Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this tradition.

The 2015 Great NEWS posts enjoy sharing Healthy Habits and Habitats to better support all aspects of our health and life.  Today’s post is based on my recent visits to Belize to focus on creating an eco community and holistic wellness center. Last Thanksgiving my wife and I went to Belize to look at some land for development and investment. My goal is to peak your interest and entice you to consider Belize as a future travel destination. I plan to build better buildings and homes using Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB).  Be sure to read previous blog posts on the many advantages of building with this method. Very few people in the US are familiar with the use of earthen building materials to make durable ecominded and sustainable long lasting homes. This post will share some of my favorite discoveries so far in Belize.


Very few people in the US are familiar with the use of earthen building materials to make durable ecominded and sustainable long lasting homes.

This will be a very short blog because after traveling for several weeks and being in Belize until yesterday there has not been enough time to write a full post. Eight days in Belize allowed me to get quire a few important projects done or in motion. Many meetings were needed to design and implement various aspects for the eco community development.

One of the toughtest things we were able to accomplish was clearing a tweleve foot border along the highway to create space for planting the bouganvilla and hibiscus cuttings. The purpose was to clear brush, grass, palmetto and trees that are subject to dry season wildfires. We also set out to plant some attractive local flowering plants. The bouganvilla makes a natural fence and the thorns deter unwanted guests. The hibiscus flowers will also provide the makings for healthy hibiscus sun tea for friends and guests.  We also planted quiet a few hardwood seedlings.

Benefits of Belize

Belize has many advantages and attractions to visitors.

  • English is the official language
  • English law is familiar to many European and North American residents.
  • Being on the Caribbean offers beautiful beaches and clear water.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving is great along the second largest barrier reef in the world
  • The people of Belize are freindly, helpful and welcoming.
  • Boating, fishing and sailing are popular attractions.
  • A large percentage of land has been established for preserves, reserves and national prptected lands.
  • A large variety of birds are availabe for photography and viewing.
  • The rainforest in Belize offers great jungle tours.
  • The reefs provide diverse and spectatcular sea life.
  • The local foods are fantastic
  • The mix of cultures, music and traditions makes Belize a favorite destination.
  • The Mayan ruins are popular tour sites.
  • Canoeing, rafting and tubing are fun activites on the rivers.
  • The abundance of foods, fruits and flowers tantilize your nostrils and taste buds.
  • Organic cacao and coffee offer delicious delighta to seduce your palate.
  • Many people find the residency and tourist enticements and programs very appelaing.
  • Eco tours are big attractions for the ecology and enviromentally conscious person.
Sky and Water in Belize

Belize has many advantages and attractions to visitors.

Rather than go on listing more reasons to visit Belize it may be better for you to check out various websites to get a closer view of the benefits and why things are Better in Belize. Two excellent website include Kanantik Belize and Better in Belize. Better in Belize is one of my role models for my eco community and holistic wellness center. We own two lots in Kanantik Belize so that tells you how well we like this area of Belize. For pictures of the plantings on my property in Belize check out my Michael Morningstar Facebook page

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is dedicated to sharing simple suggestions to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post encourages us to consider going to Belize to check out the healthy foods and fruits. The clean air, food, living and water make Belize a tour consideration for residency as well as vacation travel

What is your current Gap?

Have you been to Belize before? Does the Mayan legends and myth hold any attraction? Are you tired of the all you can eat American buffetts common in many resort destinations and ready for a simpler approach to life. Could visiting Belize chance your aptitude and attitude? Time there will tell.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Go to Kanantik Belize and Better in Belize for helpful information on why Belize is a popular destination for many reasons.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding a possible visit to Belize? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate you to plan a trip to Belize soon? Even if you never make it to Belize what can you do to make your beliefs and life better and more eco friendly?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Mayan Medicine

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