Last week the Great NEWS blog shared Part 1: Power of a Story, and today will elaborate on the characteristics and benefits of a SMART Story in Part 2: The Power of a Story. After attending the exciting and enlightening internet and marketing seminar called Make Market Launch IT, the power of a story stuck in my brain. Any story can have a powerful impact and play a major role in your everyday life. Even if you are wondering how this applies to the health and well being of your body, mind and spirit read further to create better a better story for your life. You will soon learn how important a story can be and how The Power of a Story has everything to do with each and every aspect of your lack of health and level of happiness.

Continually ask yourself: Are you creating, living and telling a SADD Story or SMART Story?

The previous article was dedicated to identifying and avoiding any SADD Story and now it is time to focus on attracting and manifesting a SMART Story at every opportunity.

What is a SMART Story?

Telling a Happy StoryA SMART story refers to the experience, knowledge, insight and wisdom of anyone on the path of experts, great role models, masterminds, personal development, quality peers, self growth, teachers and yogis who walk the talk and share transformational insights to help guide you.

One of the most powerful skills in today’s world of complex decisions, information overload and time constraints is being able to understand the choices and consequences of a SADD Story or a SMART Story on the quality of your life. Therefore you must learn to listen for and identify the difference between them to manifest more of what you desire and deserve.

Throughout time people have told stories to communicate, dictate, educate and replicate cultural history, information and knowledge. Knowing that a story is one of the most powerful uses of language, it is imperative to be conscious of the power of a story when listening to a story or telling one yourself. Are you listening to or telling a SADD Story or a SMART Story most consistently?

A SMART Story applies to and refers to:

Specific strategies, suggestions, solutions, support and systems which are essential to enjoy each and every key area of your life. They empower a smart person to insure significantly higher possibilities and probabilities for great body, mind and spirit health and overall success in any area of your life.

Mentally conditioned, creative, disciplined, focused, positive, resourceful and trained people develop and follow a Mastery Action Plan for their life. My experience and life lessons have brought me to the conclusion there are eight key areas in the wheel of life. A SMART Story will greatly increase the odds and probabilities for you to enjoy and maintain an overall happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle in each of these areas.

Awareness, being prepared, educating oneself, planning ahead, thinking things through and training for important decisions are common traits of high quality and motivated people. These habits help them easily and effectively identify their optimal discoveries, directions and destiny in life. These are common traits one would desire to cultivate in order to share enhanced results with other smart and successful people.

Realistic choices, evaluation and self appraisal are key habits for smart people. It is essential to set a high standard and always tell others and yourself the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anything less drains your energy and vitality. It is also important to surround yourself with a high quality peer group that will also do the same for themselves and you.

Time is a precious commodity that smart people enjoy, plan, ration and utilize to the fullest to be smart in what they choose and what they choose to avoid.

Telling a StoryTo clearly benefit from and understand the power of a SMART Story listen, like and look for ones which are:

  • Enjoyable, entertaining and fun
  • Educational and informational
  • Empowering and transformational
  • Exciting and inspirational
  • Energizing and uplifting
  • Encouraging and supportive
  • Entertaining and thought provoking

When you read an article, book or magazine, talk with a family member, friend or stranger or watch a movie, television or video be sure to have your ears, eyes and brain on full automatic alert to insure you are receiving a SMART Story rather than a SADD story. Many people leave their precious head and heart exposed and vulnerable to someone that might take unfair advantage of them and that often results in unnecessary pain and suffering.

SMART people may experience some hard lessons and tough knocks just like SADD people. The key difference and main distinction is they learn valuable life lessons and insight and then install better sensors and security systems to monitor what they allow to enter their awareness and consciousness. Anything and everything around us will affect every cell in our body so be observant.

Whether you call it the butterfly affect, karmic action or the ripple affect the end result is very similar. Everything in the universe influences everything else in a giant cause and effect dance. Choose who you are willing to dance with wisely.

Making Better Choices

Teens Developing Good HabitsNow that you underestimate the Power of a Story you are much more likely to make better choices. A story can serve as valuable empowering examples or watch-out warnings. The world is filled with people wanting to tell a SADD story and others a SMART story so choose wisely to avoid the drama and seek the dynamic ones. Learn to block and stop a SADD story and be open and receptive to a SMART story to help your self and others. The moral of today’s article (story) is to teach you to the benefits of a SMART Story and help you understand The Power of a Story (SADD or SMART) and its impact on our everyday life.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Continue to listen carefully to the stories others are telling themselves and you.
  • Listen closely to those in your sphere of influence with discerning and perceptive ears and eyes to discover the underlying pattern of their story.
  • Begin to listen even more carefully for your own pattern and story. Where do you think the story originally came from?

A story leaves many clues from the past to help us today and in the future when we understand the Power of a Story. Have you enjoyed watching a SMART story such as the movie Michael, Love Actually, Lost in Seattle, Shall We Dance or The Holiday recently? Enjoy the Power of a SMART Story this weekend.

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share: Costa Rica Longevity in Paradise