The previous Great NEWS post was Happy Healthy Travel Tales and Tips Part 4 US and today we follow up with Part 5 Australia.  While observing many disturbing trends and troubles around the US and world it seems like a great time to write about the obvious big challenges and offer better choices. Read this post carefully with eager ears and eagle eyes because there are imbedded insights and subtle suggestions in these posts for being even more happy, healthy and in harmony for life and while traveling. Happy Healthy Travel Tales & Tips Part 5 Australia will summarize many traps, trends and troubles and then share some simple solutions and steps.

Gold Coast, Australia

The beautiful Gold Coast in Australia.

In August I was able to travel to Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia again. My last trip there was in 2006 so it was interesting and intriguing to observe the things that had remained the same as well as those that had changed. Australia is a great country and the people seem down to earth and genuine. The Gold Coast is a particularly beautiful and inviting paradise.

My travels, trials, tribulations and trips have opened my eyes to the sad state of the union of the US and many developed countries.  Most people appear to be struggling with their finances, health, lifestyle and well being.  People seem to be totally confused about what to do and what not to do to be happy, healthy and in harmony.  Many are seeking help with coaching, guidance and information on exercise, fitness, health, medical problems, nutrition, prescriptions and wellness.  Fixing the problems requires enough time for education, inspiration and motivation so it is essential to use modern technology to share the message via articles, blogs, Google hangouts, seminars, videos and webinars to be helpful and serve the most people in the least amount of time.

Group coaching sessions, seminars and technology trends is the most effective and efficient way to help more people deal with their current health challenges and issues as well as implement prevention strategies.  Great NEWS Perfect Health is dedicated to help people enjoy being even more happy, health, in harmony and holistic.

Even though it takes a significant investment of money and time to speak and write about the health challenges and share holistic health and natural nutrition strategies it is a labor of love.  This mini series is part of my passion and vision to address the pains people are facing in order to educate, empower and excite them about the pleasure and possibility for perfect health without prescriptions and OTC medicines.

Amazing About Australia

It is more polite to discuss what is great about a country and the people first before discussing the many areas that can be improved. According to a recent OECD report, Australia was rated the world’s happiest industrialized nation for the third year running.  The criteria included  housing, income, satisfaction and work-life balance.

Australia is blessed with a great culture, history and international diversity.

Australia is a blessed country with incredible agriculture, creativity, entrepreneurial energy, diversity, ingenuity, land, manufacturing, opportunity, people, research, resources, talents and technology.  Australia is also blessed with a great culture, history and international diversity.  It is a cosmopolitan melting pot that represents all corners of the world. The variety of beverages, cultures, foods and tastes is absolutely amazing.  In most parts of Australia you can find a smorgasbord of American (Standard American Diet – SAD), Asian, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Polish, Scandinavian, South American, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and much more.

Only in limited parts of the country is there adequate irrigation, rainfall, soil and topography to yield an abundance of delicious and nutritious foods.  Many foods are grown year round in some parts of Australia.   Due to Australia’s great location it has the right conditions to either grow or import foods with a large number of countries and regions for incredible choices and options.

Australia is well known for it productivity and profitability at growing great berries, fruits, grains, greens, herbs, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, tubers and vegetables.  The country produces a lot of grass fed natural and organic animal products and wild caught fish and sea foods. Unfortunately it also produces Confined Animal Feedlot Operation (CAFO) animals and animal products.

Animal products:  beef, chicken, goat, lamb and pork.  Also cheese, dairy and eggs play a major role.  Also deer, duck, goat, geese, hare and kangaroo.

Berries: blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry,

Fish and seafoods:  clams, crabs, fish (anchovies, grouper, herring, mackerel, mahi mahi, sardines, salmon, snapper, tilapia, trout), krill, shrimp, squid and other sea foods.

Fruits: apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, coconut,  dates, figs, grapes, grapefruit, kumquats, lemons, limes, mango, mulberry, oranges, papaya, peaches, pears, pineapple, plums, pomegranates, prickly pear, tangerines,

Grains: barley, maize, millet, oats, rye, sorghum, wheat

Greens:  arugula, bok choy, cabbage, celery, celery root, chard, collards, dandelion, fennel, kale, lettuce, (Boston, endive, escarole, green leaf, iceberg, radicchio, red leaf, romaine), mustard, napa cabbage, silver beet, spinach, watercress,

Australia produces an assortment of herbs.

Herbs:  basil, bay leaf, cilantro, garlic, mint, nettles, oregano, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, spearmint, tarragon, thyme,

Legumes, beans, peas and lentils (pulses): beans (black, broad, fava, kidney, lima, navy, pinto, red, white), black eye peas, chickpeas, green beans, lentils, green peas, peanuts,

Melons: abundant cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon

Mushrooms: button,  portobello,  mitake, shitake, white,

Nuts: almonds, macadamia, pecans, pinenuts, walnuts,

Roots and Tubers:  beets, burdock root, carrots, cassava, garlic, onions, parsnips, potatoes, radish, sweet potatoes, taro, turnips, yams, yucca,

Seeds:  flax (linseed), pumpkin, sesame, sunflower as well as amaranth, chia and quiona)

Spices: black pepper, cayenne, chilies, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, curry, garlic, paprika, pepper, red pepper, sea salt, turmeric are all available and widely used

Vegetables: asparagus, bell peppers (capsicum), broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cactus, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, okra, onions, peppers, pumpkins, squash, string beans, tomatoes,

Wild foods:  algae, aloe vera, apples, black berries, burdock root, cactus, crabapples, dandelion, elderberries, kelp, mushrooms, mustang grapes, mustard greens, nettles, rose hips, sea weed, yucca,

Most of these foods are prepared in a healthy fashion or harmful one based on many variables such as: coloring, cooking method, culturing, flavor enhancers, freshness, herbicides, ingredients, MSG, oils added, organic, pesticides, preparation, preservatives, shelf life, soaking, sprouting, storage, sugar added, sea salt versus table salt and time factors.

In Australia there are some food crops that include Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) such as GE canola and bt cotton seed. Other GMO food crops are being tested in Australia.  GMO crops may well be one of the worst fake foods on the planet.  It is hard to determine which is worse…their altered genetic material or the use of toxic herbicides which contaminate them.  Herbicides used on the plants like Roundup contain glycophosphates which appear to be one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals to humans and all forms of life.

Fried foods and soy oil use are taking a toll on the population among all age groups and especially younger ones.

Excess consumption of fried foods is another problem.  Many are cooked in chemically and commercially processed canola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, safflower, soy or vegetable oils which are harmful.  Processed and refined oils are a recipe for being sad, sick, stressed and suffering. Fried foods and soy oil use are taking a toll on the population among all age groups and especially younger ones. It is quite sad because many people are now addicted to fake foods and fast foods which are robbing them of their health and wealth while also preventing them from being happy and healthy.

Excess refined sugar consumption and sweet treats are problematic in Australia like most of the world.

Due to the large agriculture industry and available imports the variety in Australia is excellent.  Food prices in the large super markets in most cities tend to be high.  It is very easy to find a good selection of fresh, healthy and nutrient dense organic whole foods in Australia at local coops, ethnic, family and farmers markets.  They usually offer much better options and prices.

Beware it is just as easy to find a lot of fake, fast and junk foods in the markets and streets as well.  Australia has been invaded by the SAD – Standard American Diet fast food fad and is following the US experience with disease, health and weight issues.  Fake, fast and junk foods seem to be everywhere.

Australia is playing a major role in the eco-conscious, perma-culture and sustainable food movement.  Planting a small victory garden in your yard or community garden is a great idea.  Adults and children will receive many benefits from reconnecting to the earth and soil as they grow berries, fruits, greens, herbs and vegetables.  Gardening is great for your health in many ways besides the nutrient dense organic whole foods grown. Planting fruit trees in your yard or other areas is a great way to enhance your ecosystem and environment while providing food and trees for the community.

SAD, Sick and Stressed in OZ

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has become entrenched in Australia to the detriment of Aussies.  In every city it seems the big Standard American Diet (SAD) businesses like Burger King, Cereals, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Sodas, Subway and Starbucks are dominant forces impacting millions of lives.  Burgers, French fries and sodas are harming millions of people and future generations in Australia.  It is unfortunate to see a few dozen fake and fast food choices dominate most people’s food consumption.

The country and people are paying big bucks for hospitals, medical care and prescriptions.

Highly processed and refined foods such as: biscuit, bread, cakes, candy, cereal, chicken strips, crackers, cookies, croissants, donuts, energy drinks, French fries, juices, ketchup, macaroni and cheese, margarine, pancakes, pasta, pies, pizza, processed oils, salad dressing, sandwiches, sodas, spaghetti, have replaced many of the traditional family style foods in Australia and the country and people are paying big bucks for hospitals, medical care and prescriptons.

Most families have at least one member dealing with health problems relating to: arthritis, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, digestion, immune function and weight while losing their energy, health and well being.  Many are using continual prescription and OTC medicines as a result.  Most people are eating lousy food choices, in a rushed way without chewing properly which is very unhealthy. When people are driving, rushed, standing up, walking or watching TV while eating this activity negatively affects their chewing, digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination. Many fast food franchises are guilty of:  artificial sweeteners, cheap ingredients, cheap labor, chemical contaminated, confined, cramped, crowded, excess refined sugar, fluorescent lights, GMO ingredients, germs, MSG, micro waved foods, processed oils, table salt, unsanitary and unhealthy practices,

Most people are not consuming adequate fresh fruits, greens, herbs, nuts, roots, salads, seeds and vegetables while eating too many servings of breads, cereals, pasta, pizza, potatoes, starches and sugars.  Eating too much food and too often as well as too late in the day are major challenges in Australia.  Eating a big meal late in the day disturbs your digestion, biorhythms and creates more stress on your body during the night when you digest, process, relax, repair and rejuvenate to be happy and healthy.

Active Attitude in Australia

While many people in Australia are active and fit and more are looking for ways to do so too many Aussies are following the American and British influence with harmful consequences.   We receive a very high return on investment (ROI) when we eat, educate, en energize and exercise for optimal health.  With the increasing cost of living in Australia many people are struggling financially and experiencing declining health due to poor lifestyle choices.  This is also a serious threat to the Australian economy and standard of living.  This unhealthy trend will lead to dramatic and drastic consequences.


While many people in Australia are active and fit and more are looking for ways to do so too many Aussies are following the American and British influence with harmful consequences.

When we make it a high priority to focus on healthy agriculture, air, disease prevention, ecosystem, education, environment, exercise, food, lifestyle, nutrition, prenatal care and water it will encourage people to make healthier choices.  With education and empowerment we can resolve the problems caused by the sad, sick, stressed and stupid society being promoted by profit above people companies.   When Australia stops subsidizing sad, sick and stressful stuff (fake, fast and junk foods) and starts to support and subsidize being a happy, healthy and holistic human we will see rapid results.

Australia faces the same challenges as the rest of the developed world.  Late night alcohol consumption and partying reduces people’s competitive performance, position and productivity.  Smoking is a major issue with people of all ages and many young people are starting in spite of older people quitting. Late night cell phone social activity, computer time and TV are taking a huge toll on peoples health and vitality.  As a result of unhealthy eating habits, excess caffeine consumption and lifestyle choices the majority of people in Australia are dehydrated and over acidic.  This negatively impacts every area for a quality life for anyone who desires to be happy, healthy and in harmony.

Australia is a great country and rich nation with abundant potential and resources.  Unfortunately like many over developed countries it has many people who are in deep debt, living paycheck to paycheck, malnourished, over weight, sick, struggling, under employed, uneducated, unemployed and on welfare.  This is quite a contrast to the wealth owned by the top 5 percent affluent minority.  Australia has a bright future and is well positioned to benefit from their rich resources base and strategic location close to Asia.

This Great NEWS post is the Happy Healthy Travel Tales & Tips Part 5 Australia.  There are always simple steps and smart solutions to help anyone committed to fresh foods, holistic health and terrific travel.  This post on Happy Healthy Travel Tales and Tips Part 5 Australia follows my recent trip there and is offered to help you uncover the big challenges and decide on better choices.

What is your current Gap?

How educated, empowered and excited do you feel for being happy, healthy and in harmony long term?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What action plans will help you be even more happy and healthy at home and while traveling domestically or internationally? What great books, resources or websites have been most helpful for you?  What new fantastic foods could you try each week?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns do you have for being happy and healthy at home or while traveling?  Have you googled GMO or herbicides like Roundup to see the risks you face from consuming foods with them?  When would now be a great time to research this biological and chemical hazard to your health?

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