Great NEWS posts in 2017 will focus on Healthy Habits and Habitat. Any subject or topic to help people create better health and us to create a better Belize Eco Village is open for sharing. Posts in 2017 are planned to be short writings or video blogs that maintain maximum focus on best practices of conscious communities, healthy habitats, permaculture principles and simple sustainability steps. Converting 149 acres of pristine Caribbean pine ridge and riparian forest into a Belize Eco Village master planned community is a big project. We are selecting solutions, standards, strategies, suggestions and systems to help us procreate a premium piece of paradise.  Together we will  consciously reduce our carbon and water footprints while also creating a more eco friendly, green and sustainable way of life.

After being contacted by the Canadian guy with extensive experience with Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) my mind has been working overtime to learn and lay out even better eco community standards for the Belize Eco Community project. Seeing how big this problem is now and the possibility of it getting worse in the future motivates me to establish high standards now to support people with these concerns.  We will create a home/property owner’s manual establishing standards, solutions and strategies for our health, safety and environment. This will help us minimize hazards and risks today and for the future.

Values and Vision


By offering a happy, healthy and in harmony lifestyle eco community we will be a dream come true for Belize, builders, contractors, expats, guests, home owners, investors, neighbors, renters, retirees, staff and visitors.

We will focus on creating a “state of the art and science” eco community dedicated to a Seventh Generation Code of Conduct. By offering a happy, healthy and in harmony lifestyle eco community we will be a dream come true for Belize, builders, contractors, expats, guests, home owners, investors, neighbors, renters, retirees, staff and visitors. We will focus on the value propositions of  comfort, community cooperation, conservation, construction costs, diversity, eco friendly, efficiency, effectiveness, food security, health, longevity, low carbon footprint, low water footprint, minimal maintenance, quality and sustainability.

We will access higher consciousness teams, technology and thinking to build better eco homes designed with longevity, lower cost and low maintenance as primary outcomes.

As we design the eco community land plan we will follow the natural lay of the land, plants, topography and water. Then we will subdivide the land into community gardens, green spaces, investor lots and utility roads and support systems. These lots will be big enough for access, eco homes, landscaping and outdoor living while minimizing overall maintenance, roads and upkeep necessary.  We know from talking with many people they want to bike or walk around the community rather than get in a car and drive.

We will also design the community to attract people that have a higher aversion, awareness and concern about chemicals, Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), health, mobility, peace, physical, quiet, security, support and other special concerns and needs. Electro-Magnetic Radiation is a real and growing cocnern for many people. There are no cell phone towers or high power lines on the 149 acre property. The nearest cell tower is about 1.7 miles to the north at Maya Centre Village.

In January 2017 I had a long conversation with John Finnerty from Canada and decided after hearing his story to insure we will be able provide a health haven for people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). I had heard there are people seeking EMF free refuge and with EHS so severe that they are forced to live in remote areas to avoid exposure to wireless signals from cell phone towers, radio stations, smart meters and WiFi.

John described a variety of health issues connected to his Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) sensitivity. These EMFs are generated by electronic devices that send powerful electro-magnetic field frequency signals such as cell phone towers, radio waves, microwaves, TV, wireless phones and WiFi. EHS is also referred to as Electrical Sensitivity (ES), Microwave Sensitivity or Radiation Sensitivity/Sickness and EMF impaired.

In 2005 I was motivated by Michael Smorch, a hedge fund manager, to seek additional diversification of my investment portfolio and seek international land ownership. I began looking for the perfect property that met my long checklist of key considerations for an eco community, retreat and wellness centre. In 2011 I visited Belize for the first time and the perfect property was located in 2014 and finally purchased in February 2015. The key considerations were accessibility, amenities nearby, building ease, cost of land, checklist of health criteria, features of land, location, permaculture principles potential, pricing, proximity to salt water (Caribbean), proximity to the mountains (Maya Mountains), proximity to master planned communities like Sanctuary Belize and Kanantik Belize, proximity to fresh water (Hughes Creek, Red Creek, Sittee River and Tapir Creek), reforestation potential, sanctuary, sustainability, tropical rainforest and wildlife sanctuary. Later I added the distinction of English language and English law after a series of life lessons learned with my 59 acre property in southern Costa Rica that is now for sale.

Block of Compressed Earth

There are many benefits to using compressed earth blocks.

Here are a few of the benefits compressed earth blocks provide:

  • Greatly diminished noise
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to damage from dry wood and subterranean termites.
  • Able to resist wind damage
  • Stronger than wood framing
  • Reduced head accumulation and retention because they offer a higher level of insulation naturally

Damanhur is a eco community mastery role model.

Big Benefits with Small Steps

  • Remove or replace items creating an environment of EMF pollution and toxicity.
  • Keep cell phones away from your head by using the speaker or an EMF shielding ear bud
  • Replace DECT phones with a land line.
  • Use a router with Ethernet cable and turn off WiFi.
  • Use an earthing/ grounding pad when on a computer or sleeping.
  • Use non-toxic materials in home since EHS extends to chemical sensitivity also.
  • Install armored (BX) electrical cabling in home so electrical wires are shielded. Wire rooms separately with on-demand switches.
  • Be sure your house is properly grounded.  Use a grounding plate or rod outside in the earth rather than to plumbing inside the home.
  • Install various electro-magnetic filters to clean up dirty electricity entering home or circulating through wiring.
  • Smart meters need to be moved from near the bedroom to the far side of the house or lot.   Look into shielding the backside of the smart meter with copper mesh to block radiation.
  • Insulate home from external sources of ground current by installing a copper cable around the perimeter connected to grounding rods.
  • Plant variety of shrubs and trees to help shield house from wireless radiation. Time with Mother Nature is a great natural healing force.
  • Being aware of underground pipes, water and wiring can be helpful.
  • Consider a Faraday cage or canopy. Watch Enemy of the Sate to see one in action.
  • Shrub

    Plant variety of shrubs and trees to help shield house from wireless radiation. Time with Mother Nature is a great natural healing force.

    Hire an expert in Building Biology to help with ideas to rebalance and redesign energy in home and on property.

  • There are ways to harmonize energy and magnetic lines in home and underground with coatings, crystals, design features, Feng Shui, glass, glazes, paints, shades, shields and wiring.
  • Minimizing and preventing EMFs is worth a pound of cure.
  • People with EHS may also have brain signals that get stuck in an ongoing state of ‘fight or flight’. As they accumulate more exposure to a tipping point it then takes less exposure to trigger EHS.
  • Prolonged EMF exposure can cause or contribute to other health issues which complicates and compounds the problems.
  • Sensory overload may trigger a disruption to the body, mind and spirit which requires a long journey to resolve. A study of Biology of Beliefs, earth’s energy fields, Energy Psychology, Feng Shui, geopathic stress, frequency/ megahertz of music, I Ching, meditation, numerology, power of positive thinking, reading and researching on brain function, psychoanalysis, self hypnosis, spirituality, unconscious mind, vibrational healing and much more.
  • People may have to remove them self from negative people, places and work environments. Look at redesigning ones emotional, mental, physical and spiritual landscape.
  • It is possible to rewire our brain using the science of neuroplasticity to normalize regions of the brain like the limbic system which can go into permanent overload when subjected to prolonged stress and trauma.
  • There are a several methods of limbic system retraining which can be very helpful.
  • People can create their own program of self-healing. Most people will benefit from a coach, consultant, mentor or role model to guide them.
  • Everything starts with our beliefs, behaviors and biology. The brain is the seat of fears, feelings and fight or flight response. Mindfulness is magical for maintaining a calmer mind.
  • People with EHS can be better and live a normal life through a combination of eliminating, harmonizing and shielding from EMFs and other stresses in the environment.
  • By rewiring our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual life we benefit by healing our body, brain and heart.
  • Eating clean nutrient dense organic whole foods is essential to happiness and health.
  • Living in a chemical free environment with clean air, bed, car, clothes, fabrics, food, furniture, house and water is vital to health.
  • Building with Compressed Earth Block (CEB) will greatly reduce exposure to chemicals and EMF normally found in homes. Placing the electrical wiring in conduit in the foundation will also help.
  • EHS and other health issues are a wake up call to learn some life lessons and make massive action plans in a new direction.
  • By deciding to find the positive message and being grateful anyone can move forward to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Learn to feel, hear and see the small signs and warning signals before the big lightening bolt zaps you with EHS or other major health issues. Remember we always gets messages, signals and warnings seeking our full attention.

We all deserve and desire a safe place to live, visit and work  No matter your reason or reference it is vital for people with various backgrounds and beliefs to collaborate, communicate and cooperate in order to create a more eco conscious community with other like minded people for the greater global good.

Healthy Habitats

This Healthy Habitats post is dedicated to sharing simple steps for sustainable health and living. Our body, mind and spirit are being exposed to harmful EMFs. Following our Code of Conduct for Healthy Habitat will help transform our habitat, happiness and health. With this additional EMF information in mind there will definitely be an area in the eco community with specific guidelines to help those with EHS by minimizing EMF exposure.

Where is your Gap?

What behaviors, beliefs and decisions about EMFs are harming your health and other people? What specific areas in your life are exposing you to excessive EMFs? What will it take for you to protect your family, self and the planet from damage, degradation and destruction? What are you willing to do to make things better?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is well documented that EMFs affect our body and brain if you are open. There is a wealth of wisdom on the internet regarding the health hazards of EMFs. What are you willing to do differently to protect people and our planet from harmful EMFs? Following a healthy habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Are you ready to do your part for rapid results? More valuable EMF information and insights can be found at Electro Plague, WEEP Initiative,  Mast Victims and EMF Safety Network.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the many benefits of minimizing the EMF health hazards and maximizing the healthy habits? Are you ready to learn more and do your part to consciously reduce our EMF exposure?

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