Get ready for more Great NEWS in 2017 with my decision to be more focused on my exciting new Belize Eco Village and sustainable master planned community while being a bit less focused on Health Habits and Health Hazards. The updated mission and vision is to attract a wide variety of eco-conscious and like minded people to design, build and live in an eco friendly, green, healthy and sustainable community. Imagine a peace of paradise where people can live, retire, visit and work while enjoying a more happy, healthy and in harmony lifestyle.

Future posts will be short writings or video blogs that maintain maximum focus on the lessons learned, progress and results achieved converting the 149 acres of pristine Caribbean pine ridge and creek lined jungle into a Belize Eco Village sustainable master planned community. Future posts will share steps, strategies and suggestions to help me and others document a variety of ways to consciously reduce our carbon footprint in 2017 while also creating a more eco friendly and sustainable way of life.

Belize Jungle

We all know we are facing a wide variety of biological, ecological, immunological, neurological, pharmaceutical, physiological, psychological and toxicological health hazards because of unhealthy choices for the people and planet. We know it is time to change our behaviors, beliefs, habits and rituals to create more emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.

We all know we are facing a wide variety of biological, ecological, immunological, neurological, pharmaceutical, physiological, psychological and toxicological health hazards because of unhealthy choices for the people and planet. We know it is time to change our behaviors, beliefs, habits and rituals to create more emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Posts in 2016 and prior shared thousands of specific solutions, strategies and suggestions to help people wake up to the health challenges of the world and implement healthier habits. Now it is time to shift gears and switch hats in order to expand and re-engineer my vision for the future by redirecting my energies with a mission of becoming the Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Developer of a Master Planned Eco-community in southern Belize. Here we consciously create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint.

By rebooting, redesigning and rethinking what is possible we will avoid, minimize and mitigate many behaviors and lifestyle choices which are detrimental to our world. With large numbers of people facing food, health, shelter and water challenges the future posts are dedicated to helping more people live better with less negative impact. The more people that take massive action plan steps to protect the planet the more we all benefit.

We must learn to identify the primary environmental and health hazards and then design mastery action plans to minimize their impact to our happiness, health and well being. We all know that the degradation, destruction, misuse, overuse, pollution and waste of resources causes pain and suffering so it is time to focus on the solutions to prevent and reverse these negative forces. Since our environment, lifestyle and nutrition are three of the most serious factors contributing to our health this post is dedicated to simple strategies and small steps we can all take to do our part. With my degree and passion in Biology and Environmental Studies since the 70s it is evident that as an environmentalist and “tree hugger” these topics are regularly in my deeds and thoughts. Now more than ever before in history it is time for each of us to “think globally, act locally”.

Conscious Change for Healthy Habitat


Gandhi said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Since too many people are sad, sick, stressed and struggling we must focus on creating new behaviors and beliefs to establish healthy habitats which will benefit people and the planet together. If chemicals and synthetic compounds in the air, food, land and water are health hazards we must reduce, re mediate and remove them to the best of our ability. Since we are the ones buying, creating, designing, manufacturing and using the things that harm our environment we must be the ones to change our destructive habits. Gandhi said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” We must do our part and work together to implement a detailed protection and restoration plan for our world that provides maximum environmental and health benefits with the minimum cost and effort. There are eco communities like Damahur doing just this.

We are all facing various environmental and health challenges due to poor choices we have made. Therefore if our past behaviors and choices created the problems new choices and decisions can help resolve them. It is time for a re-evolution to a higher level of thinking. This post will share some super solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to better preserve and protect our planet by building a better eco community in Belize.

Prevent Pollution and Problems to Protect People and Planet

Adopting an Earth Day Every Day mindset will help protect the people and planet. Our Seventh Generation code of conduct and mastery action plans will focus on sustainability. We prevent pollution and problems from overwhelming our health and habitat. These 2017 posts will focus on a comprehensive list of specific solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to set a better standard which will  enhance our habitat, happiness, health and quality of life here and in Belize

Healthy Habitat

Here is a list of solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems we will implement in Belize to consciously reduce our carbon and water footprint.

We will make better ecological and environmental choices to create  a happy and healthy habitat. We will be a force for good and find many ways to stop harming the planet and start healing the  planet The Biology of Belief reminds us that everything we do, drink, eat, say, see, smell, taste, think and touch directly and indirectly affects every cell in our body and the equilibrium of all people on the planet. Remember to choose wisely.

Holistic Healing

When we make better ecological and environmental choices we enjoy a happy, healthy and holistic life.

We will Think globally, act locally. This is a great environmental friendly and green philosophy to live by. We understand the global consequences of our decisions and will adopt this mindset to: reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle, repair, re-purpose, recover, reject and rethink everything we do in Belize.

Since our current systems are not sustainable we will begin to redesign, re-engineer and rethink how we access resources in the most sustainable way. We will adopt policies that focus on fair share and fair wage.

We will use water saver shower heads to reduce the amount of water used and promote short showers. We will reduce our carbon and water footprint at the same time.

We will promote fewer flush toilets and more composting toilets. Flush toilets waste an incredible amount of clean water. We will design and use  black water and grey water treatment systems.

Our Code of Conduct will avoid putting prescription medicines, chemicals or synthetic compounds down a sink or toilet.

We will use eco friendly and natural dish washing and laundry soaps to help prevent water pollution. We will find ways to promote washing machines to help reduce the hand washing of clothes in streams with commercial soaps which is very polluting. Rivers, streams and oceans are being polluted and coral reefs destroyed by this practice. We will teach people how to be as efficient as possible and use the least amounts of resources necessary. We will use natural means like air or solar clothes drying that will save a fortune in energy. We will use cold water or solar heater warm water in the washing machine. We will use on demand or solar water heaters near the sink, shower or washer to save massive amounts of energy and water. Solar water heaters are an excellent choice in tropical Belize.

We will use solar sensors and turn off lights that are not being used. We will use LED lights and focus om minimizing light pollution.

We will reduce phantom energy drains. We will promote computer models like the Chromebook and Chromebox that will save a lot of wasted energy compared to larger and older units.

We will avoid buying plastic water bottles. We will use a water filter system and use ceramic, glass, stainless steel or last resort recycled BPA free plastic. This is good for the environment and good for you.

We will grown significant amounts of  nutrient dense organic whole foods. This will save a lot of fossil fuels used to transport foods. We will avoid wasting money on chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides that harm people and the planet by being organic and focusing on permaculture principles.

Our home designs will use natural sunlight and minimal artificial light. We will not use florescent light or Compact Florescent Light (CFL) bulbs but focus on LED bulbs. We will use a solar sensor or timer to turn outdoor lights off and on.

We will discourage growing lush green lawns and ornamental plants by encouraging  natural grass and plant landscape that is disease resistant and drought tolerant. Rather than sprinkler systems we will use grey water and rain catchment to provide water for plants year round. We will promote small organic victory gardens in the yards. We will allow chickens, fruit trees and a small garden to provide basics like cucumbers, eggs, figs, fruits, herbs, lemons, limes, nuts, onions, peppers, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes. The green spaces will contain flowering plants to feed bees, birds, butterflies and people.

The community centers, green spaces, parks and vacant lots will provide gardens, flowers and food forests. We will feed many families and other people with the food produced. Long term planning and planting prevents wasting valuable money and time. There are many trees that live for over 100 years and provide compost, food, fruit, nuts and seeds. Our community good judgement in the planning of roads and the planting of trees to maximize productivity and minimize maintenance. We will constantly focus on proper planning and planting using permaculture principles.

We will use all forms of mass transit available. Buses, car pooling, ride share and vans offer a very efficient transportation system.

We will use clean and renewable energy options when available. Hydroelectric, rocket mass stove, passive, solar and wind help reduce our dependency on fossil fuel based electricity.

Use passive energy saving design ideas for making our homes more effective and efficient at maintaining a comfortable temperature. Simple things like the direction of the sun shining on walls and windows, location and type of trees and building insulation and materials make a major difference in energy usage. Solar water heating is our preferred choice.

We will also use energy saving habits with the choices of blinds, ceiling fans, curtains, doors, fans, lights, passive design, roman shades, shades, tinting, windows, zone modification and other strategies to maximize passive temperature control and minimize wasted energy consumption. By blocking the sun out or allowing it in you can greatly influence the inside temperature. Curtains are easy ways to help keep a house cooler or warmer. If someone still needs a cooler room during an excessively hot day or night we can utilize zone AC systems that cool one area or room of the house versus a central system that maintains the temperature in the entire house.

We will use passive home design, construction and landscaping as one of the easiest strategies to create more energy efficient homes.

We can choose between single pane glass windows and double pane and tinted windows depending on our cost parameters and actual experience. A house with tinted double pane glass windows may save a fortune by capturing natural day and night cooling properties of a home. We will find additional ideas that will pay for themselves over time.

We will build our homes more energy efficient by updating and upgrading it with insulation, a radiant barrier, solar powered vents and more.

We are excited about creating a community where bicycles, ebikes, velomobiles and electric cars will be embraced.  We will attract people dedicated to using modern creativity, innovation and technology at its best.

Bike Ride

Better bicycles, ebikes, velomobiles and electric cars are desperately needed to greatly reduce the number of fossil fuel burning vehicles on the roads.

Homes will be designed and engineered to be more energy efficient and longer lasting with a smaller carbon footprint. Dwell Earth Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) homes are some of the most energy efficient and effective ways to build better homes for the long term. James Hallock is a builder in Texas with over 20 years of experience building compressed earth block homes and has inspired me to adopt his vision as well.

We embrace Permaculture as the solution to our destructive and fossil fuel intensive big agriculture and mono crop farming problems. Organic Permaculture can produce more locally grown organic nutrient dense whole foods on less land with minimal or no need for fossil fuels. We can solve a majority of the worlds problems with organic permaculture gardens. Geoff Lawton is a great resource and teacher of permaculture principles. As more people learn to grow more of their own food in a sustainable way we will reach the tipping point for transforming our environment, habitat and quality of life for people and the planet.

We instinctively understand that better behaviors, beliefs, decisions and habitat lead to healthier people and planet. Are you ready to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution? Share your ideas as to what else we can do to create our eco conscious community in Belize.   Thanks in advance for all you are doing to consciously reduce our carbon and water footprint.

Healthy Habitats

This Healthy Habitats post is dedicated to sharing simple steps for sustainable health and living. Our body, mind and spirit are being exposed to a harmful environment and it is time to create a healthier habitat. Our Code of Conduct for a Healthy Habitat will help transform our habitat, happiness and health.

Where is your Gap?

What behaviors, beliefs and decisions are harming the health of people and the planet? Since our body and our planet are the only homes we have where will you make improvements? Our habits and habitat determines our current and future health. What areas are not congruent with an ideal  code of conduct for better behaviors, beliefs and healthy habitat? What will it take for you to protect your family, self and the planet from damage, degradation and destruction? How ready are you  to do your part to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose and rebuild our habitat ?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is well documented that better beliefs and behaviors are essential for maintaining our global health and well being. There is a wealth of wisdom on the internet regarding the health hazards of our modern world. You will find great healthy habits information in other posts on this website to help you enjoy peak performance and perfect health. When we do our part to invest the energy, money and time to learn how to maintain and protect people and our planet we will see how a health habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Are you ready to do your part for rapid results?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the many benefits of stopping the health hazards and starting the healthy habits to refresh, renew, restore and revitalize our planet? Are you ready to learn more and do your part to consciously reduce our carbon footprint?

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