Table SaltAre you confused by the many conflicting stories and suggestions regarding salt? Unfortunately there are many differing opinions and theories regarding the heath benefits or health hazards of salt. As a result many people are clueless and confused as to what they should do. Previous blog posts have addressed the importance of providing the body with the minerals, nutrition and trace elements we require. Many people are harming their health and quality of life following the wrong advice and can end up sabotaging their long tern happiness and health. Due to a lack of detailed education and information most people are  consuming too much of the unhealthy table salt (NaCl) on a Standard American Diet (SAD). With a few basic guidelines and biological principles you will feel able to answer the question; is salt our friend or foe.

There are many different hidden agendas, opinions and points of view regarding salt consumption. With some basic education and information you will be able to decide for yourself and make better choices. If your health and well being are top priorities it is essential to choose wisely about salt consumption for your long term optimal health and well being. The goal of this blog post is to educate and inform readers about which salt to apply and which salt to avoid.

Biology 101

People are making misinformed and uneducated choices about salt that are robbing them of their health. Beverages, foods and products containing salt affect the state of balance in our body which is called homeostasis. Artificial additives, chemicals, drugs, Genetically Engineered foods, heavy metals, processed fake foods, table salt (NaCl), sugars and toxins are all contributing to our level of  health problems. These factors are responsible for billions of dollars spent on chronic disease and health issues. Our health is our wealth and many people are making unhealthy choices regarding salt condemnation or salt consumption.

Woman DiningOur body and blood are in many ways similar to the composition of sea water. We are mostly made of water and contain many minerals and trace elements in almost the exact same proportions as sea water. We need these minerals and trace elements to be alkaline and healthy. Avoiding unhealthy table salt (NaCl) and applying healthy sea salt (minerals and trace elements) is an important consideration for being happy and healthy. Unfortunately we live in a world where big corporations, mass media and special interest groups can use confusion, deception and misinformation for their profit proposition and to the detriment of consumers which can rob us of vibrant health and well being.

Chemistry 101

In school we learned that table salt (NaCl) is a man made refined compound with many uses but it is not totally natural. It can be used for foods, pools, roads and water softeners. Many companies apply it to foods for flavor and preservation. It is derived from a process where the minerals and trace elements are removed from sea salt and is then heated to high temperatures. Then they add some ingredients to make it flow better in  a shaker. Recently we are being told to avoid salt because it can cause high blood pressure, kidney issues and swelling. Thanks to the internet there is a wealth of information available today to educate us on the difference between sea salt and table salt (NaCl) which is more of an industrial compound instead of healthy food additive. While it takes time to read, research and review resources to become educated on the differences and importance of salts anyone can learn the benefits of sea salt and the health hazards of table salt.

Salt 101

  • Salt LampAvoid table salt (NaCl) because it is man made with only two ingredients which can cause an imbalance..
  • Avoid table salt because it has been heated to high temperatures which changes the crystal structure.
  • Avoid table salt because it has ingredients added to it so it flows better in shakers.
  • Avoid table salt that is added to highly processed and refined foods as a cheap ingredient to trick your taste buds.
  • Apply raw sea salt which is a natural product and a natural source of electrolytes. Sea weed is a great source.
  • Apply raw sea salt to organic whole foods as a source of minerals and trace elements. Many foods are lacking full minerals.
  • Apply and use raw sea salt externally and internally for various health benefits and taste.
  • Always consume adequate water to keep your body and blood hydrated.
  • Many people feel that a clean source of raw Celtic sea salt, Himalayan sea salt or other natural sources are best.
  • Epsom salts also have many health related benefits.
  • Sea salt lamps have also been found to provide some holistic health benefits. Sea salt provides an ionizing affect.
  • Remember…when you think about sea salt remember to keep our oceans clean and pollution free.
  • Remember too much of anything can become a health hazard.

You may want to read The Story of Salt by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D., or “The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong for more detailed and in depth information.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2018 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats. Researching and role modeling proven principles for a fantastic future drives us to share these words with wisdom. Our vision is attracting a wide variety of eco conscious people to help design, build and live in a more healthy and sustainable way. We invite ideas, insights and inspiration to help us focus our planning and progress. Sharing solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems will help us all design and develop better eco communities.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are impacting your happiness and health? What is your  motivation for making better choices to avoid health hazards and adopt healthy habits? Investing in our health helps protect our wealth. When we are happy, healthy and holistic we naturally shift to a more sustainable ecological, economical and environmental friendly lifestyle.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Our daily habits and habitats directly impact our happiness and health. There are many reasons to avoid table salt and apply sea salt instead for better health. What are you willing to do differently starting today to embrace better choices in 2018? Creating a healthy habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Our happiness and health benefit from healthy challenges, changes and choices.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats?

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