The previous Great NEWS post asked… Is Lying a Health Hazard and today we ask Are OTC and Prescription Drugs Health Hazards? With so many people using Over The Counter (OTC) and prescription medicines we might want to consider whether these synthetic chemicals are health helpers or health hazards.  Since all Over The Counter (OTC) and prescription medicines have adverse reactions and side effects we may want to think hard and long before we pop a few pills.  Everything we put in our body affects every cell in our body and influences our health and quality of life.  Today we will investigate…Are OTC and Prescription Drugs Health Hazards and shine some light on the abuse and use of these chemical compounds that are designed to offer better living through chemistry.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is written to help people be more aware of common health hazards. Many influences in our modern world are affecting our health and how we respond to them will determine how happy and healthy we are.  Most people lack awareness regarding how each decision directly affects everything that happens in their life.  Our behaviors, beliefs and biology guide our life like the programmed hardware, software and operating system of a computer.

Are OTC and Prescription Drugs a Health Hazard?

There is both a complex and simple answer depending on which side of the pharmaceutical table you are sitting.  The pharmaceutical industry and all pill pushing parties involved will say that OTC and prescription medications are essential, necessary and safe.  Those on the other side of the table will say they are abused, addictive, dangerous, expensive, harmful, overused, risky, synthetic, toxic, unnecessary and unsafe.   The majority of people are too complacent, compliant and confused to see the bigger picture regarding the ulterior motives of the money machine known as the pharmaceutical industry.

Common sense and simple logic would say that taking synthetic medicines with known side effects it is not a healthy habit and therefore basic reasoning would conclude it must be just the opposite a health hazard.  Awareness of this simple conclusion is the first step to identifying the problem and the next is step in finding ways to resolve it.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on following a fairly simple lifestyle. Focus on profound wisdom and proven principles to avoid pain and advance pleasure in each of the key eight areas in our wheel of life. Avoiding pain refers to needless short and long term pain.  Many people want quick relief from aches, discomfort and pain and are willing to do anything to escape in the moment.  Even if taking this short cut means more pain and suffering in the future, for a longer period and not reaching full life expectancy because of an early death. How else can you explain the careless and reckless behavior like: eating GMO’s, consuming excessive alcohol, overeating, riding bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and skateboards without helmets, sitting excessively, smoking, staying up late, taking medicines with serious side effects, texting while driving and using cell phones next to the head,?

While many people have been brainwashed into believing that pharmaceuticals are the miracle cures and wonders drugs of wizards in the biotechnology, medicine and science field this is a giant deception and illusion.  By investing a little energy and time today we will share some shocking truths about the lies being told regarding better living through chemistry.  If long term happiness, health, harmony and wealth are important then learning about the OTC and prescription health hazards is a must.

Can We Handle the Truth?

Most people seem to be more interested in being told it is not their fault, their problems are genetic (outside their control) and this little pill or potion will give quick help and relief.  While we all want to enjoy a healthy and high quality life with lots of fun, love and low stress we are more likely to choose the quick fix even if it will cause us to be sad, sick, stressed and tired in the furture.

As obvious as it should be we are not sick because of a lack of a synthetic OTC or prescription chemicals in our body. We are sick because we: allow our immune system to become weak, apply toxins to our skin, bathe with toxins, breathe polluted air, clean with toxins, consume foods with antibiotics and hormones, cover our skin with toxic creams, lotions and sunscreens, drink harmful beverages, eat excessive fake, fast and junk foods, eat foods treated with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, expose our body and brain to excessive Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), jab toxic compounds into our body, overindulge with sugar and sweets, sit most of the day, stop exercising, surround our homes with toxins, treat our clothes and fabrics with toxic chemicals and use artificial colorings, dyes, enhancers, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners.

Many people have been conditioned to feel that they are not educated and responsible enough to take charge of their own life and health.  They have become brainwashed and trained like Pavlov’s dog to delegate the responsibility to someone else they believe is more capable, caring, compassionate and qualified than they are to make their health and lifestyle decisions for them.   No one can or will take better care of your health than you.

As ironic as it may sound most people have been trained to turn over their health decisions to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians who wear pharmaceutical tinted glasses and whose solution is better living through chemistry.  People want to eat, eat more, drink and be merry in spite of the inconvenient truth that our happiness and health is a direct result of the behaviors, beliefs and biology we create.

Most people have become quite good at selective listening to the healthy lifestyle principles and telling themselves and others lies about who, what and why they are sad, sick, stressed and tired.

When we buy into the pharmaceutical advertisements, brainwashing, bribes, government propaganda, hospital hype, media marketing machine, manipulative government agencies, payoffs, rigged research and tainted theatrics we become vulnerable to madness, manipulation and mayhem.  It is up to each of us to update and upgrade our lax behavior and limiting beliefs in order to make the shift necessary to create more happiness, health and holistic harmony in our life.

This post will help with empowering ideas, information and insights to help us stop depending on OTC and prescription medicines and start designing a healthy, resilient and vibrant body, mind and sprit.  We can utilize holistic and natural techniques to stop feeling sad, sick stressed and tired and start feeling happy, healthy, calm and energized instead.

How Do OTC and Prescription Drugs Affect Our Health?

Looking at each of the eight key areas in our Wheel of Life allows us to think about how OTC and prescription drugs affect each area of our life and every thing we experience.

Body – Our body is naturally designed with everything we need to exist, heal, maintain and repair our cells and self.  Disease is not the result of a synthetic chemical medicine deficiency in our body but from a loss of balance and homeostasis.  When we do not take good care of our body it will send us signals like the dashboard of our car to let us know that maintenance and TLC are required. Synthetic chemicals, compounds and drugs harm our head, heart, homeostasis and immune function and much more.  All synthetic chemicals are toxins in our bodies with adverse reactions and side effects that must be processed by the liver and eliminated to minimize damage.  Cancer is one result from accumulating an excess toxic load the body cannot handle.

Mind – Our brain and nervous system is complex and easily affected by OTC and prescription drugs. Our central control center can be disrupted and distorted by chemical compounds that can have long term impacts.  Exposing our brain to toxic and unhealthy synthetic chemicals will harm it and possibly impair it for life.  Potential side effects to our brain include the possibility of Alzheimer’s, aneurism, cancer, dementia and stroke.  We must avoid chemicals and compounds that can have adverse reactions and harmful side effects on our brain and nervous system.

Spirit – Being doped, drugged, medicated, sedated and treated with synthetic chemical drugs creates an altered state of mentality and reality.  Directly and indirectly we are implying that our creator made a mistake when creating us and humans must step in and correct the error.  This can separate us from our creator and plant the seeds of despair and doubt.   It also puts doctors on a pedestal with exaggerated powers to be able to control and correct imperfections in human beings which further alienates us from our divine being and sacred spirit.  When we are in touch and in tune with our spirit we can focus on healing our self as or creator meant for us to do.   Belief, faith, love and prayer can heal better than all the drugs combined.

Relationships – When we depend on synthetic drugs to fix us we begin to lose touch with our true nature and self.  When we alter our normal self it can alienate us from our family and friends.   We begin to develop a false relationship with the doctor and pharmacist who is not our friend but a medical mercenary being paid to influence us to use drugs to solve lifestyle choices and habits. OTC and prescription drugs are a first step in causing us to become dependent on chemistry for better living.  It is easy to become hooked on the idea of using drugs to alter your state and fix your problems.  Many people go on to associate with like minded friends who also believe in better living through chemistry and exploring mind altering chemicals and new drugs.   Synthetic chemicals affect each person differently so you never know how the person is being adjusted and altered by the drugs.  OTC and prescription drugs cause us to be altered, depressed or enhanced which can create problems in our relationships and other areas of our life.

ducation – Is a process of developing, growing, learning and progressing in order to feel complete and fulfilled.  When children are given ADHD meds, anti depressants, mind altering drugs, speed or other prescriptions we have no idea as to the long term consequences.  Each of us is unique and a standard dose of any medicine will have different effects on different people based on age, constitution, enzymes, hormones, size and weight.  There is no way of knowing the various adverse reactions and side effects from medicines inter acting with other medicines or chemicals in the body.  Giving children OTC and prescription drugs is like playing Russian roulette.  You never know what the next medicine will do to the person.  What if students and teachers are both on medicines?  How do we know if the teacher failed to teach or if the student failed to learn because of the medicines they were each taking?

Career / Profession – Adverse reactions and side effects from medications can have a detrimental impact on our career or profession.  Do you want a doctor operating on you while they are on body and mind altering medications? What happens when the truck driver in an eighteen wheeler is taking OTC cough medicine and becoming drowsy?   One of our greatest risks in life may be being harmed by a person under the influence of OTC or prescription medications.  We might never even know about the real cause unless a blood test is given.  OTC and prescription drugs are altering the emotional, mental and physical state of people throughout the world and we are not even aware of their level of impairment

Finances – What happens if you become dependent on OTC and prescription drugs to resolve the issues your body should deal with?  You become an annuity for the pharmaceutical companies giving them part of your hard earned dollars.  Clinics, doctors, drug stores, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies receive a transfer of money from your bank account to theirs.  This becomes a huge wealth transfer scheme where the sick and medicated people knowingly transfer their wealth and wellbeing to the pharmaceutical power houses.  You become a drug consumer, customer and user for life.   What happens when your insurance company or Medicare raises the deductible or stops paying for that expensive new drug that your doctor says you need?  Illegal drugs and legal drugs are both billion dollar business with no fine line between them.

Abundance – How can we feel abundant, excited and free when we are depended, depressed and drugged with synthetic pharmaceutical medicines?  We all deserve and desire to have a life free of the dependency on chemistry for better living.   Using OTC and prescription medications can turn off our normal connection to our creator and the infinite intelligence of the universe.  If our creator made us perfect in his image and likeness then we are violating our faith in our creators power and wisdom.  Using drugs sends a message to our creator and the universe that we do not trust in our innate healing abilities and we are not complete and perfect beings.  We deserve the truth and unfortunately we are usually fed a pack of lies regarding OTC and prescription drugs and their adverse reactions and side effects.  When we are not living in our natural state of abundance and gratitude we gravitate to being dependent and needy. Being dependent on and needy for synthetic drugs will drain us emotionally, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

My goal for offering these valuable life lessons learned over the years regarding the harmful effect of drugs is to help people minimize the harmful OTC and prescription drug habits in order to maximize our chance for being healthy and vibrant while allowing our body to heal itself.   The pharmaceutical industry is notorious for lying about the risks and safety of most medications and this contributes to many of the harmful adverse reactions and side effects that are plaguing medicine users around the world.  We must be responsible for our own happiness and health and avoid giving that authority and power to anyone else that might be inclined to be indoctrinated in the better living through chemistry club.

Today we revealed how OTC and prescription medicines start a downward spiraling dependency on synthetic chemicals for fixing us.  All OTC and prescription drugs have adverse reactions and side effects and are major health hazards.  As we focus more of our energy and intention on being happy, healthy, in harmony and holistic we will transform our behaviors and beliefs to a healthier lifestyle.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are OTC and Prescription Drugs Health Hazards offers a simple suggestion…teach, train and trust your body to heal itself.  Our creator made us into a divine creation with amazing powers to fix, heal, regenerate and repair our self.   As more people discover the truth about the harmful adverse reactions and side effects of OTC and prescription drugs more people will avoid them.   This truth will start a global shift for naturally healing the people and planet from the abuse and use of synthetic chemicals.  Regardless of what we have been told to think we know in our heart that OTC and prescription drugs are health hazards and that we are the only ones that can heal our self and any thing that implies drugs can heal is an illusion.

What is your current Gap?

Are you using OTC and prescription medicines that may be hurting your happiness and health?  What is more important than naturally being able to maintain your happiness, health and well being without synthetic chemicals?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop using OTC and prescription drugs and start healing your self naturally?  What else will help you create healthier behaviors, beliefs and biology to be the source for your own natural healing/

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the effects of OTC and prescription medicines?  What else can we do to stop depending on pharmaceuticals and start defending your body, mind and spirit naturally by while avoiding the harmful adverse reactions and side effects of drugs?

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