The previous Great NEWS post asked Are OTC and Prescription Drugs Health Hazards and today we determine Are Cereals Health Hazards? Cereals are one of the most popular breakfast foods for adults and children. With so many ingredients, types and varieties to choose from how do you know which ones are healthy and which ones are unhealthy? Every food we eat affects every cell in our body and brain and influences our health and quality of life. Today we will reveal how cereals are made and the ingredients used to decide “Are Cereals Health Hazards?”

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is written to help people be more aware of common health hazards. Many things in our high tech world can negatively influence our health. How we choose to deal with them will determine how happy and healthy we will be. Most people lack awareness regarding how small decisions directly affect every thing that happens in our life. Our behaviors, beliefs and biology run our life in the same way that programmed hardware, software and operating systems run a computer.

Are Cereals a Health Hazard?

Spoon and Cereal

Most people buy cereal based on flavors, taste and texture even though they are orchestrated in a laboratory.

Cereals are a very popular choice for breakfast for many people. Unfortunately most people do not take the time to read the ingredients or research how cereals are made before purchasing them. As a result they often make their choice on a multitude of factors such as:  advertisements, availability, box design, buzz words, childhood memories, children’s request, commercials, conditioning, coupons, health claims, impulse buying, media influence, parent selections, peers, perceived benefits, promotions, restaurant selection, store sales and taste. Most people buy cereal based on flavors, taste and texture even though they are orchestrated in a laboratory.

Unfortunately how things taste to our taste buds is one of the easiest things for food manufacturers to manipulate in cereal or any food for they choose. It is well documented that fats, oils, salt and sugar are the tastes we crave the most.

The vast majority of cereals are promoted as being delicious, healthy and nutritious even though they are actually one of the least healthy and least nutritious fake foods. The majority of adults who buy cereal for themselves and children are doing more harm than they realize to themselves and their children. People are too brain dead and brain washed to see the real story behind the commercial cereal industry.  Cereal companies are making big bucks by using cheap ingredients and synthetic chemical concoctions and then hypnotizing the consumers with their manipulative madness and marketing media mentality to buy and eat it.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on following a fairly simple lifestyle and philosophy. Focus on profound wisdom and proven principles to avoid pain and advance pleasure in each of the key eight areas in our wheel of life.

Many people have been brainwashed into believing that cereals are healthy and safe for adults and children, but this is simply not true. By investing a little energy and time today we will share some shocking truths about the cereal manufacturing process and the lies being told without referring to the better living through chemistry approach. If our long term happiness, health and harmony are important then learning more about how and why we should avoid the chemical concoctions they call cereal is essential.

Can Cereal Lovers Handle the Truth?

Assorted Bowls

To maintain a healthy and high quality life we must be diligent to avoid fake, fast and junk foods that can contribute to us being sad, sick, stressed and tired.

Most people are complacent and confused about the importance of knowing the background and details about the food they consume. Important details and information on: additives, chemicals, food growing methods, ingredients, preparation and processing. People seem to be more interested in fast foods that taste good rather than being delicious, healthy and nutritious.  While we all want food that tastes good there is way too much manipulation of food tastes with artificial additives, flavorings, enhancers and modifiers as well as salt, sugar and sweeteners added. To maintain a healthy and high quality life we must be diligent to avoid fake, fast and junk foods that can contribute to us being sad, sick, stressed and tired.

The Standard American Diet Dilemma (SADD) is not so obvious and obvious when you look at the vast consumption of fake, fast and junk foods manipulated and mass marketed to adults and children as convenient, delicious, easy, fun, guilt free, healthy, nutritious, quick, and tasty. We become sick when we consume pasteurized milk with antibiotics and hormones on our convenient super sugar cereals which are a fake, fast and junk food that often contains GMO ingredients treated with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. Then they add the artificial colors, dyes, enhancers, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners as a toxic bonus.

This post will help with empowering ideas, information and insights to help us stop choosing cereals and start choosing healthy nutrient dense organic whole foods instead. When we consume healthy and natural foods as part of a healthy lifestyle we will stop feeling sad, sick stressed and tired and start feeling happy, healthy, calm and energized instead.

How Do Cereals Affect Our Health?

Female Body

Our body deserves and needs natural nutrition for energy, health, healing, maintenance, repair and reproduction.

Following the theme of looking at each of the eight key areas in our Wheel of Life allows us to consider how cereals affect each area of our life and every thing we experience.

Body – Our body deserves and needs natural nutrition for energy, health, healing, maintenance, repair and reproduction.  Disease results from the lack of adequate nutrient dense organic whole food nutrition.  Disease is also caused by artificial synthetic chemicals such as: additives, antibiotics, colorings, dyes, flavor enhancers, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), herbicides, hormones, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), refined sugar, pesticides, preservatives, sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. When we feed our body fake, fast and junk foods it will send us signals like the dashboard of our car to let us know that maintenance and TLC are required. Any synthetic chemicals and compounds in cereals are harmful. Synthetic chemicals are toxins to our body that must be processed by the liver and eliminated to minimize damage. Our liver is our life line for health and toxic chemicals in food harms our liver and health.

Mind – Our brain and nervous system is a complex and delicate network that is easily affected by synthetic chemicals.  Our central control center is easily disrupted by chemical compounds in cereals. Exposing our brain to unhealthy synthetic chemicals from cereal will harm it and possibly impair it for life. Potential harm to our brain include the possibility of Alzheimer’s, aneurism, cancer, dementia and stroke. We must avoid cereals with any synthetic chemicals that can have harmful side effects on our brain and nervous system.

Spirit – Being hyped up on sugar or spaced out on synthetic chemical additives creates an altered emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state. Directly and indirectly we impact our spiritual well being by the foods we eat and how they affect us. When we eat healthy, natural nutrient dense organic whole foods our spirit is in tune with our creator and the wonders of the world. Cereals with artificial chemicals cause us to be disconnected, diseased, disjointed, disturbed and discombobulated. Our creator gave us natural whole grains and scientists are using these grains to create Frankenfoods in a fancy box called fortified cereal.

Relationships – When we eat foods with synthetic chemicals we begin to malfunction due to the adulterated fake foods. Since these fake foods alter our body, mind and spirit we are less able to maintain normal relationships with our family and friends.   The synthetic chemicals in cereals begin creating a synthetic Borg composite of who we were meant to be and who they were meant to be which disrupts our relationships. Modern cereals are another version of better living through chemistry. Synthetic chemicals in cereals affect each person differently so you never know how the person you are in a relationship with is being impacted. Cereals have been found to alter the behavior and moods of adults and children alike as they depress, disrupt or hype us up.

Education – Is the foundation for our development, growth, learning and progress.  When we eat most cereals we are ingesting fake foods that can affect our cardiovascular system, digestion, endocrine system (hormones), energy, immune system, nervous system and thinking ability as if we were given medications and mind altering drugs. There is no way of knowing the adverse reactions and side effects from consuming cereals other than to avoid them for 90 to 180 days and noticing the difference. Maybe students and teachers are both negatively impacting the education system by the cereals and cereal like products they consume.  Maybe cereals reduce teachers ability to teach and student ability to learn because of the synthetic chemicals they contain.

Career / Profession – Regardless of our career or profession they require a steady source of concentration, energy, mental alertness and physical ability. Synthetic chemicals in cereals are known to have adverse reactions and side effects that can have a detrimental impact on our behaviors and body which impact our career or profession. The sugars and synthetic chemicals in cereals are altering the emotional, mental and physical state of people around the world and impacting our health and productivity.

Finances – When we get hooked on sugary cereals we become an annuity for the cereal manufacturing companies giving them part of our hard earned dollars. Advertisers, cereal manufacturers, magazines, media companies, newspapers, television and eventually doctors, drug stores, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies receive an infusion of money every time you purchase more cereal. They want to keep you as cereal consumers for life in spite of the health and wealth consequences to the consumer from a defective product. Cereals are billion dollar businesses selling substandard products at premium prices without care or concern for our health and wellbeing or that of the planet. Most cereals are more like candy than food.

Abundance – How can we be abundant and grateful when we are dependent, depressed and drugged with sugary cereals using synthetic chemicals and made with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)? While we deserve and desire to be happy, healthy and in harmony with our amazing world it is almost impossible to do so when we are consuming cereals created for better living through chemistry.

Eating most cereals turns off our normal healing and healthy immune system and turns on our disease generating genes. Eating cereals sends a distress signal to our body that short circuits our abundance GPS systems. We deserve the truth but unfortunately the cereal companies are determined to feed us a pack of lies and package of junk food rather than the healthy nutrient dense whole foods we need. They become more affluent as we become less abundant.

My goal for offering these valuable life lessons learned over the years regarding the harmful effect of cereals is to help people minimize the harmful cereals and foods in order to maximize our consumption of local, nutrient dense, organic whole foods. The cereal industry is notorious for deceiving adults and children alike about the ingredients and risks associated with eating their chemical concoctions. We must be responsible for our own happiness and health and avoid eating cereals which are created by the better living through chemistry club.

Unfortunately most cereal companies are looking for cheap low quality grains many of which are GMO products like canola, corn, High fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), soy and sugar beets. They use chemicals and heat to treat the highly processed and refined ingredients and these are extruded under high pressure into various shapes. The chemicals, heat, pressure and process alter the structure of the base ingredients into something unnatural and unhealthy. Then they add even more synthetic chemicals and ingredients into the mixture to create a Frankenfood cereal with no real health benefits in spite of all the health hype.  Without the synthetic minerals and vitamins added the cereal would have no nutritional value to mislead you with. Synthetic nutrients are not the same as the natural ones that are destroyed in the manufacturing process. Without the added sugar no one would eat the chemical concoction they call cereal. Some cereals have over 40% sugar added in various forms.

Today we revealed how the cereal industry take a potentially healthy food idea and grain to create a harmful product using cheap GMO ingredients that have minimal if any nutritional value but has a long shelf life.  Consuming cereal will contribute to downward spiraling health and dependency on sugars and synthetic chemicals instead of vibrant health and nutritious whole foods.  All commercial box cereals appear to have some level of unhealthy additives, ingredients, processing, refining and sweetening that make them major health hazards.

Healthier Grains and Seeds

To be clear and fair there are whole grains choices like: amaranth, barley, buckwheat, bulgar, chia, einkorn, farro, Kamut, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, rye, sorghum, spelt, teff, wheat and wild rice. When these are properly cultured, prepared, soured or sprouted they can be consumed as part of a balanced and healthy food component. It is the Genetically Engineered (GE?GMO) grains and highly hybridized grains that are the most troublesome when combined with modern fake, fast and junk food production methods that cause the major problems.

Occasionally over the years there have been some organic muesli cereals and ancient whole grains that have made nice meals.  If you are inclined to consume grains be sure they are organic and properly soaked, soured and sprouted before consuming.  A little coconut sugar, honey, stevia or natural sweetener is enough to enhance the flavors. Avoid commercial homogenized and pasteurized milk which carries antibiotics and hormones.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Cereals Health Hazards offers a simple suggestion…avoid boxed cereal and consume organic whole grains instead.  As more people learn the truth about commercial cereals made with harmful ingredients more people will avoid them.  This will help create a global shift for growing and selling more natural organic whole foods instead of highly processed and refined fake, fast and junk foods. Regardless of what we have been told about cereals being healthy you now know the truth that they are health hazards.

What is your current Gap?

Are you eating commercial cereals that may be harming your happiness and health?  What is more important than avoiding cereals with synthetic chemicals and eating healthy whole foods and naturally maintaining our happiness, health and well being?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop eating cereals and start eating organic whole foods instead?  Read the ingredients on your favorite cereals and determine the total sugar content including all forms of sugars (dextrose, fructose, glucose, maltose,  sucrose, sweeteners, sugar, cane sugar, syrup, rice syrup, sugar beets and fruit pieces).

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the risks of consuming unhealthy commercial cereals?  What else can we do to stop buying and eating commercial cereals loaded with sugar and synthetic chemicals and start buying nutrient dense organic whole foods instead?

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