The Great NEWS posts in 2015 are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits and today we discuss a fitness and health lifestyle program called Moving Naturally.  After recently attending a two day #MovNat event in Houston I wanted to share the experience with others looking to utilize core concepts for personal benefit.  It can be extremely challenging to build, maintain and sustain a fantastic, fit and flexible body for long term health and well being.  This post is devoted to a program that can show you how to create a better body, mind and spirit at the same time.  Being healthy involves a comprehensive lifestyle and mindset focused on healthy habits that build a balanced, fit, flexible, resilient, strong and toned body and brain.

Many people say they do not have the energy, money and time required for maintaining their body.  Most people simply do not know how easy, effective and efficient the optimal forms of exercise and movement are for doing just that.  Most of us are no longer being taught how to exercise, live and move naturally therefore we do not know how to do it.  We often seek answers from other people who are not educated in these basics and therefore go down numerous dead end roads and end up lacking fitness, looking unhealthy and feeling lost.

Girl Upside-Down

When we have regular rituals and routines for conditioning, exercise, movement and training we recreate our natural ability, agility, balance, resilience, strength and tone.

When we learn how to retrain our body, mind and spirit with natural awareness, movement and thinking our entire life begins to improve.   When we have regular rituals and routines for conditioning, exercise, movement and training we recreate our natural ability, agility, balance, resilience, strength and tone.

Core conditioning is not a matter of doing hours of aerobics classes, elliptical machines, lifting lots of weights, riding bikes, running long distances, spinning classes or swimming in lap pools.  One of the most beneficial things we can do to strengthen and support our body is to learn how to frequently and properly move in ways that provide the most positive benefit and progress with the least amount of wasted effort and time.

Making a daily habit of developing our bending, breathing, climbing, jumping, lifting, moving, squatting, stretching and throwing skills is one of the best things we can do for our overall health and vitality.   Being a full range of motion person with excellent overall strength and tone is one of the keys to improving all areas of our life simultaneously.

It is very beneficial and wise to invest the time to learn about proper form, foundation, function and movement so you train your body for optimal efficiency and safety.  Otherwise you might go through life doing things inefficiently and unsafely which can create a life long chain of dysfunction, injury, pain, suffering and weakness.

Most people are investing way to much energy, money and time in gyms and workout facilities with less than stellar results.  A few hours with a properly trained MovNat instructor or full functional movement personal fitness trainer can save you years of incorrect and inefficient movements which translates into wasted energy, money and time which most people can not afford to do.

Life is too busy, precious and short for us to be wasting our efforts and time with exercises and fitness routines that do not produce the desired results.  Many may even cause harm, health issues, injuries and suffering.  Many people are infected, impaired or injured as the result of good intentions for exercise and fitness without the right technique, training and trainer.

Many health experts, researchers and professionals have discovered that the majority of people are sitting too much and this is causing drastic challenges and changes to our alignment, fitness, health, posture, strength and structure.  When we do not move enough on a continual and regular basis we begin to break down and deteriorate in our strength and structure.  We need regular movement on a regular basis to maintain our health and vitality.

Enjoying a wide variety of activities and natural movements is essential for enhancing and improving our level of fitness. MovNat offers excellent training that can provide profound benefits to help rebalance our emotional, mental and physical well being.  Moving naturally is a great opportunity for our family, fans and friends to reconnect in a free and fun way.  It is great for being more agile, balanced, fit, flexible, strong, toned and well rounded.

Imagine how much more powerful and proud you will feel when you are turning back the aging clock against mental and physical decline. We can maintain and sustain our health and vitality with minimal money and time commitments while having lots of fun.

Many people feel too busy to invest hours at the gym and that is where MovNat showed me ways to invest a few minutes at a time for powerful benefits and progress.    There are basic movements that are great for strengthening all of our bones, cartilage, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons at the same time.   This helps us maintain or health and well being more easily and quickly.

Common benefits of MovNat includes being and feeling more: agile, aware, balanced, calm, centered, confident, connected, energized, fit, flexible, focused, grounded, happy, healthy, mentally mindful, perceptive, positive, receptive, relaxed, resilient, supported, stable, strong and toned. Now you see why one can becomes hooked on it.

The bottom line is moving naturally is a great outlet and process to help us feel even more happy, healthy and in harmony in all areas of our body, mind and spirit.

Moving Naturally Benefits Body Mind Spirit

Any movement is good but we deserve the best techniques, tips and training in order to maintain our level of performance, productivity and progress in life.

Our body is more likely to remain healthy, resilient and vibrant when we do our part to maintain and sustain it with the right activities and TLC.   When we let our body become acidic, inactive, misaligned, run down, sedentary, sluggish, tight or tired we will suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.   Any movement is good but we deserve the best techniques, tips and training in order to maintain our level of performance, productivity and progress in life.

Investing the energy and time to learn and practice natural movement will yield big dividends in our overall quality and quantity of life.  MovNat can help us avoid many of the health challenges and long term negative consequences facing kids, adults and baby boomers.

When our feelings, fitness and flexibility are maintained and performing at peak proficiency it helps us feel happy, healthy and in harmony rather than feeling sad, sick and stressed.

Wheel of Life Benefits

Our body is the temple for our soul.  When we take better care of our body everything else in our life can benefit as well.  Doing the natural movements we were designed for keeps us feeling fabulous, fantastic, fit and foxy (women).

With a daily moving naturally practice most people will experience an improvement in their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.   Moving naturally combined with drinking and eating healthy beverages and nutrient dense organic whole foods increases our quality of life.

Our mind benefits from the calming affect of breathing and mindfulness.  We perform better when we synchronize our brain and body to be balanced and brilliant .  Moving naturally helps maintain and sustain our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Awareness and mindfulness will benefit our spiritual life as we reconnect with the cosmic consciousness and infinite intelligence of life.  Being active and moving helps us stay connected to our instincts,  intelligence and intuition.

Movement is a great way to improve our relationship with our self and significant others.  The move we move the more we feel connected with others.  Our family, fans and friends will also benefit as we show by our actions that moving naturally is a key component of a great life.  Dancing, moving, running and walking helps to strengthen our body and support our relationships.

Moving is a powerful part of the learning process.  When we are active and fit it enhances our development and growth.  Being fit, strong and toned helps us access our peak performance.

Our passion and profession benefit when we move naturally because we are able to perform better.   When our body, mind and spirit is aligned and balanced we are better able to access the state of flow and focus that result in more productivity and progress.   Moving helps keep us happy and healthy which will better maintain and sustain our careers.

Our mental and physical health is essential for our finances to flourish and create financial freedom.  Movement is a marvelous method to help keep our body and brain healthy as we move along our path to financial freedom.  Our mental and physical health is essential for manifesting wealth.

When we flow freely and move naturally we are more likely to experience abundance in our life.  The universe is designed around energy, information and movement which will power our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.  Experiencing balance, blessings and bliss seems to me a natural consequence of moving naturally and this helps us enjoy even more abundance.

Moving Naturally Suggestions and Systems

Water Bottle

The body needs proper fuel and hydration for peak performance.

Some of my best MovNat lessons learned are:

  • As with all exercise be sure to loosen up and warm up before physical activity.
  • Balancing and walking on 2 X 4’s is a great exercise for better agility and balance. Doing it on the balls of your feet is a great way to build stronger calves. Try doing squats and tripods for an additional challenge.
  • Catching and throwing a medicine ball is a great way to build flexibility, strength and tone.  This can be done by yourself or with another person.
  • Doing squats is excellent for our abdominal, back and leg muscles.
  • Jumps are one of the fastest ways to build power and strength in your body and especially your back and legs.
  • The body needs proper fuel and hydration for peak performance.
  • Bear crawls and crab crawls are great ways to have fun while building a more stable and strong body.
  • Carrying various weights while doing different routines is a great way to develop a better body.
  • Proper bending and lifting is essential to avoid injuries and problems.
  • Mental awareness and mindfulness are very valuable attributes to develop.  Safety is everything to everyone.
  • Proper breathing is essential for everything we do and especially while engaged in demanding activities or exercise.
  • Being in a calm, centered and relaxed state is key to conserving energy and maintaining peak performance.
  • Learning and utilizing a wide variety of positions and postures is fantastic for improving our flexibility and full range of motion.
  • Hanging from a bar, beam or branch is a great way to build upper body strength.
  • Many people have allowed their foot muscles to become weak and dysfunctional because of the shoes they wear.  Going barefoot and wearing minimalist footwear is an important step to rebuilding and retraining our feet to perform as designed.  Almost every movement and thing we do starts with having stable and strong feet.
  • Almost anything can be used to train the body to move naturally.  Use 2 X 4’s, sand bags, plastic jugs with sand or water, backpacks, PVC pipe frames, rocks, logs, poles, trees, stairs, chairs, benches, walls, wooden boxes, tires, medicine balls and ropes.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is designed to offer simple suggestions to help create more happiness and harmony.   Moving Naturally and safely is an important skill to learn and practice on a regular basis to help promote overall health and well being. Fitness improves and supports our body, mind and spirit.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared simple suggestions for moving naturally to transform how we live, move and think.  All areas in our wheel of life can have more fullness, meaning and richness when we move naturally in the wonderful world we are blessed with.  A MovNat practice may be exactly what we need to correct our physical structure and help us be even more happy, healthy and in harmony.  The Healthy Habits suggestions are easy to do and easy not to do based on our deeper desires for personal power and therapeutic transformation.

What is your current Gap?

Do you have a daily moving naturally practice?  How easy would it be to set aside a few minutes several times a day to rebalance, rebuild, reprogram, restore, retrain and revitalize your body?   What could that do to positively influence your life?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and steps will help you move naturally and be more physically active?  For more information on Natural Movement Fitness go to the MovNat website. Here is an example of one movement we practiced called the balancing tripod transition.  Try it to test your balance and flexibility.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the healthy habit of moving naturally and #MovNat?  What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

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Healthy Habit Empowering Education

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