The previous Great NEWS post was Cruise Cautions and Concerns and today we follow up with Cruise Coaching and Common Sense tips. Inspired by my Mariner of the Seas transatlantic crossing and EU travels, this post is dedicated to sharing more great solutions, strategies and suggestions to help you experience less pain and weight gain while cruising and traveling. After reading the cruise cautions and concerns now is a great time for Cruise Coaching and Common Sense tips to benefit your next cruising or traveling experience.

Cruising can be a great adventure and lots of fun or it can be a very expensive and painful life lesson. Now is the time to discover the potential obstacles, roadblocks and speed bumps that can wreck your trip and learn how to be prepared and ready to deal with them. This post can also help you in every area of your life if you will be open and receptive.

Health & Safety

Since cruise ships are mainly in the moving bed and well-fed business it is up to you to be responsible for your happiness and health before, during and after a trip. Their goal is to entertain, feed and host you so you have fun and want to come back for more of the same in the future.

Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are like small cities sailing the seas and stopping in ports of call.

Health, safety and environmental focus is a key role in their mission and operations when you are on a cruise or shore excursion.   However like any great partnership you must do your part to help insure that you and the other passengers are safe and secure from the beginning of your travels until you return home. It is important for you to be aware of the common causes and contributing factors for accidents, health issues, injuries and weight gain that can ruin a great cruise trip or vacation. The previous post shared many of these cruise cautions and concerns.

While traveling on bicycles, buses, cars, ferries, planes, ships, trains, trolleys and vans in Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, UK and United States over the last 40 years there have been many close calls and life lessons learned. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My goal is to help you experience all the enjoyment, entertainment, excitement and fun of cruising and traveling while you avoid the hard knocks, potential pain and sickness/suffering that can ruin it.

Cruise ships are like small cities sailing the seas and stopping in ports of call. While they are built with modern conveniences and safety in mind it is a well known fact that people are the weakest link when it comes to health and safety. Cruise companies do what they can to minimize the risks and it is up to you to do your part to be a cautious, well prepared and wise traveler.

Top risks while cruising and traveling:

  • Man Yawning

    Fatigue leads to impaired judgment and that can lead to accidents.

    Alcohol can impair your common sense and good judgment.

  • Brain fog from many factors can result in a loss of balance and concentration which results in an accident and injury.
  • Constipation can cause major discomfort and problems at sea.
  • Dehydration is a serious risk and can turn critical quickly.
  • Electrolyte imbalance can cause disorientation and even result in death.
  • Excursions can put you in situations outside your capabilities and capacity for health and safety. Be familiar with your limits and train in advance for whatever agility, balance, conditions, dexterity, endurance and fitness skills you will need.
  • Falls can cause serious injuries and result in being incapacitated. They are one of the biggest risks a senior faces and can be disabling and expensive. Many seniors never recover from a bad fall that breaks a hip or leg bone. Most falls can be avoided with proper training.
  • Fatigue leads to impaired judgment and that can lead to accidents.
  • High blood pressure is very serious and poorly understood yet naturally preventable and even reversible.
  • High blood sugar is also very serious and can lead to diabetes, disability and death.
  • Jet lag is a big problem that can result in accidents, injuries and ruin your cruise or travel. Thrombosis is another potential problem with air travel that can ruin your life and travel plans. Both are preventable.
  • Medication reactions and side effects are serious risks and can compound into critical consequences.
  • Pathogens such as bacteria, Candida, fungus, parasite and virus are everywhere so building a strong immune system is essential to deal with them.
  • Sea sickness is a serious annoyance and there are numerous non medication prevention and remedy strategies.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices can start a chain reaction of conditions and consequences that can cause death, disease and disability. Healthy lifestyle choices allow you to be happier, live longer and do more cruising and traveling with the money you save.
  • Weak bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons result in aches and pains that limit your enjoyment and fun doing what you like to do.
Packing List

Many health challenges and risks can be fairly easily minimized with smart cruising and traveling coaching and common sense tips.

These are some of the main problems many people face when their fitness, health, nutrition and vitality are not a high priority. While cruising and traveling these problems can start small and become big bad problems quickly. These are mostly avoidable with prior planning, proper preparation and proven principles for health. This post will share some simple steps and easy mastery action plans to help you be as happy and healthy as possible. Many health challenges and risks can be fairly easily minimized with these smart cruising and traveling coaching and common sense tips.

This Great NEWS mastery action plan for cruising and traveling will help you easily eliminate or at least greatly reduce the incidence and severity of most if not all health challenges and issues that can ruin your trip. What could it do for your overall quality and quantity of life?

Are you ready to benefit from helpful cruise coaching and common sense action plans to help you enjoy great cruising and traveling now and in the future? Great! Read on for Proven Principles to pack, plan and prepare for comfort, exercise, fitness and fun.

Cruise Coaching and Common Sense

  • Adjust your existing exercise program and add new workouts designed to deal with the many stairs and unusual walking conditions you will encounter. Look into High Intensity Interval Training, Power Plate, Peak 8, Cross Fit, Primal Fitness, TRX and Body Weight Training (BWT) to be a peak performance person.
  • Buy, break in and bring comfortable walking sandals or shoes. Be sure your shoes have good traction on slippery surfaces. Your feet need adequate protection for the activities you plan to participate in. Sandals which cover the toes are better than open toe designs which can result in cuts and injuries. Good socks are also important.

    Running Shoe

    Your feet need adequate protection for the activities you plan to participate in.

  • Bring a back pack with a bandana, hat, long sleeve shirt, jacket and water bottle for cool, sunny and windy days.
  • Bring a water bottle for easy access and add lemon, a pinch of sea salt and powder super greens to your water to stay alkalized, energized and hydrated.
  • A back pack is great for carrying your book, digital camera, first aid kit, ipod, itinerary, jacket, money, notebook, pen and water bottle wherever you go.
  • Bring a bathing suit for pool, sauna and whirlpool.
  • Collapsible walking sticks can help with cobble stone streets, curbs, paths and uneven walkways. Practice with them for a few months until using them is second nature to you.
  • A digital watch that is waterproof and has an alarm feature is super handy for being on time.
  • A cell phone and digital camera are also helpful for taking pictures of bus stops, family and friends, identification, medications, medical records, meeting points, paperwork, passport, ship and other valuable information you might need to access or share with authorities, medical personnel, police and travelers for directions or guidance.
  • Bring shorts, shoes, T-shirts and warm ups for elliptical machines, exercises, shore excursions, walking, wall climbing, weight training and yoga.
  • A DVD player and DVD on fitness, meditation or yoga will educate, empower and excite you to better health while cruising and traveling.
  • A book to read on health and nutrition will educate and empower you for health, nutrition and wellness. Consider: Fit For Life, Perfect Health, Spontaneous Healing, Living Health, Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating for Beauty, Fats that Kill Fats that Heal.
  • A journal for your eating and exercise habits before and during the cruise is helpful. Keep track of all the healthy foods plus extra calories and desserts you enjoy. Track the calories burned while exercising. Is it easier to avoid them or exercise them off?
  • Enjoy dance lessons and dancing to burn off those extra calories.
First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit is essential.

A good first aid kit is essential and includes: alcohol (vodka), aloe vera gel, baking soda, band-aids, bandana, Calcium Bentonite clay, colloidal silver, duct tape, iodine, sea salt, tea tree oil and tweezers. Be prepared to administer first aid immediately. Bug bites, cuts, injuries or scrapes can turn deadly serious within seconds. Your level of preparation can mean the difference between a simple inconvenience and a serious incapacitating incidence.

My friend had a minor cut while hiking in Spain that became infected with flesh eating bacteria and almost caused her foot to be amputated. The treatments cost many tens of thousands and the major skin grafts from her thigh to her ankle will be a permanent visual reminder she is lucky to be alive and still walking on two feet.

Simple Solutions Strategies Suggestions:

For peak performance cruising and traveling remember the following:

  • Less elevator, more stairs will train your body and brain before and during your cruising and traveling.
  • Less processed foods like bread, pancakes, pasta, potatoes and pounds. More whole foods like fruits, greens, salads, veggies and lean muscle mass.
  • Less sitting, more walking promotes fitness and health now and while cruising. Stand rather than sit to watch movies and TV. You will be amazed how beneficial this is.
  • Less alcohol, caffeine, coffee, juice, lemonade, soda, sugar, tea. More herbal teas and warm water
  • Less factory farmed bacon, ham, sausage, steak. More organic chicken, duck, eggs, fish, lamb, squid and turkey
  • Less staying up late…More sleep by following Benjamin Franklin who said, “early to bed and early to rise to be healthy, wealthy and wise.”
  • Less food, more fun with exercise, fitness and walking routines now.
  • Less desserts, sitting and watching, more dancing, salsa and waltzing will be fun and healthy.
  • Less alcohol, more water.  Simple Suggestion: Drink twelve to twenty ounces of water before each beer, liquor or wine you consume.  This will help keep you from over doing the alcohol.
  • Less refined sugary sweet desserts, more raw super foods like berries, cacao, carob, chia, coconut, goji, honey, maca, nuts, bee pollen, sea weeds and seeds.
  • Less artificial synthetic sweetener toxic treats, more natural real treats made with whole foods.
  • Less fake, fast and fried foods, more whole foods prepared with quality ingredients and Tender Loving Care (TLC).
  • Less canola, corn and soy oil and products, more coconut oil, grape seed oil and extra virgin olive oil for healthy omega fatty acids.
  • Less table salt, more sea salt to maintain electrolytes.

This Great NEWS post for Cruise Coaching and Common Sense is offered to help those cruising and traveling. The goal is to help people be more prepared and proactive regarding their health and well being. Now you have simple steps and strategies to help guide you. Cruise Coaching and Common Sense is designed to be printed out and saved for future cruising and traveling.

What is your current Gap?

What behaviors, habits or lifestyle choices are increasing your risk of accident, health issue or injury?  What are you willing to do now with these great guidelines to help you be more educated and prepared for future trips?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What actions and decisions will help you enjoy future cruising and traveling even more? What documents, lists and notes will you prepare and print for future trips of a lifetime?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding great cruising and traveling?

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