Water TapIn honor of World Water Day on March 22 this blog highlights the amazing health benefits of proper hydration with clean water.

Welcome to the 11th blog on Positive Progress with Simple Steps. Last week we shared Seven Signs We Need More Water and how many people feel sad, sick and stressed way too often. One of the primary reasons is because they are frequently dehydrated that results in negative health consequences. Without adequate hydration, we are less likely to be energized, happy and healthy. This week we have Seven Simple Steps to Hydrate. Holistic health coaching in simple steps helps when you are committed to improving life. Baby steps lead to big success.

Our passion and purpose are to share resources and simple steps for rapid results.

Seven Simple Steps to Hydrate

  1. Water with LemonAdding some healthy ingredients can help make water even more beneficial and enjoyable. Fresh lemon or lime juice with a pinch of baking soda or sea salt makes a great addition. Green powders and herbal teas also turn water into powerful medicinal beverages.
  2. Alcohol consumption causes the body to need even more water to compensate for the diuretic action of releasing alcohol. Drink at least one twelve ounce glass of water before each alcoholic beverage.
  3. Avoid coffee and fruit juices first thing in the morning. Coffee has caffeine which is a diuretic and fruit juice has high sugar content which also reduces the amount of water the body can retain. Fruit juices can also spike blood sugar levels because the pulp has been removed which by divine design slows our blood sugar spikes and resulting insulin released.
  4. Drink water immediately after waking in the morning.Water
  5. Drink water throughout the day and less at meals. Too much water at meals can dilute the stomach acids needed to properly digest foods. Sipping water all day long rather than gulping a glass with meals helps to ensure you stay hydrated.
  6. Use a good water filter to eliminate unwanted contaminants in your water. While most of the water in the world may be deemed safe for human consumption remember that water and the world are full of chemical, heavy metal, and pharmaceutical contaminants and pollution. If you do not use a water filter your body becomes a water filter. Think about that for a while until the message locks into your brain.  Avoid water in plastic bottles for the same reason. Ingredients in the water and the plastic bottles leach into the water and end up in you.
  7. Warm water is particularly beneficial in priming the bowels and heart pump to operate more efficiently.

Senior Drinking WaterHow easy is it to implement these seven simple steps to hydrate more efficiently and effectively? Do you want to have low energy and look like a wrinkled prune or a beautiful purple plum with vibrant energy?

The passion and purpose of the Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember baby steps can lead to big success when you program your body and brain with proven steps for sustainable success. Happiness and health depend on staying well hydrated with water…so drink up!

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