Are you consuming Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and serving them to your family? How much do you understand about GE and GMO’s?

With a small investment of time you will soon be able to answer the question “are GMO’s friends or foe”? You may be putting them into your body and your family without being aware of the short and long term concerns and consequences. Be fore warned because the US does not require that GMO foods be identified on the ingredient’s label. Therefore, you must learn what foods are GE and GMO’s or contain them.

For your health and that of your family, friends and future generations it is imperative to do some reading and research to make informed decisions.

Understanding GMO Risks

genetically modified soy

Genetically Modified Soy Beans

Based on many comments and questions received during recent events and travel to Fiji, Hawaii and Florida it is quite obvious most people are not aware of the complex risks and health issues associated with Genetically Engineered (GE) foods and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Therefore, please read this and other articles on GE and GMOs to learn more about the many concerns, problems and risks regarding the growing ecological tsunami resulting from the Big Agriculture, Big Chemical, Big Food and Big Pharmaceutical companies push to control the food choices available for you.

Big International companies have a hidden agenda and financial motivation to work together to control the worlds major food supplies, which will not be in your best interest.

When companies use their massive power to promote global problems resulting from predatory practices regarding the food industry patents, pesticides, petrochemicals, plastics, processing, mass production and profits it is time to educate your self and take action. Many big companies today use massive profits and power to negatively impact your health and well being. It is time to investigate the key aspects regarding commercial food farming, distribution, education, marketing, processing, regulation, subsidies and transportation before more damage is done and they unleash Pandora’s Box of problems. For all we know this may already have occurred with some irreversible consequences.

Every Penny Spent Counts as a Vote

Be especially diligent uncovering the issues and real costs around planting, packaging, preparation, pricing, processing, production and promotion of every food before you consume it. Every penny you spend is a vote for the future of your food, health and well being. Be sure to educate your self and family to make wise choices.

As you learn more about food, health and nutrition you will discover your food, health and life are at risk because of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Tens of thousands of organizations that represent millions of people in the United States are speaking up to protect your health from GE and GMO foods. What have you done to protect your health from GE foods today? When would now be a great time to take action to protect yourself, your family and your environment?

Decision makers in India recently made a smart decision to refuse planting GMO crops for human and animal consumption.

When will other countires like the US, UK and EU take similar actions and make full disclosure labeling mandatory? Make sure apathy, ignorance or sticking your head in the sand do not describe you. Make a decision to voice your concerns and take action now and in the future.

The Dark Side of Genetically Modified Foods

The problem is that people are being kept in the dark regarding the dark side and risks of GMO’s. Contrary to the hype GMO’s actually feed less people per acre while costing more. They damage the environment, food chain and humans GMO’s have been linked to many health risks and even infertility. Please do your research and use common sense before it is too late.

GMO’s are affecting animals, humans and plants around the world. Cross pollination and contamination is already a serious problem for our food supply and future. People are starving because of the processing, power and profits the big agriculture and food companies possess currently. We cannot allow the GMO’s to continue to risk our future food supplies, health and survival.

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

Food Inc PosterDo you want to consume animals that have been fed GMO’s and mistreated? Many factory animals are raised under cruel and inhumane situations and feed unnatural GMO’s. What you eat fuels and rebuilds (or breadks down) your body and creates the mental and physical person you are today.

Remember you are what you eat so be sure to choose wisely. If you have not yet seen the Oscar nominated documentary “Food Inc” you owe it to yourself and family to watch it as soon as possible to learn the truth about commercial food production. Just say no to GMO.

Locally grown, organic and sustainable agriculture is the solution to feeding the world’s population. Please invite people to join the force for good to shine light on the benefits of healthy and natural whole foods. Organic non GMO production is far more productive and sustainable. Organic farming is less expensive than using the GMO seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides and other toxic compounds required for the GMO commercial production.

After additional reading and research about GE and GMO’s you will understand the truth. Then when your friends ask you “are GMO’s friend or foe” you will definitely let them know they are the foe and to help them make better decisions. Just say no to GMO.

Our next blog post will share: Are Body Care Products Helping or Harming?