The previous Great NEWS post was on Life Lessons Learned in 2012 and today we kick off the New Year with simple strategies for manifesting a Happy New Year – Happy New You in 2013. Many people are thinking about where they should focus and what they should do in the New Year. Unfortunately many will make the same mistakes again this year as they did last year. This blog is designed to share the top ten simple strategies to help you transform your life. Common sense suggests there are key steps to help avoid many of the aches and pains and enjoy more of the fun and joy in life. To benefit from your life lessons you must review what was working well and maximize those things and find out what was not working well and minimize those things. With awareness and specific mastery action plans for the important outcomes in your life it is much easier to enjoy a Happy New Year and Happy New You in 2013.

Understanding our identity is the key to unlocking what drives our behaviors. Your identity is based on your values, visions and rules. When we are clear on these we are more easily able to be congruent in our actions, deeds and words. When we are not clear about them we are in conflict and experience more crisis. Do you have any Values and Rules conflicts that may be sending confusing and mixed signals to your brain? Most people do and this is one of the main problems which will sabotage your progress and success in any area of your life.

Many people have not even invested the time to identify and prioritize their values and rules so they have a clear understanding of what drives them to do what they do. This is why many people feel like a hamster on a wheel or they are going around in circles and doing crazy eights. Without a clear understanding of your principles and priorities in life guiding your life you are doomed to wander all over the place and experience lots of frustration and pain.

Do you have a written action plan, blue print or vision board with specific goals and outcomes for the important areas of your life? Our minds need a written plan with smart goals which are the highest priorities or we are easily distracted and wander off course. Think of a written mastery action plan as the autopilot on a plane or a GPS system to guide you to where you want to go in the least amount of time. Knowing your outcomes for each activity, day, week, month, quarter, year, business, trip, school year and any thing else important is essential to direct your life to soar to new heights.

Vision boards are valuable to keep you focused on your goals.

Vision boards are valuable to keep you focused on your goals.


There are many detailed distinctions and meaningful messages that I need to focus on even more each and every day in 2013 to prevent a recurrence of many of the tough life lessons learned in 2012.

Allow the following suggestions to benefit you:

1. Decide to Be Happy! Determine how you will  “Be Happy” every day in spite of what is happening in the world around you. Do you have a “Be Happy” mastery action plan that sets your ground rules for how you will act and behave regardless of distractions and events going on around you? Most people allow other people and the world around them determine whether they are happy. When you constantly focus on an external reference for happiness you will usually end up greatly disappointed. Happiness is an inside game and you get to be the referee. Set up the game so it is easy for you to be happy and very difficult to be unhappy. Energy Psychology, NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Meridian tapping, Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Acupressure, and many other methodologies are helpful and maintaining your happiness, health and harmony.  Be consistent and persistent to determine which ones are most beneficial for you.

2. Creating a Mastery Action Plan (MAP) for each area of your life and goal you set is important.

The proven Success Formula is based on proven principles:

Know your specific outcomes and have a realistic timeline to accomplish them.

Identify big enough reasons why these outcomes are important and will inspire and motivate you to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Create a Mastery Action Plan (MAP) that serves as a detailed blue print and Global Positioning System (GPS) for success.

Evaluate your progress and total results as you go. Make adjustments as needed to get back on course.

Continue to change your approach until you accomplish the results you planned for and then celebrate your success.

3. What are the stories you have created and are telling others and yourself that are empowering you or disempowering you? It is easy to create a story and tell it so often we begin to believe it as the truth. In reality most stories are created to justify or rationalize why we did or did not do something. We must choose our stories wisely since they will become the story of our life as we act out and live it as our reality.

A powerful story can help us be more motivated and successful. A story full of blame and excuses can rob us of our personal power and weaken our ability to perform up to our full potential. What type of stories are you telling? Have they hindered you or liberated you for super success? We must learn to accept responsibility for all our actions or lack of actions and the consequences that result. Many of us say we are not good story tellers or writers and yet we come up with some wild stories and tales that become our autobiography.

4. What strategies do you have in place to keep you on track with your goals, mastery action plans and outcomes? Every area of your life that is important needs to have specific details outlined so you are clear on the result and the actions that will deliver those results. Without a plan your chance of success is none or very slim. Therefore you must seek to create or find a detailed plan that will accomplish your goals and outcomes.

A great strategy has well defined action steps that lead you along the path towards success. The strategy can be yours or those of a proven role model that has been able to achieve the desired result. A written strategy is usually more attainable, clear and valid than one just mentally designed because once it is written it can be coached and evaluated by others to help with accountability and guidance as needed. It is easy to deceive our self and waste a lot of money and time in the process. Often times it is better and easier to rely on the proven results of a role model or mentor who achieved the result you are seeking. Do you have great role models and are you following their mastery action plans with precision?

5. Are you in a peak state or stuck state? It is easy to slip out of a peak state and settle into a stuck state. A slight shift in your alignment, breathing, emotions, energy, nutrition, posture, relationships, thinking and wellness can have a massive influence on how you body, mind and spirit are able to respond to the demands of the day. Most people do not give adequate attention to the specific distinctions regarding their state or train consistently and constantly to maintain a peak state. There are millions of distractions and influences that can cause us to get off course and lose our emotional, mental and physical edge. It is up to us to condition and train our body, mind and spirit to be resilient and resistant to these influences. We must be emotionally, mentally and physically conditioned to be determined, driven and persistent to stay on task in spite of the allure from short term pleasures that can prevent us from attaining long term success.

6. How reliable is your specific plan for creating vibrant energy and sustaining a healthy lifestyle? What is most important in your life each day to insure you maintain both? Your health has a direct bearing on your long term happiness, success and wealth. Investing in your health is definitely one of the best ways to protect your full wealth and wellness potential. Health is one of the main factors that will ultimately allow everything else in your life to be possible. Most people feel they can compromise on their exercise, fitness and nutrition programs in pursuit of enjoying the good life and short term gratification. The problem is very similar to a retirement account where you must make the regular deposits each month and allow the funds to compound for many decades to enjoy the benefit of a healthy retirement account balance. Too many people today have bodies and retirement accounts that are in terrible shape and will not sustain them for their long term needs either financially of physically.

7. Make  deposits into all your various accounts in life and let them compound to create abundance. Do you seek short term pleasure at the expense of long term happiness? Many people are more eager to live for today and party hardy which has resulted in them losing sight of the discipline and planning needed to create financial freedom. As a result most people are seeking short term pleasure and setting themselves up for short term pain and continual long term pain as well.

The heart is key to your success

Help your heart have happiness, health and harmony

8. Relationships are one of our most important needs in life and we must invest the energy, love and time to nurture them in order to enjoy the benefits. Relationships are similar to a bank account. You must make the deposits first in order to make a withdrawal. Many people today want to make withdrawals without having made the necessary deposits over time and are shocked when their account is overdrawn, are penalized and often the account closed. We must focus on the relationship we have with our self first before we can create great relationships with others. Many people want to find another person that can fill in the gaps and make them whole. When you try to fill in your gaps with another person you may find they are trying to do the same so you both end up unfulfilled and unhappy. When you fill your own bucket first you are able to help others fill theirs also. When people come to the relationship with full buckets they are more easily able to be nurturing and supportive of others. People who have full buckets are more likely to have full lives. How full is your bucket?

9. Living our life at a higher level of consciousness is a key factor to creating peace and prosperity for everyone in the world. We can no longer afford to consume more than our share of resources or pollute the environment more than other individuals. We must stop the insanity of competition, consumption and corruption that justifies robbing the resources from Peter to provide for the luxuries of Paul. The poisons, pollution and problems created by greedy corporations and individuals ends up hurting everyone on the planet. When we do our part to be eco friendly, green and sustainable we create a better world for all the beings on the planet.

10. Learning to be direct, honest, open and safe in all our communications is essential for our state of mind and well being. Clear, concise and conscious communications is the solution to many of the problems in the world today. When family, friends, parents and children, partners, spouses, employers and workers are committed to honesty, integrity and transparency we will see a shift and turning point towards the ultimate utopia. When lying, cheating and stealing are replaced by telling the truth, cooperation, collaboration and sharing we will enjoy productivity and profitability that will change the face of business, communities and governments. When we shift from scarcity to abundance the world will shift to reward us with long term peace and prosperity.

2013 will be the year of major shifts and transformation towards a better future for those who embrace their emotional intelligence, heart guidance and higher consciousness. Are you ready to do your part?

This Great NEWS blog post on Happy New Year – Happy New You in 2013 is a summary of my own valuable life lessons and those of numerous coaches and role models along the way. The ups and downs in 2012 have many people confused and frustrated. Everything that is happening is simply the result of cause and effect that has been put into motion by our collective actions. Therefore we can expect to experience a lot of change, challenges and confusion in the years ahead. This blog is designed to share my top ten strategies and suggestions to insure a Happy New Year – Happy New You in 2013.

What is your current Gap?

What have you been doing that is causing most of the great challenges in your life? Stop doing that and start being more conscious, disciplines and focused on creating the life of your dreams one step at a time.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Create a Vision Board with the actions, behaviors and outcomes you know will create the peak performance body, mind and spirit necessary to manifest a great life. Establish a reward system that inspires and motivates you to be even more outstanding in each area of your life. The book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins will help you become clear about your values, visions and rules.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding mastery action plans for a Happy New Year – Happy New You in 2013?

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