As we continue to expand our focus on fitness and exercise it seems to be an even more natural and normal aspect of our core being.

When we shift our identity from a person that dislikes exercise, healthy foods and maintaining our body to one who totally enjoys exercise, great nutrition and fitness it becomes much easier to sustain your healthy routines and training programs. This in turn will build a solid foundation for your long term happiness, health and well being. The power of focus produces fantastic results and therefore we are well advised to maintain our focus on fitness each week.

When we decide that energizing exercise and fantastic fitness are key outcomes for this year and every year for the rest of our life a shift takes place in our body, mind and spirit. It only takes a small shift in the conscious and unconscious mind to help manifest this desire in our life.

Making the Shift

Create Reminder Notes for Motivation

Creating various sets of mastery action plans is a great technique to keep your body and brain tuned into being more fit and healthy. When you design a nutrition blueprint, put powerful pictures on a vision board, share your fitness outcomes or write a fitness plan it moves you in a more positive direction toward manifesting your health and wellness destiny.

It is very powerful to place notes and reminders in your daily routine to help keep these mastery action plans actively engaged in your thinking process. Most people have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” so a vision board with 50 pictures is worth 50,000 words. Those 50 pictures on your vision board are the equivalent of having a book about what is most important to you for different aspects of your life.

It is a great idea to put a copy of your vision board on your computer screen saver or wall paper to help you remember your priorities in life. Also put one in your backpack, briefcase, vehicle and in the front of your journal as additional reminders.

This is part of the discovery and learning process for identifying your key internal operating systems and software. These help you determine what actions you take and why they motivate you do what you do. When we tune into our key behavior drivers (our physiology, psychology and programming) it is much easier to activate the beliefs, emotions, feelings, language and thought factors which will determine our behaviors and routines.

Empowering the Senses

Jumping for JoyIn the field of Neuro-Linguisitc Programming (NLP) we tune into our visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory senses which impact our actions and behaviors. These factors are them specifically quantified with modalities and sub-modalities which are the internal code for how we process information, make decisions and ultimately what actions we will take.

As you learn a deeper understanding of this core processing system it becomes easier to be the deliberate director of your body, mind and spirit rather than a less mindful and reactive robot. We are totally responsible for every action, behavior and thought we process even when we feel others are controlling us and pushing our buttons.

As you utilize self awareness, self hypnosis and self programming skills on a daily basis you will find how much easier and fun life becomes. As we tune into the universe of possibilities and our inner guidance it is much easier to align with our true nature for fitness, health and vitality. At the same time we must also learn to tune out the disruptive chatter and distractions that are designed to control and manipulate our clear thinking and inner wisdom.

Exercise is only boring if you allow it be that way. By simply adding one new element such as deep breathing, a friend, green space, hand weights, music, a nature park, special outfit or training for a special event you will be able to shift your entire focus and fun factor.

Like any activity in our life that is worth doing it is worth doing well. With exercise and fitness it is important to do a little research and seek out some great coaching. This is helpful in order to enjoy the activity more, make real progress and avoid the unnecessary risk of injury. Exercise becomes empowering, fun, and fulfilling.

At Home Guidance

There are many great VHS, DVD and YouTube videos available that offer outstanding coaching and guidance in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Over the years I have found some great training resources at garage sales, thrift stores and pre-owned equipment stores after someone received the benefit they needed and released the item for the benefit of others. When you are looking to buy a bargain video or exercise item these are places to consider.

Today it easier than ever for you to access many great programs on the internet from expert trainers and reputable websites.

Some of my favorites are:

Sunday is a great day to reflect on the life lessons of the past week. It is also a great day to develop a weekly plan and keep a journal of your distinctions and progress. As you visualize feeling fantastic, looking great and living longer you will manifest your reality.

As you maintain your focus on fitness and exercise each week your power of focus will begin to produce an even deeper desire for reinforcing results. This will help keep you dedicated and determined for success even when the inevitable distractions come up in an attempt to derail you. Regardless of any setbacks it is up to you to activate your personal power and adjust your life direction in order to get back on course for the life you desire and deserve.

Mastery Action Plan

Check out some of the websites listed above for specific education, inspiration and motivation on exercise and fitness routines to consider.

Chopra on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

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Also,  journal about what you learned thus far, and what you are committed to be and do in order to improve your level of fitness and health.

Remember to maintain your focus on fitness and health and watch other areas of your life improve even more easily.

Our next blog post will share: Part 7: Focus on Fitness