How often do you think about parenting and raising smart children with questions like these?

  • What else could I be doing to help my children be even more happy, healthy and in harmony?
  • How often do you wonder “is there a better or easier way?”
  • Do you become frustrated with your kids more often than you would like?
  • Are you looking for great mentors and role models?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, pressured and stressed about parenting?
  • Who are great health and parenting mentors?
  • Where can I find great parenting strategies and suggestions?
  • What could I be doing differently that would make a major shift in our family?

Learn the best strategies on more vitality, passion in your relationship, and how to raise happy, healthy and peak performance children.

Parenting is a major responsibility and children do not come with an owner’s manual. It should be fairly obvious that you and other parents are doing the best they can with the resources they have available at the current time. The point of this series is to identify additional ideas and resources so you have more choices and options at your disposal. We have experience and expertise to help you with additional resources and support now and in the future.

Parents are trying to balance work/life/children/marriage. Learn the best strategies on more vitality, passion in your relationship, and how to raise happy, healthy and peak performance children. There are more resources on the market for children than parents today. By developing a strong peer group of like-minded parents and learning additional techniques, we can help you and your family in today’s competitive, global environment.

As a parent of three great children that are now successful adults out on their own I have profound knowledge and many proven parenting principles to share. We learned many life lessons the hard way and wished we had more resources and support along the way. With a huge investment of money and time and significant on the job training and lots of luck they turned out fantastic. Now I would like to share those many skills, strategies, suggestions and systems with you to make your life easier and you be more efficient and effective as a parent.

Today it is even more challenging to be a parent than even 30 years ago. Parents need and want access to advice, coaching and mentoring they can access to help in dealing with today’s complex parenting challenges.

That is why I committed to adding Parenting Principles to my Great NEWS Perfect Health blog each week. I receive so many questions from clients and parents about parenting and children that it was obvious many parents are facing the same challenges and need access to coaching and guidance to help. The blog posts will appear in a Q & A format based on topics that occur in my coaching and consulting practice.

Read the parenting strategies, suggestions, support and systems and comment to let me know what you think.  How does this information help?  What additional information can you benefit from?  Feel free to send additional questions any time and share your comments on the Parenting Principles. Let me know how we can best serve you and your family now and in the future.

Thanks for reading and sharing with your family and friends.

To your proud parenting of smart students,

Michael Morningstar – The Great NEWS Coach