February 10, 2010

While traveling in Fiji the last few weeks it was evident many people are looking for safe, healthy, and Simple Skin Solutions. Many people today are facing numerous skin challenges and issues and are unaware of the role that great nutrition can play in supporting the health and vitality of your skin.

Therefore, it seemed like a great opportunity to share some simple techniques and tips to nourish and support your skin.

While many people spend a fortune in creams, lotions and potions that are promoted for their benefits it is wise to be an educated and informed decision maker before buying them. Many of these highly advertised products are made with synthetic compounds and substances that may not be healthy and may actually harm your skin and your health. Be sure you read the label carefully and avoid any synthetic and toxic substances.

9 Natural Skin Care Oils

My personal standard is based on knowing the ingredients are natural and safe for consumption. Remember anything you put on your skin is absorbed as if you ate it. Natural antioxidants, enzymes, essential oils, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins are present in plants that are great for you and your skin.

My favorites natural oils for skin care include raw:

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Sesame Oil
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Almond Oil
  5. Avocado Oil
  6. Castor Oil
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Flax Seed Oil
  9. Sunflower Oil

When you use some of these Simple Skin Solutions you will quickly notice how well your skin responds to certain oils and begins to feel and look different. By the way you can also enjoy eating the foods that produce the oil and notice the same benefits over time.

Our next blog post will share: Magic of Meditation and Massage