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2 10, 2010

Prior President Promotes a Plant Based Diet

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Did you hear the recent great news story regarding why a prior president promotes a plant based diet? Yes, former President Bill Clinton recently discussed on CNN his quest for health and longevity as the reasons for adopting a plant based diet. He is well known for his past obsessions with burgers, fast food and [...]

2 09, 2010

Top 10 Great German Foods for Health

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When you think of German food do you think of beer, potato pancakes and sausage? German food has many very healthy choices you will soon discover reading the Top Ten Great German Foods for Health. My main outcome during almost two months of travel in Europe this summer was to discover the best foods for [...]

19 08, 2010

Pro-biotic Pills or Pro-biotic Plants?

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Many people ask me for suggestions regarding the best source for pro-biotics. They want to know which pills, supplements or yogurts are the best source for pro-biotics to enhance their digestion, health and immune system. This is a great question and to find what is best for you it is important to compare supplements and [...]

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