What have you heard about CBD and hemp in natural products for beauty and health? As a background reference, commercial hemp is an agricultural crop that has been cultivated for many thousands of years. CBD refers to a phyto-compound found in commercial hemp plants commonly called cannabidiol and used in many natural products to enhance beauty, health and well being. There are also many other commercial uses for hemp plants for fabrics, fiber, foods, fuels and even producing plastics.

While attending Natural Products Expo East 2018, CBD and hemp were hot products and topics for discussion. With over 29,000 health industry attendees and thousands of exhibitors, the Natural Products Expo East 2018 in Baltimore offered a wealth of information. It showcased the latest ideas in the natural products industry and offered access to many experts. My curiosity has peaked very high regarding all the applications, benefits and buzz revolving around hemp products for beauty and health. My previous Top Ten Trends at Expo East blog post, identified CBD and hemp as a hot product category with lots of samples and suppliers to check out.

CapsulesMany people are reading articles and doing research looking for natural remedies for their beauty, health and lifestyle issues. More people are embracing the current health trends and looking for all natural products and solutions like CBD and hemp. I spoke with several representatives at Expo East about CBD and hemp natural products to learn more. Some of the most popular hemp products at the expo were balms, capsules, salves, and tinctures. Several companies and products receive honorable mention for their education and support at the Hemp and CBD Summit and warrant further review include:

  • CV Sciences +CBDoil Softgels Raw Formula
  • ShiKai CBD Topicals
  • Functional Remedies Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Green Gorilla Hemp CBD Oil
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Barleans

At #expoeast the focus is natural products and the spotlight was on CBD and hemp. While it is a bit tricky to read the labels and determine how healthy, natural and organic the ingredients are it is important to investigate hemp further. Not all products are created equal so it is up to you to read and review the ingredients and information before buying. Most of the marketers, suppliers, and vendors promoting the health benefits of their hemp oil products seem to have high standards and quality sources. Remember…it is up to each of us to make informed decisions and determine what products are best for our families.

Hemp…Hazard or Healthy?

Oil and SpoonFirst, we will focus on the reasons many people are concerned and confused about CBD and hemp. Hemp is a natural plant cultivated for a natural fabric, fibers, food, and fuel for many thousands of years. It was also hybridized to increase THC, a plant produced a compound that many labels as a drug which can produce an altered state of mind with people feeling enhanced, high, relaxed and sedated all at the same time. Even though it was regularly prescribed and recommended by medical doctors for many decades it was later demonized by US government agencies in order to replace and tax it and then promote pharmaceutical drugs instead. By banning hemp and outlawing marijuana (calling it a dangerous drug) many have said they changed history for the worse and resulting in an epidemic of opioid abuse and addiction.

Remember CBD and hemp are natural products with minimal or no harmful health side effects unless used while operating equipment and vehicles. It had been used successfully for many ailments for many centuries. The synthetic chemical compounds in pharmaceuticals which replaced it, on the other hand, have hundreds of thousands of adverse events and even deaths reported every year. This sounds like they replaced natural ingredients known for holistic health benefits with a long list of harmful ingredients based on patents and profits for pharmaceuticals.

Hemp PlantUsing synthetic chemicals the ingredients in pharmaceuticals can cause harmful irritations, side effects, and toxicity to our body. Independent information on the internet can help educate people to know about natural products vs ingredients that are synthetic chemical compounds with numerous health hazards and warnings. As you read the information on the internet and do your research it will most likely be clear that the majority of Over The Counter and prescription medicines contain harmful chemical compounds that can harm our beauty and health. It seems obvious that buying products from companies that use natural products is a smarter choice. Remember…read the labels and choose your products wisely.

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