Last week the Great NEWS blog post shared suggestions to help you Be Prepared for Pathogens, Parasites, Pests and Problems and today we explain Gross Guts versus Great Guts for Perfect Health. After my recent trip to Costa Rica and the article on pathogens it seemed like a great idea to follow up with more specific details regarding what contributes to gross guts versus great guts for perfect health.

Perfect Health Mastery comes from understanding how and why your body, mind and spirit work together to manifest a happier, healthier and more harmonious life regardless of the circumstances going on in your environment. Our gut is much more complex and sophisticated than most people realize and it is essential to understand and support your gut with supportive strategies.

Caring for Your Second Brain

Our gut is actually referred to as our second brain and is the center of many complex transactions going on simultaneously. Our gut is also the primary foundation for our immune system and so much more that every adult and child should spend time to learn more about and be more proactive towards optimal gut health.

Taking Care of Your DigestionIt is important to understand what contributes to a gross gut versus a great gut so you will be empowered to make fewer unhealthy choices and more healthy ones. When it comes to gut health most people are unaware of how their digestion system works and are making choices that compromise their health and speeds the advancement of digestion issues, disease and death.

Adults and children of all ages must learn about what influences gut health and then make better choices to support this essential element of life which plays a major role in our long term happiness and health. By investing the time now learning about the various do’s and don’ts regarding gut health you may very well save yourself a fortune in medical bills, medicines and medical interventions.

This article offers valuable insights in order to help you deal with the minor and major challenges that can impair your health and vitality. Many gut problems make you more prone to illness issues and put you at greater risk for experiencing debilitating disease and a dreadful death. Many people are unknowingly contributing to a gross gut versus great gut based on simple everyday beverage, food and lifestyle choices they make or do not make. Whether it is from a lack of appreciation or awareness for how your own digestion and gut system functions you will ultimately pay the price for making dumb decisions. Even things that appear to be simple factors can lead to serious complications and consequences which ultimately lead to a lower quality of life and accelerated death.

Learning more about your digestion, immune function and nutrition is one of the most important life lessons to master.

The entire gastrointestinal system from ingestion to elimination determines the quality of your life and lifestyle. Remember the choices you make every day have a direct impact on the quality of your life so choose wisely.

Taking great care of your gut is paramount to a strong immune system and long term great heath. This is one of the first steps to minimizing your risks from digestion problems, immune issues and low energy. Almost all health challenges and immune issues are found to be connected to your digestion system and gut health. Any thing that is currently hindering your overall health and well being is either helped or hindered based on the gut and immune system connection.

Healthy Tips for a Great Gut

Here are some key concepts to be aware of and focus on regularly in order to prevent gross guts and maintain great guts:

Allergens are foods or substances that can affect the intestinal lining and cause inflammation and irritation. Compounded over a period of time they can begin to infect and infiltrate the gut wall and enter the circulatory system and cause what is referred to as leaky gut. Gluten is an example of an allergen that is impairing the digestion, gut lining and immune system of many people.

Amylase is secreted in the mouth and begins the process of digesting carbohydrates. Avoid chewing gum which depletes your amylase reserves.

Antibiotic OveruseAntibiotics may be considered helpful in a serious life threatening bacterial infection but unfortunately they destroy many of the healthy bacteria we need for digestion and a healthy immune system. Avoid routine use of antibiotics and focus on building a stronger gut and immune system instead.

Avoid chemicals, artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, heavy metals, synthetic compounds, preservatives, toxic substances and radioation exposure which can damage the intestinal lining and immune system.

Bacteria exist over the entire earth and there are many helpful and not helpful varieties. We have more bacteria in our bodies than we do all the cells of our blood, bones, muscles and tissues. It is essential to know how to maintain less of the unhealthy bacteria and more of the healthy ones for optimal digestion and health.

Constipation is a major problem can result from many issues. A diet lacking fiber, poor hydration, medicines, stress, too many processed foods and too few bowel movements can all contribute to constipation. Constipation is a very serious multi billion dollar problem in many countries which contributes to bowel problems, disease and immunity issues. If you are not having at least one or two bowel movements a day you are constipated and causing stress and strain on your body and intestinal system.

Cultured foods are a valuable source of healthy bacteria, predigested foods and probiotics. The healthy bacteria help break down the cellulose and fibers to help you extract more of the nutrients from the foods.

Digestion is powered by various processes using different compounds such as amylase, bile, hydrochloric acid.

Enzymes are essential for the process of breaking down food into smaller particles so it can be digested and assimilated. Other enzymes are needed for metabolic actions within the body. Most of the naturally occurring enzymes in food are destroyed when the food is cooked so the body must use some of its supply of enzymes to aid in digestion. Therefore consuming adequate amounts of uncooked foods help provide more natural food enzymes and therefore will help by depleting less of the bodies enzymes which will be available for hormones, metabolism and other functions.

Healthy OilsEssential fats from healthy sources are essential for great gut health. Consuming the ideal balance of omega 3 fats ot omega 6 fats is especially important. Unfortunately most people are consuming too many omega 6 fats and unhealthy cooked and processed fats which cause your body to be out of balance and perform poorly..

Fiber is important to make the body work harder to extract the carbohydrates, fill us up faster, and help feed the good bacteria so they can maintain a healthy population. It also adds bulk to our food which aids the food in moving easier through the digestive track

Hormones are an important part of our digestion, metabolism and nutrition systems. It is imperative to check and make sure your hormones are functioning properly and in balance for optimal digestion and health.

Hydrochloric acid is needed to aid in the digestion of proteins in the stomach. Consuming too much liquids with a meal will dilute your stomach acid and make digestion much more difficult.

Neurological pathways, receptors and transmitters are very prevalent in your gastrointestinal tract. This helps your gut serve as a second brain and sensory organ and is important for your every aspect of digestion, health, immune function and well being.

Nutrition is essential for energy, health and vitality and the best nutrition is derived from minimally processed whole foods. Fast food, junk foods and highly processed foods are often lacking in essential nutrients and provide excess unhealthy substances. Choose nutrient dense organic whole foods with minimal processing and low temperature cooking.

Probiotics is the term for the natural healthy bacteria that are on our food, in our gut or can be in a supplement. After using antibiotics which destroy both healthy and unhealthy bacteria is is important to repopulate the get with healthy bacteria.

Stomach is the organ at the end of the esophagus and before the small intestine where the digestion process begins. Complex digestion begins here so it is important to have adequate stomach acid, good circulation, room for digestion and well chewed foods. A calm environment and good food combining goes a long way toward helping the digestive process be more efficient.

Small Intestine are the very long gut tube which serves to break down the foods and separate the nutrients from the fiber and larger molecules.

Large intestines provide a mechanism for further nutrient assimilation and absorption of water. Colon is another term for the final section of the intestine that serves to hold the digested and undigested food residue in preparation for elimination.

Adequate antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins are essential for a healthy gut and immune system.

Shifting Intention: Caring for Your Digestive System

Anyone can claim they are too busy to have time to learn about and nurture their gut system which is why so many people suffer with significant gut and immune issues. This article is loaded with important information that can prevent problems and protect people for the main things that can risk your life, life style or livelihood. A great gut is our greatest ally for our long term health and well being.

You and your families well being depends on discovering the difference between a gross gut versus a great gut for perfect health. Be sure to make the decision to step up and invest in your long term well being by using these tips. Remember your health and life depends on a healthy gut. Applying these simple strategies and suggestions shifts the intention regarding gross guts versus great guts for perfect health and will help you feel happier, healthier and more in harmony.

Mastery Action Plan

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