The previous Great NEWS post asked…Are Smoothies Health Hazards and today we follow up with Is Homogenized and Pasteurized Dairy a Health Hazard? Ads saying “Milk does the body good” and “Got Milk” continue to promote dairy and milk.    They have been around so long most people no longer even question them and accept them as truth. Is milk really healthy for us?  The dairy industry and USDA say yes even as more doctors and researchers say no. The answer may lie some where is the middle. The key as with all beverages and food is to check the process and source to determine if it is right for you. Today we will reveal some simple ways to decide Is Homogenized and Pasteurized Milk a Health Hazard?

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is designed to help health enthusiasts become more aware of common health hazards which may cause havoc to our happiness and health. There are many dairy and milk choices so how do we know if they are healthy for us or not. Most people do not think to read the ingredients before consuming them. We must think like Sherlock Holmes and ask better questions to investigate the ingredients and methods that brought the food to us in order to make better choices.

Glass of Milk

Important factors to consider when deciding on dairy and milk are the ingredients, preparation methods, sources and treatment.

While dairy and milk are widely promoted as delicious, healthy and nutritious it is prudent to invest the time to see if it is for you. We deserve to know what is in a product we are consuming and if it harms us or helps us. We are what we eat so it is essential to choose foods that maintain, nourish and support us.

Important factors to consider when deciding on dairy and milk are the ingredients, preparation methods, sources and treatment. There is a major difference between commercial CAFO milk and grass fed organic milk.  This post will help provide ideas, information and insights to help you make better choices and decisions regarding dairy products. We must be diligent and read the labels and research the products carefully in order to make well informed choices that will enhance versus endanger our health.

Milk is used to produce butter, cheese, frozen yogurt, ghee, ice cream, kiefer, sour cream, whey and yogurt. The milk can come from cows, goats or sheep with cow’s milk being the most common source. Unfortunately dairy cows have many health issues resulting from unhealthy antibiotics, feed, hormones, living conditions and stress. Cows are meant to eat grass and live in pastures. They are not meant to eat animal parts, fish, GMO corn and other grains which make them grow faster and become fat and sick.

Cows are also meant to produce milk for their calf and then stop producing until their next calf is born. Dairy cows normally live about 20 years but modern commercial dairy cattle stop producing in volume within about 4 years because they are kept in milk production non stop until they get sick and tired. These over milked cows are given antibiotics to treat infections from the over milking and often hormones to stimulate milk production. After being abused and over used they typically end up as hamburger meat.

People enjoy dairy and milk products for a wide variety of reasons including: advertising hypnosis, base for mixing beverages, cravings, creamy taste, frosty ice cream treat, good fat, healthy (perception), nutritious, protein source, recipes, rich taste, sugar added, sweet tasty treats and wide variety of flavors and taste. While milk is the base ingredient there are a wide variety of ingredients added and methods used to create the assortment of dairy products available.

Why Avoid Dairy and Milk?

Jars of Milk

Pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to kill off the large numbers of bacteria that result from cows being forced to over produce milk in an unnatural way.

One of the biggest issues with most commercial milk is that it is homogenize and pasteurized. Homogenized and pasteurized milk is unhealthy for several reasons. Homogenization is a process that uses a very fine mess screen to create minute fat globules that are so small they can permeate the gut wall and cause problems with our immune system as well as inflammation. This is how disease starts.

Pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to kill off the large numbers of bacteria that result from cows being forced to over produce milk in an unnatural way. Pasteurization also destroys the important natural enzymes in milk needed to properly digest it. Since commercial dairy cows are manipulated to keep producing milk longer than normal they become susceptible to aging, disease and infections which require the use of antibiotics.

Most commercial homogenized and pasteurized milk still contains the antibiotics and hormones given to the cows so this is not healthy for us to consume. Homogenize and pasteurized milk often causes allergies and mucus. Casein is a protein in milk that is an allergen for the majority of humans. The majority of the world’s population is lactose intolerant.

Cow’s milk has a lot of fat and protein because it is designed to help a baby calf grow rapidly to several hundred pounds. This abundant fat is a primary ingredient in making butter, cheese, cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream and sour cream.

Several homogenize and pasteurized dairy products like cheese, chocolate milk, cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream and yogurt have High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and sugar added. Besides being energetically dead foods after pasteurization they are loaded with empty calories from the sugar and excess fat. When you consider the side effects of consuming antibiotics, GMO corn, herbicides, hormones and pesticides it is easy to understand how these will affect the digestive system, immune system, nervous system and often cause allergic reactions, inflammation and sickness.

Milk is a form of protein that is digested by stomach acid. It is best not to consume milk with carbohydrates, fruit and sugars which utilize a different digestion process. Combining dairy or milk with these other food categories causes them to sour and ferment in the intestines.

The goal for sharing valuable life lessons learned about dairy and milk is to help others avoid the unhealthy consequences. Dairy is known to contribute to acne, allergies, bloating, inflammation, mucus, phlegm, sinus issues and weight gain which can harm your health. Consuming cheese, ice cream and milk for many years when younger I suffered wit several conditions without realizing the connection. Once these products were eliminated from my diet all the allergies and sinus problems went away. Not knowing better at the time caused me to suffer health and skin issues needlessly. You are now aware there may be a strong connection between the level of dairy consumption and various health challenges to deal with.

When we stop to look closely at the hidden ingredients in commercial CAFO milk we may be better served to avoid most commercial dairy products. When you think about contaminates like: artificial ingredients, bacteria, flavor enhancers, fungicides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), health risks, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, sugars and other toxic bonus ingredients in commercial dairy products there must be a better way.  Pasteurizing, processing and refining milk results in an inferior product.

Large Dairy Farm

These days more people are learning about the issues with commercial dairy and avoiding it in favor of healthier alternatives.

These days more people are learning about the issues with commercial dairy and avoiding it in favor of healthier alternatives. You can easily make healthy alternatives like almond, Brazil nut, cashew, hazelnut, sesame, sunflower seed and walnut milk. Clean water with a good blender, organic soaked seeds and a natural sweetener is all you need to get started making delicious and nutritious nut and seed milks that have been consumed for centuries.

Many people are also seeking grass fed organic raw cow and goat dairy products and milk directly from local farmers markets. Grass fed organic raw cheese and milk from healthy cows, goats or sheep raised outdoors in pastures is totally different and is considered healthy by many people. When you can find a good source that takes care of their animals and has pride in maintaining the tested traditions of animal husbandry and sustainability support them with your business and loyalty.

When we think about consuming any beverage or food we must consider will it harm or help our health. Many people do not invest the energy and time to ask basic questions and read the label for ingredients. When we blindly follow the food recommendations of the Dairy Association and USDA we are at the mercy of their biased information and vested interest to make money regardless of the consequences to your health and well being. Common sense tells us the USDA is interested in agriculture and animal for a profit and not in our happiness and health.

Now that more considerations, information and insights have been shared it is up to you to if commercial milk is healthy of unhealthy and make decisions based on these considerations. Education is a powerful first step and ultimately beliefs, behaviors and habits will decide what course of action we will take in the future.

Is Homogenized and Pasteurized Dairy a Health Hazard?

Almond Milk

Following the smart dairy and dairy substation strategies in this post will help us enjoy delicious and nutritious organic whole food products.

Most commercial dairy products contain many harmful ingredients like: artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, GMO soy, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), homogenized and pasteurized Commercial Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) dairy (with antibiotics and hormones), sugar and syrups and therefore also contain fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.   Unfortunately most people do not look at the label and read the ingredients to determine the potentially harmful ingredients, many of which are not disclosed. The ingredients that contain chemicals and compounds which may be harmful to our happiness, health and well being must be avoided. The unhealthy ingredients listed above have been linked to adverse consequences such as: endocrine, immune, neurological, respiratory and reproductive damage and disruption in addition to cancer.

Today we covered some serious health hazards from homogenized and pasteurized dairy products. Avoiding commercial dairy products will help reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals and compounds. Following the smart dairy and dairy substation strategies in this post will help us enjoy delicious and nutritious organic whole food products. We covered important information to help more people stop using commercial homogenized and pasteurized dairy products and start shifting to healthy alternatives instead.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Is Homogenized and Pasteurized Dairy a Health Hazard?“ offers simple and smart suggestions to chose free range organic raw dairy or to make healthy substitutions that support your health and well being.  As more people discover why commercial homogenized and pasteurized dairy are health hazards more people will stop supporting the commercial dairy industries and start supporting organic dairy farmers instead.  We can collectively shift the collective consciousness towards humanely raised organic dairy products to stop the production of harmful ones and start producing natural organic ones instead.  This will help protect the animals, people and planet from harmful CAFOs, chemicals and compounds.   “Is Homogenized and Pasteurized Dairy a Health Hazard” is offered to help people make healthier dairy choices to be happy and healthy.

What is your current Gap?

Are you consuming commercial dairy and milk products thinking they are healthy? How often do you choose unhealthy dairy products?  Where does your health and wealth rate in your current values and future vision for you and your family?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop eating commercial dairy products and start choosing raw organic dairy products or healthy substitutions instead?  What else will it take to convince you to choose raw organic dairy products for energy and vitality?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding commercial homogenized and pasteurized dairy products?  What else can we do to stop eating commercial homogenized and pasteurized dairy products and start choosing raw organic products instead?

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