The 2015 Great NEWS posts are written to inform and inspire us with Healthy Habits to enhance our beauty, energy, health and nutrition. After observing excessive skin abuse in Belize and as a natural follow up to a previous post on Anti-Aging, today’s post is dedicated to offering ideas for Skin Protection, Repair and Restoration. Our skin is an amazing protective layer that surrounds our fluids, organs and tissues while keeping harmful organisms and things out. Some serious problems often occur when we do not adequately protect and care for our skin. Many people are suffering the emotional, financial, mental and physical drain and pain from skin issues such as: acne, bug bites, burns, eczema, infections, insect stings, parasites, psoriasis, skin cancer, sun burns and wounds that in many cases could likely be prevented, reversed or at least minimized with awareness and prevention strategies. This post will discuss various Skin Protection and Restoration suggestions.

Unfortunately many people are a bit careless and naïve in regards to awareness, planning, preparedness and prevention strategies regarding potential skin challenges and issues. There are a wide range of skin protection and restoration solutions, strategies and suggestions to help us avoid unnecessary exposure and risk of damage, injury, pain and suffering.

Face of a Man

There are a wide range of skin protection and restoration solutions, strategies and suggestions to help us avoid unnecessary exposure and risk of damage, injury, pain and suffering.

The previous post covered a wide range of nutritional based suggestions for antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, phyto-nutrients, proteins, trace elements and vitamins that help nourish, protect and restore our skin and tissues. Without the proper compounds, ingredients and raw materials our blood, skin and tissues are unable to deliver for peak performance.

Other previous posts have covered basic first aid suggestions and treatments to clean, disinfect, cover, protect and promote recovery of various bruises, bug bites, cuts, injuries, scrapes and wounds.  Many times the quality and type of treatment will determine the potential for infection or rate of healing that occurs. Even what appear to be minor skin conditions or cuts must be taken seriously to prevent the possibility of a life threatening antibiotic resistant bacterial infection.

Simple skin issues like blisters, bug bites, burns, cuts, insect stings, rashes can turn into life threatening disease and infections. It is essential to always be aware and focused on strategies, suggestions and systems to minimize and mitigate the possibility of damage, infection and trauma of our skin and tissues. With a little foresight and planning we can develop a mastery action plan to prepare, prevent and protect our skin to avoid unnecessary risk of damage, danger and disease.

Common Sense Strategies

While it may seem obvious our first line of skin protection, repair and restoration is using common sense and making good choices. While a bathing suit, flip flops, shorts and t-shirt may be fine in the house or by a local pool they may not be the best choice while doing the majority of activities we love to do outdoors. Being engaged in the following activities will usually result in a significant increase in the odds of experiencing damage and irritation to our skin. Activities such as: beaching, camping, canoeing, fishing, gardening, hiking, kayaking, picnicking, riding, sporting events, surfing, swimming, touring, traveling or walking all up the odds for skin abuse or issues.

This is why clothing and outdoor equipment companies, outdoor enthusiasts and smart people have learned how to better protect their skin from the common hazards and risks. It is always better to prevent an event or issue than to deal with the aftermath later. New designs and new materials make it easier than ever to protect your skin so you can better protect your body and brain from harm at the same time.

Simple suggestions to help protect your skin include: using clothing and hats as sun screen. Most people know it is best to avoid the most intense sun rays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to greatly reduce our chances of a severe sun burn. Sun burns are a serious drain and pain that reduces our fun and outdoor activity enjoyment. Long term over exposure and sun burns can result in age spots, leathery wrinkled skin, skin damage and even skin cancer.

Gloves, hats, long pants, long sleeve shirts and shoes (or good foot protection) can also help protect our skin from abrasions, blisters, cuts, insect bites, scrapes and stings.

Nutrition Based Suggestions

One of the best skin protection and restoration strategies we can implement is to feed our skin and tissues the optimal nourishment it needs for vibrant health, immune function and resiliency.  Eating a wide range of nutrient dense organic whole foods is essential.

Healthy Veggies

Eating a wide range of nutrient dense organic whole foods is essential.

Great food choices known to help our skin include: aloe vera, avocados, berries, bone broth, burdock root, celery, chlorella, coconut, coconut water, cucumbers, cultured foods, flowers, green juices (barley grass, celery, cucumber, wheat grass etc), green leafy plants, herbs, krill, maca, medicinal mushrooms, micro greens, moringa, prickly pear cactus, raw cacao, roots, sea weed, spirulina, sprouted nuts and seeds and watercress. Many of these foods come from very extreme environments and intense living conditions. As a result the organisms depend on a variety of survival adaptations and protection mechanisms to help it survive and thrive. These same survival compounds and protection mechanisms impart their benefits to us when we eat them. Maybe now you will better see the profound wisdom in the saying “You are what you eat.” Remember to choose wisely.

It is just as important to avoid and reduce the consumption of excess refined sugars and super sweet beverages, deserts, foods and fruits. Fruits like bananas, grapes, mango, oranges, papaya, pineapple and watermelon are loaded with sugar. Always chose fruits with seeds and consume most of the seeds to help fill you up and also slow down the rate of sugar absorption. Eating a healthy fat like coconut oil will also help with the assimilation of nutrients and slowing the sugar absorption. Eating a rainbow of colors and more of the lower sugar berries and fruits will help to better maintain our skin and tissues.

Numerous previous blog posts have discussed the amazing health benefits derived from eating a variety of naturally produced organic and raw cultured and fermented foods to insure adequate probiotics and better immune function. This suggestion is mandatory if you are really determined and serious about your health and well being.

Consuming adequate amounts and varieties of medicinal grasses, herbs, flowers, medicinal mushrooms, nuts, roots, sea weeds, seeds, spices, sprouts and plants is essential for vibrant health and vitality.

Avoid the commercially produced fake, fast and junk food that is over adulterated, altered, heated, processed, refined and treated with artificial additives, chemicals, colors, flavoring, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), preservatives, sugars and vegetable oils. This includes most bread products, canned foods, cereals, chips, cookies, energy drinks, fried foods, non cultured grains, juices, pasteurized dairy, refined sugars, snack foods and vegetarian substitutions. Excessive consumption of most alcohol products is included here also. Non pasteurized and organic fermented beverages like beer, cider and Kombucha in moderation may be an acceptable exception.

Commercial Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) products should be avoided.  Consuming organic animals, animal products, fish or sea foods may be an acceptable way to maintain and sustain our skin and tissues for long term health.

Synthetic Chemicals Damage Skin and Tissues


It is a well known fact that synthetic chemicals and compounds like over the counter medications, prescription medications and sun screen topical creams, gels and lotions can cause serious side effects and reactions.

At this point you may be wondering why sunscreens were not recommended. This is because all synthetic chemicals and compounds can be absorbed by the skin and tissues and result in significant health issues over time. It is a well known fact that synthetic chemicals and compounds like over the counter medications, prescription medications and sun screen topical creams, gels and lotions can cause serious side effects and reactions.

Most creams and lotions manufactured today are complex synthetic chemicals,  compounds and concoctions designed to be sold for high profit rather than real benefits. After decades of using these products our body breaks down with cancers and disease and we have not way to prove the real source.

So many people put these chemicals on without realizing the long term consequences and ramifications. The skin is porous and readily absorbs both beneficial and harmful substances. It may be better to avoid all synthetic chemicals and compounds to minimize your chance of cancer, skin cancer and disease caused by disruptions to our endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

Rather than hearing this from me it may be better for you to learn more information on the dangers and risks of synthetic chemicals and compounds from the experts at the Environmental Working Group website. For a detailed listing of harmful chemicals in sun screen products check out their Sun Screen Hall of Shame page.

Topical Treatments

Most people know that there are many ways to help take great care of our skin. Some simple examples are baking soda baths, clay baths, clay masks, massage, natural food grade oils, nutrient dense whole food nutrition,  salt water bathing and swimming and skin brushing. When we combine strategies directed at external and internal approaches to nourish, protect, repair, replenish and restore our skin we are rewarded with healthy, resilient and vibrant health and skin.

Calcium bentonite clay is a great resource for those looking to clean, detox and protect their skin on a regular basis. It is a super product to support a well designed internal cleanse and detox program. It has also been found to be beneficial to keep our skin in prime condition. It has been found to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties which may help reduce the chance of skin infections and irritations. Indigenous cultures and people around the world have been using clay for thousands of years.

Emotions Are Linked to Skin Health


We must all learn specific emotional strategies for healing and health.

All persistent skin issues also have an emotional aspect connected with them that may respond well to Energy Psychology and things like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. Whether you have been dealing with a skin issue for a long while or short term it is valuable to know that our skin is a direct indication and reflection of our emotional and physical health. We must all learn specific emotional strategies for healing and health. Skin issues are a visual sign on our dashboard that we are not being as careful, diligent and thorough when it comes to our emotions and nurturing of our body.

Previous posts have addressed the numerous benefits of exercise to maintain, train and sustain our entire body to remain resilient and strong. Rebounding is great to help maintain skin and tissue elasticity.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions to help create and maintain our happiness, health and harmony. Skin Protection, Repair and Restoration requires us to use common sense and make smart choices all year long to protect our skin from abuse and misuse. Strategies for taking great care of our skin are some of the most important behaviors, habits and routines we can establish. Our beauty, health and skin safety depend on making smart emotional, financial, mental and physical choices. We all deserve beautiful and healthy skin so we must do our part to make it our reality.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared a variety of easy, effective and efficient skin protection, prevention and repair strategies. When we do our part against chemicals, disease, free radicals fand sun damage we are rewarded with beautiful skin.

What is your current Gap?

What foods, herbs and supplements are missing from your nutrition program that would be helpful for promoting better health?  What foods would be wide for you to eliminate that are unhealthy and could be replaced with healthy choices instead?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What daily mastery action plans will help with your Skin Protection, Repair and Restoration?  Create a list of small steps and schedule them on your planner to help improve your beauty, energy, health and vitality?  Which research, resources and role models will help you best implement a well rounded skin protection and restoration success system?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding antioxidants and anti-aging?  What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a healthier 2015 and beyond?

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