Many people ask me for suggestions regarding the best source for pro-biotics. They want to know which pills, supplements or yogurts are the best source for pro-biotics to enhance their digestion, health and immune system.

This is a great question and to find what is best for you it is important to compare supplements and cultured foods to determine which is really better: pro-biotic pills or pro-biotic plants.

As a result of the numerous articles and speakers talking about the importance of pro-biotics there are now numerous pro-biotic pills and products on the market. Unfortunately as with any product there are many good ones and many you may want to avoid. Sometimes it can be very difficult to determine the goods ones from the junk.

Even good ones can break down based on manufacturing procedures, over time and if exposed to excess heat. Therefore the question could be reframed as to which is a better source: pro-biotic pills or pro-biotic plants. By pro-biotic plants I mean a live source such as cultured foods. You can also derive a live source with kefir or yogurt.

Making Your Own Cultured Foods

You can do this with cultured pro-biotics (good bacteria) in fermented foods like yogurt, kefirs, and cultured veggies. When you grow your own cultured foods you know that your pro-biotics are alive and healthy. All foods have natural pro-biotics present to break down the food. You can also collect pro-biotics from other foods or use a pro-biotics capsule as a colony starter. Be aware that many foods that contained good bacteria at one time have been cooked or pasteurized to kill off the bacteria and while the food may seem good the best component has been destroyed rendering the food much less beneficial.

By culturing your own foods you enjoy the benefits of the fermented nutrients that are released when the food is pre digested by the bacteria. The cultured foods contain many vitamins and amino acids that provide great compounds and phyto-nutrients which have been shown to boost the immune system.

In addition to enhancing your meals with new tastes they are easy to digest, absorb and assimilate into you system. When you produce your own cultured foods you also know that the cultured colonies are alive and which ones are more prevalent.

Making PicklesYou can grow a wide variety of pro-biotics and create many cultured foods such as:

  • beets
  • cabbage
  • egg plant
  • kim Chee
  • kefir
  • peppers
  • pickles
  • olives
  • sauerkraut
  • tomatoes
  • turnips
  • yogurt and more…

Not only is this a great way to have a supply of foods naturally protected for longer term storage it will supply you a large quantity of great pro-biotics on a continual basis. In my experience this is the best way to have a large variety of low cost yet high quality pro-biotics for frequent consumption and great digestion, immunity and nutrition. Cultured foods have been used for thousands of years to preserve foods and provide great health and nutrition benefits.

Healthy Flora and Fauna

Most people understand that when your intestinal tract has a healthy balance of good bacteria the bad bacteria are much less likely to take over and cause problems. What better way to maintain the healthy flora and fauna in your intestines than to eat a variety of home made cultured foods on a regular basis?

By the way many people do not know that we have more of the tiny flora and fauna organisms in our intestines that we have cells in our body. Therefore it is essential to learn more about providing the right environment of fiber, foods and pro-biotics to keep your digestive system strong and functioning at peak performance.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of cultured foods and pro-biotics you may begin to ask better questions about your pro-biotics to determine if you want pro-biotic pills or potent pre-digested and pro-biotic rich cultured plant foods. The bottom line is to be sure you maintain a healthy gut with a wide range of healthy pro-biotcs. When it comes to choosing pro-biotic pills or pro-biotic plants be sure you have access to great quality and variety to derive the maximum benefits possible.

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