While traveling in Fiji for the last couple of weeks it was great to find people eager and excited to discover the Magic of Meditation and Massage. Many people today are sad, sick and stressed. They are facing numerous issues and problems that are affecting their health, happiness and peace of mind. The great news is that by beginning a few simple steps and practices anyone is able to efficiently and effectively support their overall well being by simply setting aside time for massage and meditation.

Becoming Calm & Relaxed

Many people spend a fortune on pills, potions and products that are advertised to help you be more calm and relaxed. Unfortunately most of these man made quick fixes over promise and under deliver on providing a healthy affect and lasting benefit.

Massage and meditation is something you can learn to do for yourself almost any time and any place. They have both been found to be easy and effective in providing various levels of relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization.

While there are many forms and types of massage and meditation with a little effort you will find a program that works well for you. My suggestion is to do your homework and find some books and classes in order to learn enough about the basics to make informed choices as to the optimal massage and meditation techniques that are ideal for you.

Hand & Foot Reflexology

In particular reflexology is a great way to massage your feet and hands to derive benefits throughout your entire body. It feels great and is super for providing many ancillary benefits to other areas as well.

For me primordial sound meditation has been the one form of meditation that has been the easiest to understand and apply in my everyday life. While trying many types of meditation over the years none have come close to the feelings of deep calm, relaxation and rejuvenation that primordial sound meditation has provided.

Once you schedule time for a quick self massage and 15 minutes of meditation during your daily maintenance routine you will quickly begin to feel happier, healthier and more in harmony with the world around you. While life may be more challenging and stressful there is always a way to take better care of your body, mind and spirit. Discover the magic of massage and meditation soon and see what a difference it can have in improving the over quality of your life and well being.

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