What do you know about the benefits of effective microorganisms? Very few people have heard much if any about this topic so today’s post will share 7 ways effective microorganisms can help us. How aware are you regarding bacteria, effective microorganisms, fungi and virus being key catalysts for our long-term health and well being? We often hear people talk about the microbiome which resides in conjunction with our intestines, skin, and soil and are essential for our health, immune function and even survival. Today’s post is a very interesting topic because many people do not yet fully understand the essential role that effective microorganisms and other life forms can play in every area of our health and wellbeing.

Previously I wrote about the Power of Prebiotics and Probiotics to help readers understand how beneficial bacteria and microorganisms improve our health. Probiotics have been known and used over the millennium to enhance, predigest and preserve food for our health, survival and well being. Probiotics mean “for life” which is the opposite of antibiotics which means “against life.” Probiotics have played an essential role in maintaining our digestion, healing, and health since the beginning of time. With so many people facing significant health issues and using prescription antibiotics this post may share a better way and a more cost-effective way to boost your health and immune system.

MicrobiomeMany people are so paranoid about bacteria and virus that they try to avoid or destroy them by overcooking foods, treating themselves with antibiotics and using chemical cleaners to eliminate all microorganisms around them. While it may be important to avoid certain harmful bacteria and viruses it is even more important that we enhance and nurture our beneficial bacteria and microbiome to protect us. Our microbiome contains more beneficial bacteria and microorganisms than all the cells in our body. They help us predigest food as well as assist us in the digestion, assimilation, and absorption of enzymes, minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Without prebiotics and probiotics, it would be impossible to receive the essential macro and micronutrients we need.

What are Effective Microorganisms?

Dirt and WormsWhen you look at animals, plants, soil, and water you find a diverse ecological matrix and web of effective microorganisms that help bond and make a coherent and complex environment synergistically work well together. All soil is composed of a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes, organic material, nutrients, protozoa, rhizomes, viruses, and worms. One of the easiest and most powerful holistic health strategies for human health is to improve the health of the soil where we grow our food. Diverse and healthy microorganisms build healthy soil which builds stronger plants which help produce stronger animals and humans. Remember we are what we eat. Anyone dealing with various digestion, disease or health issues may want to first look at the foods they consume and research where the foods come from. Then you can learn if they are adulterated GE or GMO Frankenfoods that are highly processed and refined and come from depleted and toxic soils. We are well served to find fully formed healthy locally grown nutrient dense organic whole foods for optimal health. The term “effective microorganisms” is a registered product originated by Professor Teruo Higa and produced by EffectivMicroorganismsm Research Organization (EMRO) in Japan. It serves as a catalyst to enhance and help promote the natural organisms already in the soil.

The Benefits of Effective Microorganisms

PlantEffective microorganisms are environmentally friendly and safe for animals and humans. Since they help build the soil by improving the existing organisms there they are a natural method that is cost-effective and sustainable. We can consider them as the natural catalyst and organic enhancer that helps the soil rebuild as Mother Earth intended. Benefits of effective microorganisms to help maintain our health include:

  • Build better soil for growing better foods
  • Help plants to maximize absorption and assimilation of nutrients for improved growth
  • Balance, control and reduce the level of harmful bacteria and organisms in our body, food, and soil
  • Help maintain vibrant energy, growth, and health of animals and plants naturally and organically
  • Benefits for enhancing and maintaining our ecosystem and environment in a sustainable way
  • Reduce the presence of detrimental and disease organisms and pathogens thus reducing chemical product usage.
  • Support healthy populations of animals, ecosystems, gardens, people, and plants while also reducing fossil fuel usage.

How to Use Effective Microorganisms

Dirt and WormsAn easy way to give the plants and soil what they need to thrive is to add effective microorganisms to increase the number and variety of natural soil organisms. By combining a diverse mixture of carbon, compost, hydrogen, manure, microorganisms, minerals, nutrients, plants and water we build a better base for the food chain. There are many ways to build organic soil without chemical fertilizers which do more harm than good. The goal is to use any animal waste, fish, plant or seaweed materials to produce a high-quality compost microorganism tea. The best compost teas seem to be made by collecting what appears to be waste material and then putting them in a container with water which allows bacteria and microorganisms to multiply as the materials break down.  The compost tea is sprayed around and on plants. Another option is to buy an Effective Microorganism starter and add it to your own organic material sources.

Different cultures around the world have been making these composts and compost teas for many millennia. Using animal manure, charcoal, companion planting and even flooding fields all help to build the microorganisms and enrich the soil. In permaculture, we bury branches and logs under the soil to slowly release material and microorganisms to help build the soil, fertilize plants and hold water. As the plants grow they protect the soil from too much sun which in turn helps to build the soil even more and supports more microorganisms. This attracts more animals and birds which bring more volunteer material and seeds. All farmers, gardeners, and households could be using Effective Microorganisms to enhance the home, plants, and soil in a safe and sustainable way.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series shares simple solutions to help people improve their lifestyle for better health and nutrition. This post offers terrific tips on the power of prebiotics and probiotics to help with healing and health. By putting this profound wisdom to work we may find significant long-term benefits.T his Great NEWS post shared some simple strategies and suggestions to produce and use effective microorganisms to enhance plant and soil quality.

What is your current Gap?

Do you have any problems with your energy, health or immune system?  The lack of nutrient-dense foods can contribute to these issues and poor soil is a problem contributing to weaker foods.  What about a persistent problem with excess bacteria, pathogens, and viruses? Could nutrient deficient food be a major contributor to our health issues?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

For three months could you use effective microorganisms on your houseplants, pets, and yard to see what a difference it makes in how they appear, behave and smell. It may require this time to help reduce the harmful microorganisms and repopulate the good microorganisms for you to notice the difference they can provide to your environment. Then you can consider using them in your garden and self.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the benefits of effective microorganisms and how they can help support our health?   What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a better 2018 and beyond?

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