainability. My goal for today’s post is to share some final ideas, plans and values for this new eco village being designed in Belize.

Since first touring the property in 2014 and buying it in 2015 we have been learning the lay of the land to create a land plan for our master planned eco village. Six trips in 2015 helped us observe the fauna, flora and flow of the property and surrounding areas. By studying the plants, rain, seasons, soils, sun, terrain and weather it is easier to design, build and live in harmony while creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable eco village.


Great residents, resources and role models are vital to succeed with protecting the earth, ecology and environment.

Christopher Nesbitt reminded me of the importance to identify clear values, variety, vibration, vision and view of the future for optimal land planning. With that process formulating the search for the advisory board and construction and development team begins to guide the path and progress of the project. Great residents, resources and role models are vital to succeed with protecting the earth, ecology and environment. Working together we can educate, enhance and evaluate our master plan for the evolution of our eco friendly community, permaculture, reforestation and wellness center. Combining all this into a cohesive project will be a major accomplishment and labor of love that will benefit many at different levels..

Learning the role that government departments in Belize fulfill and the regulations, people, projects, planning, property, surrounding ecosystems, vegetation and weather is vital for moving forward with creating our master plan. Ongoing recruiting for the advisory board and construction and development team are top priorities. Next comes integrating the various aspects of budgeting, compliance, contracts, construction, deed restrictions, financial guidelines, future residents, funding, infrastructure, property development and utilization, resource management, utilities, waste water systems and water resource planning in order to determine a practical and realistic time line.

We are actively attracting and networking with a wide variety of experts on buildings, construction guidelines and restrictions, drainage, landscaping, excavation, roads, topography, utilities, vegetation, waste management and water resources.

Design Build Live Eco Friendly

Our key 2015 goal was to create a beginning land plan draft and begin planting flowering plants, food trees, hardwood reforestation (mahogany and cedar) and shade trees (mango and sea almonds) during the rainy season to help provide better plant diversity and insure better plant suitability during the dry season. We planted a lot of trees and now we will observe how they grow and respond during the upcoming dry season on the pine ridge soil.

Additional tree plantings in 2016 will include more: coconut, mango, moringa, madre cacao, sea almonds, cedar, mahogany and teak. We will also plant samwood, yemeri, ironwood, nargusta, ceiba and other trees as they become available.

Creating an organic permaculture food forest and reforestation project in harmony with the land and weather will create a more diverse and sustainable environment for a wider variety of species. Awareness of the local ecosystem and observations will help guide future decisions. We are planning and planting an abundance of green spaces to surround the future facilities, homes and lots.  People will be wowed by the fantastic flowers, foods and fragrances to delight their taste buds, entice their nostrils and nourish their body, mind and spirit.

Coconut Tree

We planted a lot of trees, including coconut, and now we will observe how they grow and respond during the upcoming dry season on the pine ridge soil.

We will continue planting a wide variety of diverse seedlings and seeds in 2016 to manifest a magnificent ecosystem that will benefit all organisms in the community together. Our key goal is to design, build and live in our eco friendly community south of Maya Centre Village Belize based on sustainable living. After the electricity is installed we begin construction of the CSEB buildings for bathroom facilities, bed and breakfast, caretaker houses, dining and kitchen, guest houses,washing machine facility and walkways. Using Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) made with local clay, sand and less than 10% cement or lime appears to be the most economical, eco friendly and efficient building material. The Dwell Earth training in Dallas in 2015 confirmed my initial research that building with this eco friendly material will be the best choice for the long term.

We plan at least eight trips to Belize in 2016 to continue many strategic and synergistic meetings with a wide variety of people and of course more planting. With Christopher Nesbit and Matt Miller on the advisory board we will invest time with them for planning and preparing our strategies to design, build and live in our sustainable lifestyle community.

Our advisory board and construction and development team are being carefully chosen based on proven abilities and desires to collaborate and cooperate  to create an amazing master planned eco friendly community and sustainable living lifestyle. If you have the desire, drive and passion we look forward to hearing from you. We are recruiting a terrific team with the right stuff and the  energy, health and vitality to create a holistic health  habitat focused on making magic moments and a wonderful world of wellness in Belize. Recent additions committed to being part of our team include Richard (Casey) Wilson Gunnery Sergeant retired from United States Marine Corps and Justin Hayes an audio video specialist and permaculture enthusiast from Canada.

Belize Paradise Sanctuary

Names being considered include:

  • World of Wellness Belize
  • Piece of Paradise Sanctuary Belize
  • Maya Mountain Sanctuary
  • Belize Eco Village & Sanctuary

Attraction factors for guests, investors and residents will be a wide variety of projects, retreats and seminars revolving around  body, mind and spirit well being, holistic health, natural nutrition and sustainable living.

Experiential education will include fun topics like:

  • Finding your voice and Singing
  • Music & Sound Healing
  • Dancing and Drumming
  • Egoscue Method to Pain Free
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Herbal Infusions & Sun Teas
  • Nourishing Traditions principles
  • Paleo Principles
  • Myofascial Release, Rolfing & Trigger Point Therapy
  • HoOpponoppono Hawaiian Healing
  • Chanting, Gregorian Chant & Prayer
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Fats that Harm, Fats that Heal
  • Antioxidants, Enzymes, Minerals, Trace Elements, Phytonutrients & Vitamins
  • Construction and Design of Eco Friendly Homes. Adobe, Cob, Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB), Earth bag, Hexayurt, Rammed Earth, Shipping container, Tiny Home, Thatch & Wood, Treehouses and Yurt. Just imagine for a few minutes what it will feel like sleeping in a cozy treehouse under the stars and up in the trees.
  • Lymphasizing & Rebounding
  • Exercise and Fitness: Body weight workouts, Monkey Bar Gym, MoveNat, Power Plate, Swiss Exercise Ball, Pilates, and many more.
  • Mantras, Meditation & Mudras ar the Mayan Mountains foothills – Namaste
  • Chakras & Energy Meridians

When you and contacts you know are looking for an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle to live and invest overseas be sure to bookmark us. At our eco community and wellness center we will design, build and live in an eco friendly way to minimize harmful toxic exposure. It is inspiring to note more resources and websites like  TREES Belize committed to helping people find more access to eco friendly, green, healthy and sustainable living.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2016 series is excited to share steps to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post shared the values and vision guiding our eco friendly community and wellness center in southern Belize. We are designing our plans, programs and progress to educate, entice and excite you to become a member of our amazing advisory board, construction and development team, resilient residents and support team creating an inspirational eco friendly community. Let us know what else we can do to help make your dream Caribbean lifestyle a reality.

What is your current Gap?

How well would you rate the overall quality of your life? There are eight areas in our Wheel of Life to consider. What massive actions plans are you making to retreat to a piece of paradise in a warm tropical setting? Are you curious about the international opportunities for an eco friendly, sustainable and wellness lifestyle we are creating in southern Belize? What area of our plans and programs mentioned in the five blog post series grabbed your highest interest?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

In Focus Belize provides a wealth of information regarding investing, living and visiting in Belize. They do a great job of educating, networking and promoting Belize to provide helpful and valuable resources.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the shared values, vibration and vision for our master planned eco friendly community in southern Belize? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate you to plan a trip to discover Belize? What will motivate you do create a healthier lifestyle? Please put us in your contact details and monitor our eco community progress in paradise of southern Belize.

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