The Great NEWS posts in 2015 are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits and today in honor of Valentine’s Day we discuss ways to create Raving Relationships in our life.  It can be extremely challenging to build, maintain and sustain lasting quality relationships.  This post is devoted to baby steps we can all do to enhance and empower our family, fans and friends to feel as if they have a relationship to rave to others about.  Maintaining happy and healthy relationships requires a clear vision and mastery action plans focused on healthy habits that build upon those relationships.

It is easy to forget to invest the energy, support and time required for raving relationships.  Many people simply have not been taught and therefore do not know how to do it well.  We often get so caught up in our own day to day living we forget that our relationships require some Tender Loving Care (TLC) to keep them thriving.

Hands and Butterfly

When we learn how to focus our attention and energy on meeting the needs and wants of those around us it is much easier to build great relationships.

When we learn how to focus our attention and energy on meeting the needs and wants of those around us it is much easier to build great relationships.   When we have a regular ritual and routine of genuinely liking, listening and looking at others we create a natural bond and better connections.

It is not a matter of accepting and agreeing with everything they do and say but rather acknowledging them for where they are at this point and time and the progress they have made.  One of the most beneficial things we can do to strengthen and support our relationships is to be a better listener and even better listener. Yes, you read that right.  We have two ears and one mouth and when we learn to listen more and speak less we greatly improve our relationships.

Making a daily habit of practicing our listening skills is one of the best things we can do to learn, like, and love the people in our life.  Being a better listener has been found to help improve many areas of our life simultaneously.

It is very beneficial to invest a few minutes with a family member or friend to check in and really connect on a deeper level by really listening and then saying or showing some acknowledgment or appreciation about what they just shared.  This is the process of active listening where you focus on what they are saying and repeating back something or simply reply with a kind acknowledgment or words of support.

Small steps like asking for additional information or a question of clarification about what we heard is a very powerful techniques to build better bonds with others.

Letting people know you feel they are a benefit and blessing in your life deepens the connection.  Giving praise and thanks to a person is one of the best things you can do to build stronger ties and trust.  Everyone wants to be accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated for who they are and what they do. Our happiness and health is enhanced when we do this for others as well as ourselves.

Touch is another method that is easy and effective for showing our level of comfort, concern, and connection to others.  When done appropriately and approvingly will add a higher emotional, mental, and physical connection.  Touch requires a minimum amount of effort and time yet greatly enhances our connection with our others.

We can add a form of touch through our actions and words without even touching someone.  By using words like: “I am touched by”, “I feel your sincerity”, “that is touching”, “I hope you feel the connection”, How do you feel”, “Give yourself a pat on the back”, we can enhance our connection and touch with others.  This goes a long way to acknowledging, accepting, and admiring the people in our lives.,

Eye contact is another great way to enhance and expand our relationships as we fully open up our hearts and soul to another person. it can be very helpful as a part of our daily routine to start the day by looking at ourselves in the mirror and sending appreciation and love. Why not start our days with a positive meaning and message about what we are grateful for in our life?  If we do not accept and love ourselves unconditionally how will we be able to accept and love others unconditionally?

To enhance our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being it is essential to remember to continually offer kindness, praise, and thanks to our regular relationships.

Many health experts, researchers, and professionals have discovered that if we do not connect, look, talk, and touch with others on a regular basis our health and immune function can weaken.  Enhancing and improving our relationships can provide profound benefits to help heal our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

When we need or want something is not the time to begin building our relationships.  Raving relationships are like a savings account at the bank.  You must make adequate connections and deposits in order to make requests and withdrawals.   While we can sometimes borrow and get a loan when we need one it is much easier to do our part to make advanced deposits in order for our family, fan or friend relationships to be full and well-funded in order to meet our relationship cash flow.

Imagine how much more powerful and profound our relationships will be when we sustain them with caring and continual reinforcement whether things are going well or wrong.  While it is easy to feel too bothered, bummed, or busy to invest an extra few minutes in fulfilling our relationships it is a key to maintaining raving relationships.

Romantic relationships require an even higher level of awareness, contributing, giving, and selfless love to be sustained long-term.  A quality romantic relationship is not a means of getting things it is a means of giving unconditional acknowledgment, love, praise, support, and thanks for the many blessings and gifts the other person brings into our life.

Strengthening all of our close relationships is beneficial to enhancing our happiness, health, and well-being.

Common benefits of raving relationships include feelings of being: appreciated, blessed, calm, complete, connected, creative, fulfilled, grateful, happy, healthy, hopeful, loved, mentally at peace, open, positive, relaxed, resilient, supported, stable, well, and whole.

The bottom line is raving relationships help us feel even more happy, healthy, and in harmony in the areas of our wheel of life and whole world.

Raving Relationships Benefit Body Mind Spirit

Sunset Date

When our relationships are happy and healthy it helps us feel happy, healthy and in harmony rather than feeling sad, sick and stressed.

Our body is even more healthy, resilient, and vibrant when we maintain great relationships with our family, fans and friends.  When our relationships suffer we suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically. Any relationship upsets may hinder our level of peace, performance, and productivity in our profession.  By investing in regular quality time in our relationships we can avoid most of the negative consequences and influences in order to maintain the positive ones.

When our relationships are happy and healthy it helps us feel happy, healthy, and in harmony rather than feeling sad, sick, and stressed.

When we allow our mind to be agitated, confrontational, hurt, or upset it often spills over into other areas of our life which prevents us from living our passion and purpose.  By doing our part to build, maintain and sustain raving relationships we are better able to provide the right state of mind to maintain our peak performance.

Relationships either subtract from or offer support for our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.   Great relationships combined with drinking and eating healthy nourishment and exercise greatly increase our chances for a quality life.

We must never allow ourselves to be too busy to invest the quality time necessary to nourish our relationships.  It only takes a small investment in quality time to pay big dividends.  A call, a kind word of reassurance, an email, a look, a surprise, or a touch can do wonders to give another person what they need and want.

By regularly making small deposits into our relationships we help ensure that our desires, needs, and wants will be met.  Too often people fall into the habit of demanding and wanting more from others than they have a reasonable right to expect based on a mutually beneficial relationship.  Developing raving relationships means adding value first and continuing to contribute more value over time

Wheel of Life Relationship Benefits

Our mind remains more calm, centered, clear, and congruent when we support our relationships and they support us.  Raving relationships help nurture our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Our spiritual life will be better when we devote quality meditation and prayer time with like-minded family, fans, and friends.  High-quality relationships help us maintain our divine grace and profound wisdom.  A great network of like-minded individuals helps us access a higher level of spiritual energy, information, and transformation.

To a great degree, our relationships determine our quality and quantity of life.  The better and bigger our relationships and sphere of influence the greater the probability for us to enjoy a fuller and richer life.

Education, growth, and learning play a big part in the quality of our relationships.  The more we learn and progress along our personal growth and self-development journey the more likely we are at building better relationships.  Accessing our personal power and helping others access theirs is the path for us to reach our full potential.

Our business, career, and professional life progress easier and further when we are constantly improving our collaboration, communication, and cooperation with others.  When our relationships are resilient and strong we empower our body, mind, and spirit to do amazing things.

Our finances will perform better when we have a great supportive environment and raving relationships.  In today’s economy, it is imperative you have a community and tribe of raving fans and real relationships where people respect and trust you and what you represent.  Without great relationships with family, fans and friends we are sabotaging our success.

Our life feels very abundant when we have a wide circle of family, fans, and friends with whom we have raving relationships.  Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health depends on having a super support system and terrific team to help us along our path of progress.  We must do our part to maintain and sustain our relationships to enjoy even more abundance in our life.

Relationship Suggestions


Please and thank you go a long way to building better relationships.

More simple suggestions to greatly enhance and improve your raving relationships include:

  • Using basic common courtesy with everyone in your sphere of influence is essential for raving relationships.  Please and thank you go a long way to building better relationships.
  • Ask open-ended questions to your family, fans, and friends to learn about their values, visions, and very important rules.
  • The concept of “breaking bread” together especially when you are enjoying quality nutrient-dense organic whole food nourishment is important.
  • Different people rate different things, thoughts, time,  togetherness, or touch differently when it comes to quality and quantity so it is essential to understand this part of building raving relationships.
  • The power of touch has been shown to positively change the immune system and well-being of a baby or adult.
  • Attend religious and spiritual activities together.  The power of prayer is very powerful for building better relationships.
  • Enjoying dancing, listening to music, singing, or whatever makes the heart happy helps us build better bonds.
  • Attending group events, meetings, outings, retreats, and seminars can be very rewarding and special.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is designed to offer simple suggestions to help us be more happy, healthy, and in harmony.   Creating raving relationships is one of the easiest and fastest ways to manifest more of what we need and want in our life.  They are great turbochargers for our body, mind, and spirit.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared simple suggestions for building, maintaining, and sustaining raving relationships that will help transform the quality of our life.  Understanding how everything about our relationships influences and interconnects with our wheel of life helps us to create a better quality of life. Implementing the Healthy Habits suggestions for raving relationships is like giving water to seeds to help them germinate, grow and bear food, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

What is your current Gap?

What do you do to invest energy, information, and time to build your relationships?  How easy would it be to set aside a few minutes several times a day to consciously connect with your family, fans, and friends?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and steps will help you build, maintain and sustain better and raving relationships?  Have you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? Tony Robbins has a wealth of great information on the six human needs that drive our behavior in his books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments, or concerns come to mind regarding the healthy habit of creating raving relationships?  What other ideas and inspirations will help motivate us to create better behaviors, beliefs, and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

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Healthy Habit Move Naturally

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