The 2015 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing easy Healthy Habits.  Today’s post discusses the many advantages and uses for calcium bentonite clay which has been used for thousands of years.  Some of the greatest risks we face on a daily basis is for bacteria, fungus, parasites or viruses to establish an external or internal residence or insects to sting us. With today’s abundance of antibiotic resistant bacteria, biting and stinging bugs, constantly evolving superbugs and problematic parasites it is essential for us to understand first aid, prevention and protection for the wide variety of uninvited and unwanted critters that desire to select us as the unwilling host.  This post is dedicated to the benefits of using calcium bentonite clay which is easy to use and very low cost healthy habit to help prevent and protect against pathogens.

Bug Bite

Some of the greatest risks we face on a daily basis is for bacteria, fungus, parasites or viruses to establish an external or internal residence or insects to sting us.

On numerous outings and trips I have personally experienced or witnessed the devastating effects of poisonous insect stings which resulted in various levels of allergic reactions, intense pain, swelling and tissue damage.   At other times the unintentional exposure to some variety of pathogens led to various symptoms to include bloody discharge, dizziness, coughing, cramping, dehydration, diarrhea, discomfort, disorientation, fever, infections, inflammation, intestinal discomfort, pain, pus, tissue damage, tremors, vomiting and weakness.

Several personal experiences highlight little challenges becoming big ones. While traveling in Fiji three backpackers became so sick with diarrhea and vomiting that they almost ended up in an emergency room because they felt unable to catch their flight the next day.  On another trip to Belize a young girl had a bad case of diarrhea that left her dehydrated and disoriented. A family member as well as a friend of our family were each bitten by a spider and suffered severe pain, tissue damage and swelling that lasted several days.  Another person was planting some shrubs and received dozens of fire ant stings on the arms and hands. A woman was stung by a wasp at a seminar and had an allergic reaction that was rapidly escalating to an ambulance ride to an emergency room.

Luckily each of these stories had a happy ending because a good Samaritan was able to offer information on the benefits of using calcium bentonite clay and had some on hand to share with them so they could treat themselves easily and quickly.  Each person related a similar story of feeling rapid relief and being significantly improved within hours.  Within a day or two there was minimal evidence of the bites, problem or stings.  They commented on how it was almost like a mini miracle.  In reality it was simply the miracles of our creator working with Mother Nature providing the natural simple solution to common perplexing problems.

Can you remember a time when a bacteria, bug, fungus, parasite or virus temporarily caused complications and even incapacitated you?  I remember many times and know many others who have as well. Many people are unaware of basic first aid, prevention and protection strategies that can mean the difference between self treatment with a rapid response that results in fast relief or one that costs many thousands of dollars for an emergency room visit.

To better maintain our health and well being we must learn basic first aid and be prepared to prevent excessive and future damage by providing rapid self care.  Of course we must be intelligent about what choices and treatments we render and then following up with the appropriate medical care for added insurance and peace of mind.

When we combine natural medicine with proper prevention and protection protocols we set our self up for more positive outcomes.  Clay has been proven to be easy, effective and safe for many minor issues we face that can easily escalate into more serious conditions over time.

We must learn to act and think intelligently regarding our first aid, personal hygiene and self care.  Calcium bentonite clay has many benefits for supporting us with each of these.  Clay is a valuable product for building a strong health foundation because it is natural, non toxic and has no negative side effects.

Too many people do not treat cuts, minor injuries and bites seriously enough or go into autopilot mode and seek excessive medical treatment without unconsciously evaluating the benefit to cost analysis. Many people seek expensive medical treatment because health insurance or Medicare is paying for it when in reality we all end up paying for all the excessive and expensive treatments through premiums and taxes.  Remember this is no free lunch.

When we learn to identify the signals, signs and situations that give us clues we can take appropriate actions when using calcium bentonite clay to treat a wide variety of minor health challenges.  Clay has been used externally and internally for thousands of years and I have never seen it reported as a cause of death or disability so it must be very safe or we would have heard stories to the contrary.

Unfortunately because clay cannot be patented, is not profitable to recommend and it so effective and efficient many people have not heard about it and few are willing to talk about it.  Clinics, companies, doctors, hospitals and pharmacies make money administering and treating with pharmaceuticals which tends to insure that clay remains a step child of the naturopath and natural health movement.  Even though clay is one of the main ingredients in the pink product known to relieve diarrhea you are not likely to be told this interesting fact.  .

Most of the medical related groups do not know or see fit to educate us on natural protocols and remedies because there is not money to be made with it and therefore does not serve their best interest or bank account.  We really have a sick care system and not a health care system so they must continue to provide sick care for current profits and future profits.

One of the most detrimental things that have occurred in the holistic health and natural medicine fields is the brainwashing that occurs to over use antibiotics and other synthetic chemical products which have side effects and consequences.  All medicines and OTC products have side effects and risks which are disclosed on warning labels but who takes time to read warning labels any more?

Today’s world is vastly different from 100 years ago when people were their own primary care giver and learned first aid and prevention strategies.  Today it is very easy to let someone else tell you what to do and treat you with pharmaceuticals instead of suggesting natural products like calcium bentonite clay, essential oils and hydrogen peroxide.  They also make it difficult to know, read and understand the synthetic chemical ingredients and potential side effects.

While the US and many countries have an abundance of great clinics, emergency rooms, and urgent care facilities available it is often in your best interest to provide prompt first aid to minimize the damage and destruction caused by longer term exposure to pathogens and toxins.  Immediate First Aid is one of the most important protocols and skills any and every individual should learn and practice.


Clay has been documented for thousands of years as a natural way to deal with external injuries and wounds to prevent infections.

Searching and seeking for care can be expensive and frustrating.  Many times when an accident, bite, exposure, incidence, injury or sting occurs there is no treatment near by.  The longer the delay between incident and treatment the more damage can occur and more danger of compounded problems.  In most cases a quick first aid response to minor issues can prevent and protect against longer term negative consequences and major issues.  Because of delayed first aid administration and inadequate prevention strategies the cost of treatment clinics and urgent care facilities are skyrocketing above the level many people can afford.

This is why having experience, first aid kit and training for treating minor issues is one of the best investments you can make in your health and longevity.  Every year people die from simple things that turn into life threatening issues.

It is well know and documented that bacteria in your mouth can lead to heart disease and death.  Parasites cause death and dismemberment in many countries around the world.  One cut or incisions from surgery can lead to an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection that could be life threatening.  Fungus, molds and spores are responsible for significant illnesses and deaths around the world.  Insect stings are common yet painful occurrences that cause hundreds of millions of dollars for treatments and unknown dollars for lost time and recovery.  Many of these can be minimized when treated with basic first aid and calcium bentonite clay.

Clay has been documented for thousands of years as a natural way to deal with external injuries and wounds to prevent infections.  Clay can act as a natural band aid covering the wound as well as eliminating harmful bacteria due to anti bacterial properties. It has been shown to improve our natural healing abilities by protecting the wound site.

We spend $Billions on clinics, doctor, emergency room and urgent care visits.  We also spend big bucks on Over the Counter and prescriptions medicines to fight and prevent infections.  Why not consider using clay as part of your first aid arsenal to prevent, protect and treat any pathogens or stings as a first line of response.  With the risk of disability, doctors care, health insurance claim denial, hospital stays, lost time, lost productivity, prescription medicines, sick days, surgery and trauma all resulting from inadequate or non existent first aid treatment and prevention can you afford not too?  What have you got to lose and what might you gain by being prepared with fantastic first aid care?

We need to invest the energy, money and time to educate our self on proper first aid and prevention strategies.  Then we can make better choices and decisions about our health and self care even before we decide if we should head to a treatment center for reassurance and support.   That is what this blog is about. Our goal and passion is helping people invest in their self education and empowerment.   With a mastery action plan in place it is possible to have a wide array of information, products and solutions that can help insure your health and well being in spite of challenges that can present themselves as potential medical issues.

Benefits of Clay

To begin we must understand where clay comes from and how it can help with our health and well being.  Clay is a natural compound found in every continent on earth.  It has been used by indigenous cultures since the beginning of time and even recorded in early written records.   Because our divine creator put harmful bacteria, fungus, insects, molds, parasites, pathogens, plants and viruses on earth we are also provided the natural health solution nearby to neutralize the harmful items.

Most people do not stop to think about this because they have been conditioned to look to others for solutions and suggestions on how to care for them selves.   We respond much more like a trained animal that is taught to do perform and receive a treat.  We are programmed to seek medical advice and treatment and receive a band aid, lollipop, prescription, reassurance, soothing words and TLC so we feel better.

For many generations now since childhood we were conditioned and trained to seek medical advice and care for even minor things.  This has led us to develop certain behaviors and beliefs that a doctor know best and we are less able to take care of our own health challenges.

All adult and children need to learn basic first aid and prevention strategies to own responsibility for their health and well being.  We must be our own first line of defense for prevention, protection and protocols that insure our health.

Modern medical technology is great when it comes to saving lives and limbs from major accidents, severe trauma and war.  It is not the best place to seek advice and care for minor injuries and degenerative, lifestyle, prevention strategies and self induced disease.   They know how to deliver the best care for big stuff yet struggle with the small stuff that make up the majority of doctor visits like aches, acne, Candida, colds, constipation, diarrhea, ear aches, emotional upsets, flu, headaches, rashes, sinus infections, skin tags, sore throats, upset stomachs, warts and weight issues.

Simple Clay Strategies Include

Mask of Clay

Clay masks are a great way to clean the pores and exfoliate old dead skin safely.

Promoting and providing calcium bentonite clay as a prevention, protection and protocol is easy to do and offers a huge return on a small investment.

  • Clay masks are a great way to clean the pores and exfoliate old dead skin safely. Doing them once a week during the spring, summer and fall works well for many people.  Doing them less frequently during the dry winter months is better for many.
  • Clay removes excess bacteria, fungus, parasites, pathogens and viruses from our skin.
  • Clay added to Dr Bronner’s soap makes a great natural anti bacterial cleaner.
  • Clay is great for insect stings like ants, bees, scorpions, wasps.
  • Clay is great for treating bug bites like chiggers, spiders and ticks.
  • Clay is a great way to treat pets for fleas.  Have you seen birds do a dust bath to rid themselves of pests?
  • Clay makes a great cleansing and detoxing bath. Have you heard of famous mud baths where people cover most of their body in clay?
  • Clay baths are great for soothing irritated skin.
  • Many people find clay to be very helpful with neutralizing the irritating oils found in poison ivy and poison oak.
  • Clay makes a nice natural band aid for a small cut or scrap.
  • Clay has been found to act as a natural anti diarrhea compound.
  • Clay is alkaline and helps restore over acidic conditions.
  • Clay has been used to purify water of contamination and pollutants.
  • Clay has been used internally to help remove parasites and pathogens.
  • Clay is well known as a method of neutralizing toxins that have been swallowed.  Clay and charcoal are both commonly used for poison control centers.
  • Clay foot treatments exfoliate dead skin and help feet feel great.
  • Clay makes a great first aid gel to sooth bruises, cuts and scrapes.
  • Clay has a cooling effect when applied to the skin.
  • Clay has been used to cleanse and detox the body of harmful contaminants and toxins.
  • Clay can neutralize acidic burns and caustic compounds.
  • Clay has been used by the military to decontaminate and neutralize biological, chemical and nuclear agents.
  • Clay is used to reclaim contaminated soil.
  • Clay has been used to treat bullet wounds for military personnel.

Many experts, researchers and professionals in the health and medical field believe clay may be one of the best resources we have to treat large scale health problems like chemical, nuclear and pathogen pollution and threats.  As our health care costs continue to soar out of sight we may be looking for clay to be part of our future financial salvation.  Our success as a nation depends on us greatly improving our level of health and wellness and simultaneously reducing long term healthcare costs.

It is imperative we help adults and children understand the benefits of calcium bentonite clay as a prevention, protection and protocol for our long term health and well being

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Adults and children are more likely to be happy, healthy and holistic when they take responsibility for their own first aid and well being.  Clay is one of the best products on the market to help us in dozens of ways.  Our cities, communities, companies and counties as well as families and friends will benefit as more people learn about and use calcium bentonite clay every day.

Investing in the steps to insure our citizens are happy, healthy and holistic will yield big dividends in our quality of life.  A positive psychology of eating will produce positive long term results for our selves and future generations.

Daily Clay Use

  • Soap

    Use Dr. Bronner’s soap with clay daily.

    ¼ of a teaspoon of clay gel in the morning or before meals is a great way to help rid the intestinal tract of harmful agents.

  • Ask questions and research the clay product you are considering to be sure it is pure calcium bentonite clay. Some clay may be sodium bentonite clay and not appropriate for internal use.
  • Use Dr. Bronner’s soap with a little clay added for extra cleaning power.
  • Wash your fruits and veggies in water with calcium bentonite clay added to help remove chemical, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and other toxins.
  • Pour water with clay on your plants.
  • Use clay to neutralize chemicals in your garden and grow healthier organic foods.
  • Read the ingredients and labels on all products.  If you are using a toxic product try using clay to help neutralize it.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions to help create more happiness and harmony.   #Calcium Bentonite Clay is one of the best natural health products on the market.  When you do the research you will find hundreds of thousands of references to the benefits of clay for health and well being.  We all deserve and desire to be happy, healthy and in harmony with planet earth.  Clay can help you do all this and much more when you learn to use it for many healthy habits.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared some simple suggestions for using calcium bentonite clay for common sense health and wellness strategies.  We must do our part to determine for our self the benefits of clay and then establish the techniques, thinking and training necessary to use it for first aid and health prevention, protection and protocols.

What is your current Gap?

What unhealthy products are you using that could be replaced with products using clay?  What areas of your first aid, health and wellness could benefit from an upgrade to calcium bentonite clay?  ?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What daily mastery action plans and steps will help you reprogram and restore your thinking towards natural prevention, protection and protocols?  What research, resources and role models do you need to find to help you implement using some clay every day?  Why not order some Calcium bentonite clay today and start off with a clay facial and see what a difference that can make?  Once you feel and see the benefits you will be hooked for life.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the use of calcium bentonite clay for you health and wellness needs?  What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Hydration for Health

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