Many people are feeling sick, stressed and tired and for many all three conditions are linked to the lack of quality sleep. Therefore we decided it would be helpful to share some super sleep suggestions.

For those that are having sleep problems there are usually a number of factors contributing to the lack of quality sleep. Some have trouble falling asleep, some wake up during the night, others don’t feel rested when they wake up and many simply want to improve their quality of sleep. Regardless of which category you belong too try several of the techniques listed below and watch your sleep patterns improve.

Avoid eating a big meal late in the evening. It is recommended you finish eating at least 3 hours prior to going to sleep. Eat healthy nutrient dense whole foods in the evening that provide antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Beans, whole grains, raw nuts, seeds and vegetables are great choices. For those that want meat, poultry and fish it is better to eat these harder to digest foods during your mid-day meal and avoid eating them in the evening.

Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release stress from the day. Many people are suffering from adrenal stress which greatly impacts physical recovery and sleep patterns. Most people are able to learn meridian tapping techniques in several minutes. EFT has been found highly effective in helping to rebalance your body’s energetic system and resolve emotional stresses that contribute to problems falling asleep and other sleep issues.

Listening to Relaxing Bedtime MusicListen to relaxation CDs. Many people find the sound of instrumental music or nature sounds, such as the ocean waves or rainfall to be quite soothing for improved sleep. Others enjoy special ambient music, brainwave frequency symphonies, harmonic sounds and healing music.

Avoid caffeine, sodas and alcohol beverages before bed. They contain numerous ingredients which are known to impair the quality and quantity of sleep. Caffeine over stimulates various aspects of the body and mind. In addition the sugars cause the blood sugar to rise and then fall which further inhibits quality sleep. Quality sleep is essential for health and healing and sleep deprivation is a significant issue in modern society..

Sleep in a totally dark room. Avoid night lights and other light sources that can disrupt your circadian rhythm and the quality of sleep. During deep sleep your pineal gland produces melatonin and serotonin. This important process is disrupted by lights entering your eyes during the night and inhibits the production of melatonin an important sleep aid. An eye mask is often effective to help block out the excessive lights of modern technology.

Avoid watching disturbing movies, news and TV before bed. The bright images and disturbing content over stimulates the brain which often impairs ones ability to fall asleep. This disruption often affects the quality and quantity of your various sleep cycles (delta, theta, alpha & beta). The bright lights and visual stimulation from computers, homework and work projects late in the evening are known to impair your sleep. Allow your mind time to relax and unwind so you can go to sleep feeling calm and peaceful. Contrary to popular myths, movies and TV before sleep are not the way to relax prior to sleep.

Use good linens and sleepwear. Natural fibers like cotton, down, hemp, linen, silk and wool are comfortable and durable. Balance bedding and sleepwear to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Many synthetic fabrics may cause static electricity and some foam materials may contain irritating chemicals. Avoid harsh laundry soaps and scented softeners that may irritate your skin or nasal passages. A quality mattress and support system is important to help insure a better night’s sleep.

Read something inspirational or spiritual. This will often help you be more calm and relaxed. Avoid reading anything stimulating or upsetting which may have the opposite effect. Set a time limit to keep from reading too long which would distract you from sleeping. Also read books and stories to your children which will help them enjoy learning and reading.

Avoid using loud alarm clocks. It is quite stressful on the body and mind to be abruptly jarred awake. When you are consistently getting sufficient sleep, it should be fairly easy to wake. Some people wake to the birds, sun light, internal clock system while others use an audio system to play motivational music or a timer to turn on an appliance or light.

Downloading and Journaling. For those that find their mind racing in the evening, it may be helpful to write your thoughts down in a journal before bed. This is a great way to remember what was great about today and also pre-frame plans for tomorrow.

Now that we have shared some super sleep suggestions it is up to you to begin to apply them in your life. We know these terrific tips have proven helpful to many and will make a make a major difference in the quality and quantity of your sleep. While at first glance the list may seem a bit challenging for you just remember to take baby steps and implement one or two ideas a week. This way you will gradually begin to develop healthy habits that help you get the maximum benefits from your sleep.

Our next blog post will share: 10 more Super Sleep Suggestions