What have you heard about the many beauty benefits of periodically doing a detox to cleanse our body on a regular basis? It seems many women spend big bucks on their beauty while not realizing for pennies they can create better health, inner radiance and natural beauty. Are skin blemishes and conditions a natural part of life or can they be eliminated and reversed with some simple strategies?  A previous blog post addressed inflammation as one the root causes of chronic health issues including skin problems. Acne, blackheads, eczema and psoriasis are just some of the serious skin issues that cause many men and women serious self esteem and stress issues. Many people end up spending a fortune to attempt to correct or hide their skin issues and often make their health and skin worse in the long run.

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While there are many ideas and theories on what is the main causes of skin challenges, allergens, inflammation and toxins are three of the most common reasons people struggle with skin issues. Many experts say it is from too much sun while some say it is not enough sun and Vitamin D. Some experts say it is from unhealthy foods and poor nutrition. Others say it can caused by anxiety, hormones and stress. Some say it is artificial chemicals and toxins in our bodycare products and environment that are major contributing factors. Some say it is the result of our genetics while others say it is our lifestyle. Maybe it is a combination of all these factors that results in inflammation and skin problems. The goal of this blog post is to provide seven simple suggestions to cleanse our body and claim our beauty.

Creating and maintaining natural beauty and health is a top priority for most of us therefore we must continually be rethinking and reviewing all aspects of our lifestyle, nutrition and skin care. After many approaches and considerable trial and error my current healthy skin success strategy is based on easy yet effective ways to cleanse our cells and cleanse our skin for outstanding skin health.

Stop Inflammation to Start Inner Beauty

LotionAll indications seem to be pointing to inflammation as a major factor for skin problems. Without healthy foods and lifestyle we set our body and skin up for problems. A mostly organic plant based whole foods diet combined with proper skin care can go a long way to helping many people be healthier and look better. My goal is to offer low cost simple suggestions that will help cleanse our body to reclaim our beauty.

While I experienced and studied the skin problems for many years it is amazing how much deception and misinformation there is regarding cleansing and skin care. Because our skin is our appearance to the world it has created billions of dollars for businesses wanting a piece of the action. Beauty shops, cosmetics, dermatologists, esthetician , magazines, plastic surgeons, spas, supplement all want a piece of the action for your money.

Seven Steps to Cleanse Our Body

Picnic LunchThere is a wealth of information available today to help cleanse our body. While it can take a lot of time to read, research and review various resources, this blog will share seven simple steps with the best benefits from books, videos and websites created by experts. Here are the top seven steps to detox our body as we cleanse our skin and claim our beauty.

  • Stop the inflammation caused by highly processed and refined fake, fast and junk foods. Remember… Food is medicine or poison.
  • Avoid using body care products and cosmetics made with artificial chemicals and synthetic toxic ingredients. Use only natural ingredients.
  • Avoid using artificial chemicals and synthetic toxic products in your home and work environment. Create a healthy habitat.
  • Avoid consuming processed and refined Artificial sweeteners, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sugars
  • Start using Activated Charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar every day. These can be used externally and internally.
  • Start eating fresh healthy locally grown nutrient dense organic plant based whole foods at every meal. Remember…We are what we eat.
  • Start eating and using natural raw foods and oils on your skin like almond, aloe vera, avocado, cabbage, cacao butter, cohune, coconut, extra virgin olive oil, flax, grapeseed oil, jojoba, krill, kukui, lavender, moringa, neem, papaya, raw honey, rosemary, sea salt, sea weed, shea butter and sunflower oil.
  • You can also learn more from Trevor Cates who is known as The Spa Doctor and is a great resource and role model with suggestions and tips on how to cleanse our skin and claim our beauty

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2018 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats. Researching and role modeling proven principles for a fantastic future drives us to share these words with wisdom. Our vision is attracting a wide variety of eco conscious people to help design, build and live in a more healthy and sustainable way. We invite ideas, insights and inspiration to help us focus our planning and progress. Sharing solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems will help us all design and develop better eco communities.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are impacting your happiness and health? What is your  motivation for making better choices to avoid health hazards and adopt healthy habits? Investing in our health helps protect our wealth. When we are happy, healthy and holistic we naturally shift to a more sustainable ecological, economical and environmental friendly lifestyle.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Our daily habits and habitats directly impact our happiness and health. There is a wealth of wisdom showing the causes inflammation and skin issues and the benefits of better choices for a happy and healthy life. What are you willing to do differently starting today to embrace better choices in 2018? Creating a healthy habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Our happiness and health benefit from healthy challenges, changes and choices.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats?

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