The previous Great NEWS post shared Body Care Product Health Hazards and today we cover Cosmetics Health Hazards. Would you intentionally put toxic chemicals on your face? Unfortunately, that is exactly what many women do when they apply makeup. Without reading labels and researching the ingredients, women apply harmful chemicals to their face. What you put on your face is absorbed into you and becomes part of you. Today we reveal Cosmetics Health Hazards that the toxic cosmetics industry does not want you to know about. 

The Great NEWS Coach blog offers powerful posts to provide education on serious health hazards and inspire and motivate you to maintain healthy habits and seek holistic products. The Health Hazards series offers clear, compelling and concise information to better prepare and protect you and your family. Toxic products can cause cancer, death and skin damage. Cosmetics are not regulated and advertising makes them look harmless even when there are harmful ingredients in the formula. This post will offer valuable information to minimize cosmetics health hazards with small steps and smart strategies.

Assorted Cosmetics

Cosmetics are not regulated and advertising makes them look harmless even when there are harmful ingredients in the formula.

This post was written after noticing the cause and effects connected with the billions of dollars funneled through big brand cosmetics industries.   Another motivating factor was the abusive animal testing of cosmetics. It seems that many women are clueless to the ingredients in their cosmetics and number of animals that are tormented and tortured for product safety testing purposes.  How could women who care about cats, dogs, rabbits and other creatures buy products from companies that deliberately harm animals?

Most cosmetics companies make products that can pass the animal testing phase and be delivered to market regardless of long term consequences and health hazards. Most women do not read the labels before buying these cosmetics and are clueless to the long term risks. When you ask women about the ingredients in their cosmetics or why they wear them, they talk about how much better they feel and look when wearing them. It seems that vanity is more important than animals, health and longevity.  Maybe women assume they are safe or rationalize they are too busy to research cosmetics..

Many women read the ingredients and think the scientific name of ingredients are regulated and safe according to the FDA, FTC, USDA or other government agencies.  Investing the time to research the ingredients of every product you use is important to identify potential health hazards. Are you worth the time to protect your happiness, health and home? Since most women use cosmetics from their teen years to their golden years it is a very long time to put chemicals on your body. How important is it for you to know the ingredients in cosmetics and whether they are safe or toxic?

If you feel too busy, trust the government to monitor products and trust the big brands to produce safe products remember “Caveat Emptor” which means “buyer beware.” Advertising and expensive endorsements are the main methods the big brands with the big bucks influence buyers.  The smaller natural, organic and safer brands are out there and gaining momentum.  The lack of consumer awareness and false faith in big brands to do the right thing for consumers underscores the dark side of the cosmetics industry.

Applying Makeup

While many feel most cosmetics look and work the same there is a vast difference between truly natural, organic and safe versions and ones that are harmful, synthetic and toxic.

Women spend a small fortune on cosmetics to feel and look more attractive even if the products are actually harming their beauty and health. They look for a brand they trust without evaluating each ingredient in products for safety and sustainability. While many feel most cosmetics look and work the same there is a vast difference between truly natural, organic and safe versions and ones that are harmful, synthetic and toxic. Unfortunately for many women the allure of superficial beauty created by chemical cosmetics is more compelling than a full understanding regarding the health hazards and long term consequences of the synthetic compounds. Thus the vast majority of women are at risk from cosmetics because they fail to research product ingredients.

This blog is passionate about appealing to the caring, compassionate and intelligence of women since their decisions have a massive consequence to themselves, young women and the planet. Children and men will also be exposed to the cosmetics women have in the home and wear so please think about the products and risks involved before you buy. Of course no one in their right mind would ever ask you to avoid wearing cosmetics because that would imply you already look good enough without them. It might also weaken the economy even more. Wear the minimum amount of cosmetics you feel you want and be sure to select natural, organic and safe varieties.

The underlying goal for this post is to help men and women both focus more on holistic health and natural beauty rather than artificial chemicals and fake beauty with camouflage cosmetics.  Too many people have linked beauty and cosmetics into a deceptive and false outward appearance rather than an authentic, gentle, honest, kind, loving and nurturing inner being and sincere soul.

If you choose to wear cosmetics eliminate the toxic products and find natural, organic and safe ones. Women deserve to know what ingredients they are buying, term consequences and if any animals suffered in product toxicity testing.  Remember…the big brand international corporations that sell cosmetics also sell the anti-aging and rejuvenation products to undo the damage that their cosmetics caused. To protect your natural beauty and health it is important to avoid all synthetic chemicals and compounds in cosmetics and body care products.

Before you buy cosmetics research the ingredients first. Anything you put on your body affects every cell of your being and even your mental abilities and attitude so choose wisely. Understand the health hazards and long term risks of cosmetics before you harm yourself and loved ones. Who wants to risk asthma, cancer, endocrine disruption, learning disabilities, genetic mutation, neurological problems and skin damage from their cosmetics? Face it…fake chemicals and compounds are out… and natural organic and safe are in.

Cosmetics Health Hazards

Natural Soap

Castile soap is organic and safe.

1. Face soap and facial wipes often contain antibacterial chemicals, cleaners and preservatives that can harm your skin.  These synthetic chemicals remove your natural oils, dry out your skin and can damage your body. Dr. Bronner’s is a concentrated castile soap that is organic and safe.

2. Makeup removers often contain petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals and toxic byproducts.  Mineral oil is made from petroleum.  Use almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or sesame oil instead.  Witch hazel is an extract of the witch hazel shrub and naturally cleans, soothes and tones skin.

3. Many face creams and lotions are made with petroleum based products and synthetic chemicals.  Where do you think petroleum jelly come from?  See number 2 for alternatives.

4. Lipstick/ lip gloss is often a composite of chemicals, colorings and dyes.  They often contain heavy metals like lead which are harmful and known to cause cancer and dementia. Natural versions exist and many people use castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil for great lips.

5. Anti chap sticks and lip balms are usually made with petroleum products and therefore harmful.  Castor oil, coconut oil and natural products are available and work great.

6. After shave, colognes and perfumes contain artificial chemicals, compounds and fragrances used on the face and neck.  These synthetic fragrances can contain hundreds of harmful chemicals with an unknown number of harmful side effects.  Look for natural and safe alternatives such as natural organic plant based essential oils, oils and extracts.  Aloe vera, coco butter and coconut oil are great for skin conditioners.  Cinnamon, clove, frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood are great natural fragrances.

7. Eye liner, mascara and the brushes can damage your eyes by scratching, infections and irritation.  Many women are also involved in accidents putting makeup on while driving.

8. Base/ foundation is another product that often contains harmful chemicals.  Aveda is one of many companies that focus on the art and science of using pure flower, herbs, nuts, plant and seed essences to create natural and safe products without animal testing.

Face with Sunscreen

Fair skinned people there who use sunscreen and are exposed to intense sun during mid day are very susceptible to skin damage even with sunscreen on.

9. Sunscreen made with synthetic compounds is a toxic chemical cocktail that can destroy your health and destroy your skin.  The false illusion of sun protection is over ridden by the long term health consequences.  Use your common sense.  Since sunscreen was invented skin cancer has grown exponentially.  In countries near the equator they avoid sunscreen and very rarely get skin cancer due to wearing hats and covering up during the middle of the day. Fair skinned people there who use sunscreen and are exposed to intense sun during mid day are very susceptible to skin damage even with sunscreen on.

10. Avoid shaving cream and gels made with synthetic chemicals and compounds. Use an all natural bar soap or Dr Brunner’s in a mug and old fashioned masculine shaving brush.

Avoid Toxic Compounds

  • Colors/ dyes from synthetic chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Petroleum products
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Parabans
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • 1,4-dioxane
Reading Label

Reading the labels is a way to identify the harmful ingredients.

Visiting a cosmetics department should give you a sensory clue to the vast chemical ingredients in cosmetics. Reading the labels is another way to identify the harmful ingredients if they even list them all. Unfortunately many people already have damaged nasal passages and olfactory receptors from chemicals and are often unable to smell many of them. Cosmetics also generate pollution in our landfills and waterways.

Many cosmetics come from other countries and it is very difficult to determine the ingredients and origins of the products.  Low cost petrochemicals, preservatives and synthetic compounds are used to make the products as cheap as possible and then sell at premium prices to fund the expensive advertisements and celebrity endorsements.  Read all labels to determine if ingredients are organic plant based or petroleum based and synthetic.

The money spent on most cosmetics is doing more harm than good for your long tern happiness and health. If you decide you must use cosmetics be sure to source natural organic products that are safe and sustainable. More women are waking up to the realization that focusing on the entire body, mind and spirit is more important long term. Putting toxic chemicals in and on our body will harm our beauty, brain and health as well as generations to come?   Today there are many safe products available in stores and on the internet.

There are many chemicals and health hazards in cosmetics that impact a woman and her family and friends. The synthetic chemicals and compounds are absorbed through the mouth, skin and sinus cavities.  These chemicals harm the liver and often end up stored in fat tissues. When you burn fat you release the toxins which harm you and your family over time. Researchers are finding over 100 toxic chemicals in newborns at birth that came from the mother. The more chemicals and cosmetics used the more damage and danger for future generations. The toxic chemicals collect in our drinking water, food, rivers and oceans harming us and the planet.

Woman Outside

More women are waking up to the realization that focusing on the entire body, mind and spirit is more important long term.

Think about the amount of money spent on chemical cosmetics that are causing a significant financial and time drain to our health, life and health care system. They are destroying our environment and draining our financial resources.

This Great NEWS post shared Cosmetics Health Hazards to help educate people to stop desiring and exposing women to dangerous chemicals and start using natural organic and safe cosmetics.  Focusing on healthy habits each day will help children, men and women be even more happy, healthy and holistic.  Use every penny you invest in cosmetics and products to let companies know you demand and expect healthy and safe products.  This Cosmetics Health Hazards post is shared to educate, empower and energize you to help protect the precious people, plants and planet.

What is your current Gap?

What toxic cosmetics are you or a loved one using that may be harmful?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your risk from toxic cosmetics?   Visit the Story of Stuff and Story of Cosmetics to learn more about this important message.  The short animated video will really open your ears, eyes and entire being to the dangers of cosmetics.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding cosmetics products?  What new decisions and resources will help you avoid the health hazards and begin healthy habits?

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