WaterHow pure and safe is your water? How well do you understand the complex issues that can contaminate your water supplies? In our modern world, many people do not realize that the vast majority of our water is being contaminated with artificial ingredients, bacteria, chemicals, compounds, heavy metals, medicines, pesticides, poisons, pollution, and VOCs. Welcome to another blog on Problems Prevented with Simple Steps. People are beginning to realize that most of our water is being poisoned and polluted due to modern day chemicals and medicines. With some basic lifestyle modifications and natural remedies, you can greatly improve the quality of water you drink to minimize harmful exposure to health hazards. The key is to first identify the potential hazards and then change your patterns to protect you and your family

Seven Steps to Stop Problem Water

Avoid all water in clear plastic (PET) bottles which are made with petrochemicals and toxins that are health hazards. Never leave water in a plastic bottle in the sun that you might drink.

Avoid canned and bottled beverages made mostly with tap water. This includes most coffee, energy drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, juices, sodas, sports drinks, and tea. Often times the container leaches chemicals or plastic into the contents you consume. Bottled beverages often have harmful additives, flavoring and preservatives added to the drink and the container causes more pollution and trash.

StreamAvoid drinking water from sources you are not familiar with. Public water dispensers and water fountains are often contaminated by chemicals and unsanitary practices.

Avoid water from a well unless it has been tested by a certified and reliable firm that is willing to post the results publicly. Many wells have been contaminated.

Avoid water from a river or stream that has factory farms, industrial plants or wastewater treatment plants upstream. These waters are known for having agriculture and industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs in them. Many waste treatment facilities add even more chemicals to deal with the chemicals, drugs, and pathogens in the water.

Check to see if your municipal water supply has chemicals or fluoride added to it. Almost all add chlorine or chloramine to kill bacteria and pathogens. Many water districts add fluoride which has many health hazards. The Truth About Cancer has a great article about health hazards in the water.

Rainwater collection systems can be a problem if you have chemical and heavy metal pollution problems.

Seven Steps to Water Solutions

Glass of WaterAvoid devices and humidifiers that put moisture in the air unless they are checked to prevent contamination and mold.

Avoid beverages in cans and plastic bottles that are expensive and not eco-friendly. Most water in bottles is from unknown sources like municipal tap water. Drink plain water and avoid ice to be more eco-friendly and health conscious. Use glass or stainless steel containers to carry and hold clean water.

Buy a good water purification system. Berkey filters come highly recommended by Mike Adams the Health Ranger.

Check the ice and water sources you access and use. Often times the dispenser is contaminated with algae, mold, pathogens or slime

Find a good source of protected spring water that is pollution free. This is a bit challenging but well worth the effort. We must protect all springs from agriculture, industrial and petroleum chemical contamination.

Check your home and office for quality water lines and faucets. Many older communities and homes have problems with their water lines and water sources. Install a good water filter system.

Charcoal WaterUse some activated charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, or iodine to purify questionable water. This is especially helpful when traveling. Activated charcoal and clay are two of my most valuable health helpers. Learn techniques to cleanse and detox your body from harmful and health hazard exposures to lower quality beverages, food, and water.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … You are what you drink and eat so choose wisely.

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