The previous Great NEWS post shared suggestions to Stop Stressing and Start Smiling and this week we begin sharing 21 simple success strategies to reduce our stress and increase our success with Stop That and Start This. Many of our dis-empowering behaviors and limiting beliefs began with early childhood conditioning. Therefore it is imperative for us to reprogram our thinking for updating and upgrading our mental software with empowering actions, education and thoughts. When we Stop That and Start This (stop the negative programming and start using positive programming) we help ourselves and future generations.

One of the areas of major concern in our modern world is observing what is happening to our children which are the next generation of leaders, teachers and workers. Many children and students today are struggling with bullying, negativity, pressure, stress and tension on an unprecedented level. Many are feeling helpless, hopeless and hostile towards the parents, people and politicians because of the present conditions in the world. Children born into a world of abuse, anger, debt, desperation, environmental destruction, hunger, pollution and war can feel robbed of part of the joys of childhood.

When you see unhappy and unhealthy toddlers, children and teens you begin to wonder what have we allowed to cause this. Our nature is be happy, healthy and in harmony with each other, our family and our surroundings. Yet there are so many troubling signs when you observe the extremes of hunger, poverty and starvation in undeveloped countries in contrast with the malnourishment, obesity and waste in developed countries.

Not only are the developed countries eating more fake foods, fast foods and junk foods than ever before but they are exporting these to developing countries that are least able to afford and deal with them. When will our cosmic consciousness fully wake up and realize the lifestyle diseases, obesity epidemic and unethical corruption around the world can be replaced with a better model?

Remember that faith, hope, joy and love are essential for being happy, healthy and in harmony. Many people feel that the quality of life has declined in the last few decades. Many parents feel things have become worse due to a long list of man made destruction, disagreements, disasters and dishonest behaviors. More power and wealth are concentrated and controlled by the 1% while the 99% are experiencing more strain, stress and struggles.

So what can we do to turn the tide for our children and ourselves?
The following list of 21 Stop That and Start This simple suggestions will help us be more happy, healthy and in harmony. When we let go of the many things that have caused us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering we create a vacuum to be filled with great energy, emotions and experiences. Imagine what the world will be like when we stop the disabling behaviors and thoughts and start the enabling behaviors and thoughts right here and right now.

People on the beach jumping for joy

After you learn your life lessons more magic moments will appear.

21 Simple Success Strategies

1. Face Your Fears and Live Your Dreams
Most of what we fear is just an illusion that exists in our mind. When you are fearful you attract things to justify your fears. When we become open and receptive to all possibilities amazing things begin to happen. When we stop being afraid and defensive we open ourselves up to exciting and new experiences.

2. Replace Negative Self Talk with Positive Self Talk
How many people are guilty of saying critical, hurtful, mean and negative things to them selves? Negative self talk becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Why not stop the negativity and start saying and thinking words that are positive and supportive? You deserve to feel, hear and say positive things that reaffirm how great you are. Learn to harness the power of saying and thinking positive self talk.

3. Live Your Life and Let Others Live Theirs
Many people feel coerced, dominated and influenced to be someone or something they are not. They live a life that is designed and dictated by others in order to please their family and friends. Sometime they may do this with good intentions in order to fulfill a family obligation or role and other times they do it out of guilt or fear of not being accepted. When you live a life dictated by what others think is best for you it is easy to loose your identity. We are all born with unique gifts, skills and talents that only we can bring to the world. When we are not genuine and living our own dreams we often feel more stress and struggle and less flow and passion about what we are doing. As you learn to live your passion and purpose things seem to naturally fall into place and you find happiness and peace.

4. Instead of Impressing People…Start Identifying with People
When you stop trying to impress people with your behaviors, bling and toys you make your life easier. Trying to impress others by being someone or something that you’re not is stressful and causes you to struggle with your identity. When you stop trying to “put on airs” and drop the false facade you will find life is easier and people will be naturally attracted to you. Find the common traits and appreciate the unique differences in others as you form fellowship and friendships.

5. Replace Criticism with Constructive Feedback
Even constructive criticism is still criticism and no one really likes to feel criticized. Feedback on the other hand is a method of sharing what you feel you liked about something and what you feel you would communicate or do differently if it was up to you. When you give up your need to criticize events, people or things that are different than you, a new dimension of gratitude will open up for you to enjoy. We all want to be accepted, connected and happy. When we are criticized we feel unaccepted, disconnected and unhappy. The next time you think about criticizing someone remember to give them a compliment instead and observe how much better they feel as you feel better also. If someone is seeking coaching then you can offer your opinion at the end on what you feel you would do differently.

6. Turn Limiting Beliefs into Unlimited Power Beliefs
Rather than focus on what you cannot control or do start focusing on what is possible or might be possible with new circumstances or information. Limiting beliefs keep us locked in a box. Learn to think outside the box. Learn how to harness your personal power and positive thinking for peak performance. Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right”.

7. Stop Complaining and Start Complimenting
No one really enjoys hearing some one else complain about what is not perfect or right for them right now. Many people seem to receive a perverse sense of satisfaction from complaining about things around them. People do not like to hear complaints. People do like to hear compliments about themselves and things they did. It’s not the situation that triggers your feelings but your beliefs about that situation that will determine how you will ultimately feel.

8. Replace a Desire To Be Right with a Desire to Be Connected
When you take the position that you are right it implies the other person is wrong. Most people do not like being wrong so they become defensive. Many of us are so afraid of admitting a fault, making a mistake or being wrong we end up hurting our relationships and our self by causing pain, strain and stress to the people around us. Is it really worth it? What if you were to focus on listening and learning from every experience and interaction with others in order to evolve, expand and grow? It is OK to agree to disagree. Remember there are two sides to every coin and there are not absolutes.

Stick figure sitting on a question mark.

Asking better questions is the best way to learn.

9. Instead of Labeling Things…Be Open to All Possibilities.
When you stop labeling things as bad or good, right or wrong, negative or positive, like or dislike you let go of being judgmental. Everything has a purpose and place which serves us if we let them and are open to new possibilities. Rather than judging and labeling we can benefit from having an open mind to new opportunities and possibilities. Can you remember a food you did not like as a child and them tried it as an adult and found out you really do like it? Look for and try new things to expand your abilities and awareness.

10. Resisting Change is Stressful so Start Embracing Progress
Change is inevitable. Whether you are ready or not change is a constant and life moves on. You can fight change and wear yourself our or you can embrace change and go with the flow to your advantage. Life is changing because everything is evolving and moving. Being receptive to change will help you deal more effectively and efficiently with the inevitable. Life is continually changing so it is up to you adapt, adjust and anticipate change and respond intelligently.

11- 21 Next week

This Great NEWS post Stop That and Start This was designed to remind us of the benefits from simple things we can do to reduce our stress and help us start smiling more. As we become more aware of our limiting patterns we can all benefit and be even more happy, healthy and in harmony with each other, our selves and our environment. We have so many things to be grateful for and when we focus more on what is great we will attract more of that. With these simple strategies in this Stop That and Start This Part 1 we can live our dreams and create the destiny we desire and deserve. Be sure to read Part 2 next week.

What is your current Gap?

Where have you been less than the super star you were meant to be? Awareness of a limiting belief or personal challenge is the first step in resolving it.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Set up a video recorder to capture your behavior, mannerisms and speech patterns. Or ask family, friends and co-workers around you to provide 360 degree direct, honest, open and safe feedback. Be open and receptive to how others see you in order to see yourself through the eyes of others. Setting up a video camera during the holidays is a great way to capture behavior patterns for greater awareness.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding insights from stop that and start this?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share: Stop That and Start This Part 2