The previous Great NEWS post shared Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Health Hazards and today we discover Alarming Antibiotics Abuse Health Hazards.  When is the last time you used antibiotics? Do you consume animal products that contain antibiotics? Due to consumption of factory farmed animal products and personal use most people are unknowingly abusing antibiotics. These contribute to antibiotic resistant bacteria surviving, killing good bacteria in our gut, superbugs thriving and weakening our immune system. Today we discuss the Alarming Antibiotics Abuse Health Hazards that the drug and medical industry do not want you to know about.

The Great NEWS Coach blog provides posts like the Health Hazards series to inform you and offer healthy habit alternatives to replace them. Health hazards cause disease, disability and death so we must be vigilant to protect our family and self. Antibiotics abuse in animals and humans is a major problem in many countries. The drug companies and medical industry would like you to believe they are totally safe even though they are synthetic chemicals and compounds with serious side effects.   This post will offer valuable insights to help you minimize your risk for antibiotic abuse.

Cows in Field

Factory farms have a problem with animal disease from inhumane conditions so they rely on antibiotics in an attempt to keep animals alive long enough to get them to the processing plants.

This post was written after experiencing, hearing and reading hundreds of situations regarding the dark side and side effects of antibiotics abuse with animals and humans. The synthetic chemical antibiotic drugs generate many billions of dollars annually so there is a tsunami affect taking place around the world.  Even though we are lead to believe they are basically a harmless, helpful and safe drug these artificial antibiotics are quite the opposite.

The health, medical and pharmaceutical industries believe and brainwash us to believe that antibiotics can easily kill harmful pathogens to promote health and protect people from disease. This is the side of the coin they focus 99.9% of our attention. The other side of the coin is the more important story you are about to learn.

The agriculture and medical industry have been sold a fairy tale which has turned into a horror story by the pharmaceutical industry. Factory farms have a problem with animal disease from inhumane conditions so they rely on antibiotics in an attempt to keep animals alive long enough to get them to the processing plants. They do not focus on the long term consequences and health hazards to  consumers. 

We wrongly assume the FDA and USDA are inspecting the animals, antibiotics abuse, feed, feedlots, processing plants, transportation and wholesale distribution to insure ingredients and products are monitored, regulated and safe.  Unfortunately the factory farm systems are too big and powerful and the federal agency staff is too small and weak too monitor a corrupt massive monopoly system.   The agencies have become controlled by the agribusiness industries they were meant to regulate.  Therefore we must invest the time to research our food sources and then buy local and organic to protect our happiness, health and holistic environment.

These federal agencies have known for many decades of the antibiotics abuse in animal feed and harmful consequences from this practice.  There are frequent and massive animal product recalls after people become sick from eating bacteria contaminate foods.  What you don’t hear about as often is the antibiotic resistant bacteria infections people are having due to the antibiotics abuse in animals.  This begins a chain reaction that is now snowballing out of control into an avalanche of related health issues

Now that we have seen the dark side of the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) lets turn to the medical industry and their track record with antibiotics abuse.  My goal is to help children, men and women to learn and understand about the cause and effect principle and how it affects our happiness, health and holistic ecosystem.  Our choices today affect our present and future plus our family and future generations. 

Fresh Herbs

Treat the whole body, mind and spirit as one system.

The medical industry loudly and proudly proclaims they want to keep people healthy but focus 95% of their attention, money and time on disease and sick care. Only about 5% of their attention, money and time are invested in promoting strategies and systems for emotions, exercise, fitness, health, lifestyle, nutrition and well being. Since what we focus on the most we attract (Law of Attraction) we are attracting more disease, sickcare and sickness. Rather than treat the whole body, mind and spirit as one system and focusing on our entire emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being they specialize in one area of a complex multi dimensional system. They want to treat asthma, blood issues, bones, cancer, diabetes, digestion, endocrine, fertility, genetics, immune, neurological and skin issues as individual problems instead of parts of a larger complex whole being health system. 

Seven Antibiotics Abuse Health Hazards

1. Antibiotics for humans are over used for colds, dental, flu, skin and viral issues where they may not be appropriate and necessary. Large amounts of antibiotics are prescribed and sold for treating conditions and symptoms (the effect) without looking at the underlying contributing factors (the cause). The symptoms get our attention but it is the cause that must be addressed for restoring health. Focusing on the symptoms is very expensive because the condition will continue to reoccur and require treatment until you resolve the underlying cause.

Cows in Feedlot

Feedlots are contaminated with antibiotic resistant super bugs which are washed into food crops and water ways and contaminate humans

2. Antibiotics in feed are fed to factory feedlot chickens, cows, fish, hogs, shrimp, steers and turkeys to prevent disease. While this looks good on the surface when you dig deeper you learn that excess antibiotics use contributes to the animals developing antibiotic resistant bacteria which require more antibiotics be used. Also the feedlots are contaminated with antibiotic resistant super bugs which are washed into food crops and water ways and contaminate humans. Many times e coli contamination of food crops is due to animal waste runoff from feedlots.

3. Synthetic antibiotics used in animal feedlots are chemicals and compounds with side effects for the animals and their products and then for the humans that consume the animal products. Many of the antibiotics fed to animals are considered high risk for humans so they are utilized for animals without regard for humans then consuming the animal products. Synthetic antibiotics used in humans are chemicals and compounds that have numerous side effects.  Many antibiotics can cause stomach irritation, upset and vomiting. One antibiotic has been linked to deterioration of tendon tissues like our Achilles tendon. We have identified the risks of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria from the over use of antibiotics. Once created these superbugs survive they can thrive and become more resistant and therefore virulent over time.

4. People who may really need an antibiotic frequently do not take the prescription properly. Many people do not take it as prescribed or they take it with alcohol or other substances that can alter its benefits. People often discontinue use of an antibiotic without fully eliminating the pathogen and allowing some of the bacteria to survive and become more resistant.  Many people pour antibiotics down the toilet which contaminates water systems. Many people take left over antibiotics as part of their own self prevention or treatment when they do not even have a bacterial infection.  Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics and is killing tens of thousands of people each year. Imagine the risk of dozens of bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant. This is what is currently occurring across the globe.

5. Antibiotics like tetracycline are used to treat acne. Acne is a skin issue caused by a multitude of conditions and factors such as bacteria, hormones, hygiene, lifestyle, nutrition, skin care, stress and more.  Acne is not caused by the absence of antibiotics so it will not be resolved by using them. There are many long term consequences from using tetracycline to treat acne such as antibiotics resistant bacteria, reduced effectiveness in the future and stained teeth.

Drop of Water

Chemicals, compounds and toxins in antibiotics end up in our waste water systems and ultimately in our water systems (aquifers, creeks, rivers, lakes, oceans and well water).

6. Chemicals, compounds and toxins in antibiotics end up in our waste water systems and ultimately in our water systems (aquifers, creeks, rivers, lakes, oceans and well water). As they pollute our waters they also continue to influence bacteria to develop additional antibiotics resistance. This creates a vicious cycle of bacteria becoming more resistant to antibiotics and we become more susceptible to these virulent bacteria with weaker immune systems.

7. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers when it comes to bacteria. They kill harmful and helpful bacteria at the same time.  Unfortunately when the helpful bacteria are killed off the harmful ones are able to repopulate faster and over power our digestive and immune systems. Our body has more bacteria in it then we do human cells. This is referred to as a microbiome of beneficial bacteria in a symbiotic system responsible for many functions like digestion and our immune system. Without them we cannot exist.  So if helpful bacteria are our allies and friends we must feed them and support them so they survive and thrive over the harmful bacteria and support us for great health. After taking antibiotics it is imperative for a person to repopulate their body with helpful bacteria ASAP!  Consuming pro-biotic rich foods or consuming pro-biotics on a consistent basis is the best way to accomplish this.

There are many synthetic chemicals and compounds in antibiotics which create numerous health hazards and side effects for people and the planet. These synthetic chemicals and compounds are ingested and absorbed into animals, humans and plants thus affecting our natural homeostasis (balance), systems and terrain. Antibiotics can harm our digestive, liver, immune and nervous system. The more synthetic chemicals and compounds we ingest the more damage and danger is created for us and future generations. These toxic chemicals end up in our drinking water, food, rivers and oceans harming all people and the planet now and with compounding consequences for the future. 

When you think of billions of animals being fed antibiotics and billions of prescriptions being sold each year you begin to realize the magnitude of the problem and serious side effects.  They are contributing to major ecological, emotional, environmental and financial destruction and devastation. Avoid all commercial factory farmed animal products and consume only free range local organic ones from the most reliable source.

Natural Remedies are Best

Coconut Oil

There are many natural earth and plant based products that have a long track record of natural antibacterial properties which are much more economical and even safer to use.

What should we use first before we turn to antibiotics? There are many natural earth and plant based products that have a long track record of natural antibacterial properties which are much more economical and even safer to use. For centuries humans have used calcium bentonite clay to eliminate harmful bacteria externally and internally. Plant based products include camphor, coconut oil, garlic, frankincense, lavender oil, myrrh, neem oil, olive leaf extract, oregano oil and tea tree oil. Many herbs and spices also have antibacterial properties.

This Great NEWS post shared Alarming Antibiotics Abuse Health Hazards to help people stop abusing antibiotics and start using natural organic and safe alternatives to holistically deal with the micro organisms in our bodies and the environment.  Focusing on healthy habits each day will help us all be more happy, healthy and holistic. This Alarming Antibiotics Abuse Health Hazards post is dedicated to educating empowering and energizing all of us to be even better custodians and guardians to protect the precious people, plants and planet.

What is your current Gap?

What antibiotics are you and your family consuming and using that may be contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria and harming your health?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your dependency and risk from antibiotics?  Have you read the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) “Antibiotic Resistance Threat Report,” published in September 2013 that highlights two million Americans being infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria annually? Tens of thousands of people die each year as a result

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding antibiotics?  What new decisions and resources will help you avoid these health hazards and begin healthy habits?

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