The Great NEWS posts in 2015 are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits and in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th) let’s focus on important healthy habits for Healthy Women.  In addition to all the normal healthy habits to focus on women have additional areas to address and be diligent about.  It can be extremely challenging for women to take adequate care of themselves while also raising children, running a household and working.   To maintain long term health and well being requires women to have action plans and specific strategies to keep their body, mind and spirit healthy. This post is devoted to a lifestyle and mindset checklist with healthy habits that can result in refreshed, relaxed, replenished, resilient, respected, rested, restored and revitalized women.

Many women feel they do not have the energy, freedom, money, support and time required for maintaining their body.  Most women do not realize they must put themselves first when it comes to Tender Loving Care (TLC) because if they do not care for themselves they will not be able to care for others.

Nature Walk

Most women do not realize they must put themselves first when it comes to Tender Loving Care (TLC) because if they do not care for themselves they will not be able to care for others.

With a little education and empowerment there are many easy, effective and efficient ways for women to take better care of themselves enabling them to also take better care of other people and things important to them.  Many women no longer feel able to act, eat, exercise, live, move and think naturally because of too many demands, repressions, requirements, restrictions and rules placed upon them.  Women are often taught and told to look for acknowledgement, answers and approval from other sources and end up being maladjusted, manipulated, maligned, misdirected, misguided, misinformed and mistreated as a result.

When women are free to be their natural and radiant self a radical paradigm shift can occur to allow them to be, enjoy and reach a happier, healthier and higher potential.  Women have maintained regular rituals and routines for taking better care of their bodies for centuries.  Unfortunately many churches, companies, governments, institutions, religions, men and organizations have dictated the restrictions, rights and rules that determine how, what and when things will be handled even when not in the best interest of women.

One of the most detrimental things that occurred was removing and restricting access to midwives and natural child birthing places.  When the medical profession evolved (mostly men) they started dictating how women should deliver a baby which is the realistic realm for women to do. We should be doing more to strengthen and support women’s rights to determine what is in their best interest and the good of society.

Early doctors were actually one of the main leading causes of mother and infant deaths and infections during delivery due to improper and unsanitary procedures.  Many doctors have also caused serious harm to infants and mothers using mechanical delivery instruments and tools.  While many would argue that a natural delivery is a medical procedure many others feel it is a natural delivery and does not call for medical intervention except in an emergency.

Too often today the doctors are delivering babies by cesarean birth as a convenience to them and the hospital not the mother and child.  This drives up the cost of delivering babies and results in many complications and infections due to the often risky and unnecessary surgery.    Many women have shared stories of the emotional and physical trauma associated with having a baby because the doctor and staff tried to control the process and timing instead of letting the child and mother be the deciding factor.

So let’s look at the entire life cycle of women and see where we can do things more naturally and safely being proactive and protective.

To begin with young girls and women must be raised in a safe, secure and supportive environment.  This means they must be protected from emotional, physical and sexual abuse and harm.  They need to be educated and their rights protected at all time from boys or men that would take advantage of them.  Too many times a mother or single mother is abused and tormented by the biological father which can result in harm to the mother and child.

Women deserve the opportunity and right for pursuing any career, education, financial success, freedom, job, lifestyle, partner, profession, spouse or travel of her choice.  When companies, doctors, governments, organizations, politicians and religions start to demand, dictate and direct women to implement certain measures and procedures that may not be in the woman’s best interest the system has failed to protect women’s rights.  Examples include procedures such as excessive cervical exams, chemicals and drugs that harm women, excessive CAT scans and X-rays, Flu or HPV vaccinations, mammograms (instead of thermography), promoting formula instead of mother’s milk, sexual manipulation and mutilation and unnecessary cesarean births.

Women deserve and need access to early information about babies, pregnancy, avoiding sexual abuse, childbirth, breast feeding, family planning, prenatal care, mothering, parenting, contraception, safe sex, sexual activity, sexually transmitted disease (STD), disease prevention, exercise, nutrition and wellness.

It is a very beneficial and wise investment to educate young women to be the best women possible to fulfill their many important roles in society. The money and time invested to educate them on how to be better women and possibly moms is priceless.

Most cities, countries, families and states are simply not investing the energy, money and time necessary to promote and protect young women and women to be the best they can be.   This is a major mistake which will drain communities and individuals emotionally, financially and mentally.

A woman’s life is too important, precious and valuable for us not to be providing proper health and medical care.  We cannot afford to waste money or time on unnecessary or potentially dangerous drugs and procedures. Most of us have all heard the saying “that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Our efforts and time should be focused on the prevention strategies that provide the most benefit for the least cost and effort.

Simple Steps Include

Woman Fitness

Access to exercise and fitness programs to help young girls to senior women be fit, flexible and strong.

Promoting nutrient dense organic whole foods is one of the easiest and most beneficial steps we could implement to help with women’s health and that of future generations.

Access to exercise and fitness programs to help young girls to senior women be fit, flexible and strong.  Many schools have dropped physical education as a requirement which results in many women being out of shape and overweight.  This will cause harm, health issues, injuries and suffering for the women and future children she has.  All school levels could easily provide exercise and fitness programs and training to help create healthy habits for life.

Many health experts, researchers and professionals agree that a women’s level of fitness, health and well being has a major impact on her pregnancy and the health of children she has. This means that focusing on policies and procedures directed towards supporting healthy habits for women will benefit all future generations to come and reduce long term health care costs.

Most of us know the majority of children, men and women are sitting too much and this is causing drastic challenges to our alignment, fitness, health, posture, strength and structure.  Women in particular are the primary care talkers and educators for children so focusing our efforts on healthy habits for women will lead to healthier women and children and eventually men also.  We need our cities, companies, employers, governments and schools to proclaim and promote the health and vitality of women for the good of society in general.

All education, programs and training implemented to help with women’s emotional, mental and physical well being will pay massive dividends to create healthier communities and families.   Imagine what it would be like for women to be more agile, balanced, fit, flexible, strong and toned as they care for their families or focus on their career.

Many women feel they are too busy to exercise during their busy and hectic days.  By having state of the art education and training on effective and efficient fitness routines women could invest several minutes engaged in high intensity and short burst training for powerful benefits and progress.    Isolating the most productive movements that provide the best overall results will lead to better bones, cartilage, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons in less time.   This will help women better maintain their health and well being more efficiently.

The bottom line is women deserve and need all the solutions, strategies, suggestions and support available to implement even more healthy habits.  When women feel even more appreciated, happy and healthy in all areas of life they and society will be better off.

Body Mind Spirit for Healthy Women

Women are more likely to remain healthy, resilient and vibrant when they have access to the information, resources, support and TLC to maintain and sustain their health. This will result in healthier families and society as a whole.  When women are not happy and healthy we all suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.

Investing the energy and time to help women be happy and healthy in all areas of their life will yield big dividends in the overall quality of life for society.  Preparation, prevention and protocols that help women avoid many of the health challenges will have long term positive effects for all children, adults and seniors.

Benefits for Women and World

Woman in Grass

A woman’s mind benefits from deep diaphragm breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

A women’s body is the temple for her soul and the children she may bear.  When she takes better care of her body everything else in her life will benefit also.  Natural fitness, hygiene and nutrition are essential to keep women feeling fabulous, fit and foxy.  Dancing, moving, running, swimming and walking helps a women strengthen her body.

A woman’s mind benefits from deep diaphragm breathing, meditation and mindfulness.  Women perform better when they learn to synchronize their biological clock based on the circadian rhythms, hormones, lunar and seasonal calendar.  The body and brain work better when balance is maintained for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Her spiritual life will benefit as she reconnects with her core values and intuitions.  Being better connected to her feelings, intelligence and instincts is easier when she is healthy.

Women thrive when their relationships are secure, steady, strong and supportive.  The more a woman feels appreciated, connected and respected the more her family, fans and friends will benefit also.   Dancing, moving, running, swimming and walking helps a woman strengthen her body which then strengthens her relationships.

Women provide a very valuable role in the educating, learning and teaching process.  What they learn and pass on to their children is essential for the survival of our species.  Doing whatever it takes to help women be active, fit and smart enhances our development and growth as a society.  Being fit, healthy and strong helps women perform at their best.

A woman’s business, career and profession will benefit when she is healthy because lack of health is the one thing that can prevent a women from performing at her best.   When her body is sad, sick stressed or tired her mind and spirit will suffer.  Being fit and healthy allows her to focus on her performance, productivity and progress in life.

When a woman is happy and healthy it is easier for her finances to flourish.  It requires emotional, mental and physical health to maintain our finances and manifest wealth.

Women who feel supported in all areas of their life are able to appreciate and feel the abundance life has to offer.  Being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually supported allows a woman to do the same for her family and friends as well.

Healthy Women Suggestions

  • Nursing Baby

    Breast feeding of infants is important to the health and well being of a child and mother.

    Breast health and screenings are important for women to stay healthy and detect issues early. Any unhealthy condition can be improved and even reversed if found soon enough and treated properly.

  • Breast feeding of infants is important to the health and well being of a child and mother. This must be a high priority and fully supported.
  • Pre-natal care of child and mother during pregnancy is vital to the health of both.
  • Post-natal bonding and care after birth are key to both the mother and child.
  • Postpartum care after birth is vital for a woman’s health and well being.  Hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies must be addressed immediately.
  • Well women check ups are vital to maintain and sustain a woman.
  • Female functions require proper care and education.  Reproductive health and sex education are essential
  • Women are the primary care givers for infants, toddlers and children and must be fully safe guarded and supported.
  • Women are the primary source of aging parent care and this requires additional energy, money and time to be handled properly.
  • Psychological guidance and help must be easily available to meet the needs of all women
  • Emotional and physical abuses are real issues and must be addressed and resolved quickly.  Sexual abuse and mistreatment of women have been major issues since the beginning of civilization and must not be tolerated.
  • Women need access to a wide range of holistic and natural prevention protocols and therapies to help them maintain and sustain all aspects of their health and well being.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions to help create more happiness and harmony.   Healthy women are a vital component of a prosperous and successful society.   Women deserve and desire to have a healthy body, mind and spirit. We must all do our part to insure that all women are offered the education, information and resources to be healthy women for life.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared some simple suggestions for promoting healthy women around the world.  All areas in a women’s wheel of life will expand and grow when we strengthen and support their healthy woman journey.  When women feel even more happy, healthy and in harmony the rest of us will benefit and feel it as well.  These Healthy Habits suggestions are essential to help society survive and thrive.

What is your current Gap?

What are you doing to promote and support healthy women?  How easy would it be to invest a few minutes to ask and then show support for a women’s health?   Imagine the positive influence you could provide to help promote small steps for healthy women?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and steps will help the key women in your life to be more physically active, fit and healthy?  Maybe gifting the opportunity to learn about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Meditation, MovNat, Pilates, Reflexology or Yoga might be just the thing to provide additional healthy habits for healthy women.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits for healthy women?  What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

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Healthy Habit Empowering Education

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